What To Amuse The Dog So That He Himself Would Not Start Looking For Than To Amuse Himself

Dogs are our faithful companions and reliable friends. Skillful hunters and zealous defenders. Little big-eyed lumps of tenderness or snoreling fools. They are so different, but something that unites them – a mad love for the owner.

Meeting owners from work, they bark, tumble, whine, lick and even write with the joy of a new meeting with a dear person. And what is to occupy the dog, full of energy, at home, when there are no owners.

What To Amuse The Dog So That He Himself Would Not Start Looking For Than To Amuse Himself

What is a toy for a dog?

A toy for a dog is a consumable, some will say, but everything is a little more complicated. For a small puppy, which only develops the body, outdoor games are important not only with the owner, but without him, and when your mischievous person, having run 2 hours behind the ball around the house, flops to sleep, then it is safe to say that the dog is developing.

Energy is consumed, the baby is eating wonderful, and as a result you will grow a healthy and developed dog. Teeth – a separate conversation. Kids, like little combines, chew on everything that comes their way.

And we know what that could potentially threaten. To avoid this kid, you can attract a toy made of leather with your own hands, and if inside there is something else to rattle, then the effect is guaranteed.

But not only the smallest like to scratch our teeth. And the biggest dogs also need to do it. Massaging the gums, and simply releasing excess energy, incinerating another toy is vital for them.

Only now the power of the effort in such games is “slightly” greater than that of the puppy, therefore the toys should be an order of magnitude, and even two stronger.

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This is my friend

Stuffed toys are another kind of entertainment for dogs. This is not nonsense, as you might think at first glance. Dogs are very similar to children in some ways, and making fictional friends is also typical of dogs.

They carry these soft friends and girlfriends everywhere with themselves, lick and play with them, go to bed with them and sometimes even reluctantly give them to the owner. From the guests of the house, the dog can hide the object of its violent thrill.

Why fool the head

But here it is worth considering three factors:

Did you understand that you bought a dog?

And almost with absolute certainty we can say that you are looking at interactive toys for dogs.

Devices can be the most and most different, but the meaning of their work is definitely similar to each other. Each interactive toy inside has a favorite dog treat.

And in order to get to him the dog needs to either open the paws of the cell, or turn over the colored cones, guessing under what kind of delicacy, or move the levers, or drag it over the cords. The reward for the condition and will be a piece of favorite treats.

Our training is all

Hide the treat in a broken tennis ball, you wonder how it will take the dog!

Even when the owner is not at home, the pet can produce energy, develop dexterity and endurance and lose weight.

Educational toys are designed to entice a four-legged friend for several hours in pursuit of an egg that is strangely wriggling and escaping from its paws, which either does not bite or grab with its paws and it eludes and escapes the dog.

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Glowing balls with squeakers and bouncing balls. All this is intended to wear out your pet and give it plenty to play while you can not play with it yourself.

crazy hands

And after a long internal dialogue, you came to the conclusion that you want to make a toy for your dog on your own.

And here is a small master class on how to make a toy for a dog at home from scrap materials.

Soft toy

A soft toy for a dog can be of various shapes that you can think of. For making, you can take two identical pieces of fabric, you can find a pattern on the Internet.

Sew it from the wrong side, leaving a hole for the filler. For a puppy inside the toy, you can put a small bottle or a plastic jar filled with cereal. The noise inside will attract the dog, and give even more excitement to the game.


They can be made by tying pieces of a thin cord with a pigtail and making them thick, with knots at the edges of each of the components of the spermatic cord.

You can braid longitudinal cuts of bright fleece fabric for dogs. Usually weave on technology "lotus".

And you can also make a rope ball:

What To Amuse The Dog So That He Himself Would Not Start Looking For Than To Amuse Himself

What To Amuse The Dog So That He Himself Would Not Start Looking For Than To Amuse Himself

Interactive Balls

The simplest version of an interactive toy at home can be made from a ball for tennis. A 2-3 cm incision is made along the line of the pattern on the ball. There are sweets being put in there and the dog will have to put a lot of ingenuity to remove the snack from the ball. For the smallest, the incision is made in the shape of a cross.

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Homemade toys for dogs, you can do whatever you like, to your taste. Use sticks, bottles of grain, balls and ropes. The main thing is to pay attention to your dog, take a look that he is fascinated, and your pet will tell you what he would like to play with more. And then it all depends on your imagination.

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