What To Do If A Computer Hangs Dead

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A fairly large percentage of desktop PCs and laptops that bring in for repair have the same symptom. the computer freezes tightly and does not respond to anything other than pressing the Reset button. Sometimes this happens silently, and sometimes. while playing a game or watching a video, the computer freezes with the looped sound “Trrr”. The best option is when the problem can be reproduced, that is, repeated, following certain conditions and actions. Well, or if it manifests itself periodically. But sometimes freezes occur arbitrarily and then the culprit is much harder to calculate. Well, I will share my experience that has accumulated over many years and I hope this helps you.

What To Do If A Computer Hangs Dead

Reasons for a computer freeze

All the reasons why a computer or laptop may freeze can be divided into two types:

Software Causes of Freezing PCs are caused by crashes or errors in software — the operating system, drivers, or applications. They are usually solved by updating or reinstalling the program in which the PC itself hangs tightly, well, or the driver, which is closely connected with it. If this is a game, then you should pay attention to the video adapter driver and sound card. You can try to update it or, in the absence of a new version, try reinstalling it.

Hardware Causes Freezes arise most often due to the failure of a device inside the computer or connected to it from the outside. This is the saddest option, because it is usually associated with financial costs for the purchase of new components or expensive repairs of old ones.

In any case, before proceeding with any specific actions, it is necessary to conduct a thorough diagnosis and collect information about the problem as much as possible.

What to do if the computer hangs tight

Now I’ll show you how to correctly diagnose a hardware freeze on your computer and fix it. Where to begin?! There are a number of symptoms that directly or indirectly indicate a possible malfunction of a particular PC node. Starting to “dig” in the right direction, it is usually possible to quickly find the culprit and fix the problem much faster.

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Graphics card hangs

A very common case! The computer crashes during the game with the sound “trrr” (looped short sound remaining in the buffer of the sound adapter). Most likely the culprit of this behavior is the video card. It may overheat due to poor cooling or dried thermal paste. The RAM of the video adapter may also fail. the symptoms are almost the same. To check, you must install another video card or, if there is a video card built into the motherboard, then use it.

Video: What To Do If A Computer Hangs Dead

Memory hung

If the computer hangs haphazardly, regardless of the programs and applications used, then the hard drive or RAM may be to blame for this behavior. For diagnostics, you should first check the hard drive with a special program such as HDD Health, HDDLife or Hard Disk Sentinel, which will show how much more it is working.

If everything is OK with the hard one, then you need to check the RAM slots in turn. You can take turns disconnecting one of the brackets, turn on the PC and see if it hangs or not. Thus, it is usually possible to quickly determine which of the modules is faulty. In cases with SSD, very often the problem is solved by updating its firmware to the latest version.

Cooling system

I met this picture several times. the computer hangs tightly due to a crookedly installed cooling radiator on the processor or chip of the video card. As a rule, the user, having read smart tips, climbs to change thermal grease. They can remove the cooler and the radiator without any problems, but it is no longer possible to install the cooler normally — it stands skewed and the heat is dissipated unevenly. Bottom line. the processor overheated and the PC froze tightly. And if with modern processors they are able to lower the frequency to lower the temperature, then video cards definitely go into full out. So if you have recently done an audit of the cooling system and suddenly after that the computer freezes tightly under load (when starting heavy applications, during a game, etc.). check that the radiator is installed correctly and that the fan is working on the cooler. Perhaps you forgot to plug its power connector into a power outlet on the motherboard. I saw that, yes.

Power Supply

Several times I came across such a situation when the user’s computer freezes while increasing the load on him. for example, they started a game or download torrent. In addition to the option described above with improper installation of the cooling system, the cause of freezes can be a power supply that does not produce the required power. The first time I encountered such a case, I changed almost all the internals of the system unit in turn, until I connected another power supply for testing and the problem went away.

There is nothing surprising here. Something like this is thrown cheap Chinese power supplies after a couple of years of work. Sometimes more expensive branded blocks sin like that, but less often.

When nothing helped

So, you have already checked everything that is possible, but as before, the computer freezes tightly. There is only one option left. the motherboard. In my practice, there was a case when resetting the BIOS to factory settings helped solve the problem. Of course, this rarely happens. often, something fails and an expensive repair or complete replacement of the motherboard helps. To do this, you already need to have some experience. If it is not, then it makes sense to contact a service center.

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Why does the computer freeze tight and what to do ?! : 2 comments

I rummaged a bunch of everything, but as it turned out, the problem was that the wire that goes from the outlet to the power supply was poorly inserted. The easiest solution to the problem, and I was already afraid that I would have to buy a new PSU or processor.

Well, that’s great! Given the current price increase!