What To Do If A Dog Has Eaten Chicken Bone

Sometimes it happens that the owners who are not too worried about the health and safety of their four-legged pets, in one not the most beautiful day have to ask the Internet forums the question: what to do if the dog has eaten chicken bone?

Of course, it is better not to allow such a situation, because the tubular bones of a chicken can cause enormous harm to a pet. You can read more about what exactly they are dangerous under the link, and in this article we will discuss how to act in the best way for a dog if it has already had time to dine with a tasty bone.

In this situation, there are two possible scenarios. If the dog has eaten chicken bones and after that it:

  • Continues to behave in the usual way
  • Does not refuse the proposed food,
  • Shows no desire to lie down,
  • Does not have difficulty going to the toilet,
  • He enjoys playing with the owner and running around the apartment

It is worth watching an animal a couple of days. If his behavior does not change, then no additional action is required of you. Most likely, the bones independently emerged naturally, without hooking the walls of the internal organs. However, if your pet is lucky this time, it does not at all mean that he will also be lucky in the next one, so carefully watch what he eats.

Your main task, as a responsible host, is to prevent this situation from recurring.

If after your dog or puppy has gorged on chicken bones, you notice at least one of these symptoms:

  • Many lies
  • Eats little or does not eat at all,
  • Straining
  • Trying to go to the toilet in a big way, but the result is insignificant,
  • Going to the toilet without any problems, but the feces have traces of blood,
  • Does not respond to the host’s offer to play,
What To Do If A Dog Has Eaten Chicken Bone

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So it’s time to sound the alarm. On your own, without the help of a veterinarian and modern research methods, you cannot determine the cause of a dog’s illness and, therefore, choose the appropriate treatment regimen, so we will tell about it briefly.

A relatively “light” case is intestinal obstruction caused by crushed, but not digested bones, pressed into a dense and solid mass. Such a substance can not get out of the intestines and reliably clogs it, causing the animal to suffer from constipation. You can try to soften the contents of the intestines and lubricate their walls. To do this, it is recommended to give your pet one spoonful of (tea) vaseline oil every 7-10 minutes for an hour. With the help of a syringe, a small amount of the same oil can be introduced into the rectum.

At home, nothing else can be done. If, after vaseline oil, there was no improvement during the day and no stool occurred, grab your pet and immediately go to the veterinarian for an appointment.

A more severe case, characterized by the presence of blood in the feces (not always) is the perforation of the intestinal walls or stomach. Acute bone fragments easily damage the internal organs of the animal, as a result of which peritonitis develops. Only urgent surgery can help here. It is for this important reason that you shouldn’t particularly delay in visiting a veterinarian, because the sooner the problem is identified, the sooner the opportunity to begin treatment will appear.

Now you know what to do if the dog ate chicken bones, the main thing is to dispose of the information received correctly and not to ignore the bad state of health of the pet, hoping that by some miracle everything will pass by itself.

What To Do If A Dog Has Eaten Chicken Bone

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