What Thermal Grease For Hp Pavilion Laptop

The Compolife.ru computer help center presents a video tutorial on how to disassemble an HP Pavilion g6 laptop. One of the problems of this laptop was a strong overheating of the central processor and video chip.

To eliminate the malfunction, it was necessary to completely disassemble the laptop, clean the cooling system and the inside of the case from dust and replace the thermal interface.

For work, we need an ordinary brush for painting, several napkins, thermal grease, a set of screwdrivers and a vacuum cleaner.

If you don’t have the opportunity to watch our video tutorial on how to disassemble the HP Pavilion g6 laptop, then you can familiarize yourself with detailed text instructions, complete with images and photographs of all stages of work.

Consider the basic steps for disassembling an HP Pavilion g6 laptop

  • We begin the analysis of the laptop from the bottom of the case. Remove the protective cover, which is mounted on two screws. Please note that the screws are not completely unscrewed and remain in the lid.
  • We take out the laptop battery and then remove the protective cover.
  • Turn off the power to the hard drive and take it out.
  • Disable the contacts of the Wi-Fi module.
  • We unscrew the three screws located under the laptop battery.
  • Unscrew the screw that secures the keyboard.
  • Unscrew the screw that holds the optical drive.
  • Using a thin screwdriver in five places, open the clamps that hold the keyboard and remove it.
  • Turn off the keyboard power and two touchpad power cables.
  • We unscrew the screws that secure the top cover of the laptop case.
  • Turn off the USB power cable.
  • Next, to disassemble the HP Pavilion g6 laptop, unscrew the screws around the perimeter of the bottom cover of the laptop case.
  • We unscrew the screw that secures the Wifi module and remove it.
  • Now we can remove the top cover of the laptop case.
  • We get an optical drive.
  • We unscrew the screws that secure the motherboard, and disconnect all connectors and contacts from it. After that, the motherboard is easily removed from the laptop case.
  • We unscrew the screws that secure the cooling system to the motherboard.
  • Turn off the power to the cooling fan.
  • Using a napkin, we remove the old thermal grease from the processor and the radiator of the laptop cooling system.
  • Using a brush and vacuum cleaner, we remove dust, small fibers and dirt from the laptop motherboard. Thoroughly clean the fan, laptop heatsink, and the inside of the laptop.
  • Apply a thin, even layer of new thermal grease to the processor cover

Video: What Thermal Grease For Hp Pavilion Laptop

Now that you know how to disassemble the HP Pavilion g6 laptop, let’s move on to the assembly phase

  • Install the cooling system on the motherboard. We connect the fan power.
  • We install the motherboard in the laptop case and perform the same actions as when disassembling the laptop, but in the reverse order.
  • We connect the cables and connectors to the motherboard.
  • We tighten the screws that secure the motherboard.
  • Install the Wi-Fi module. And connect his contacts.
  • Install the optical drive.
  • We install the top cover of the laptop case and connect the power cables.
  • We connect the keyboard power and install it in place.
  • Install the hard drive and connect its power.
  • We tighten the screws that secure the keyboard and optical drive, as well as the remaining screws on the bottom cover of the laptop.
What Thermal Grease For Hp Pavilion Laptop

This completes the disassembly of the HP Pavilion g6 laptop. As a result of cleaning from dust and replacing thermal paste, the laptop’s operating temperature dropped from 79 to 46 degrees.

Failed to disassemble the Pavilion g6 yourself? Need urgent computer help? Do you want to reinstall windows or do you need to configure a wifi router? Contact us. computer service Compolife. We are always happy to help you.

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Comments (12)

Please tell me, what kind of screwdriver set in the photo and video, what is it called ?? really needed!! Tell me please.

What Thermal Grease For Hp Pavilion Laptop

This set does not have any special name. This is a regular screwdriver set with removable bits (of various shapes). It is convenient when there is a magnet in the handle. This allows "stick" cogs. handy when parsing laptops.

And tell me how long your master has been cleaning the laptop, namely pavilion ji 6, and also can I be present at this process?

Cleaning takes about 1-1.5 hours and can be done at your home.

Hello, help. Please, my laptop worked, but there was a strong sound from it and it was very hot when it was turned on for a long time, so I tried to do everything as in the video, but then the laptop didn’t turn on and it still doesn’t turn on, I did everything, nothing helped, I don’t live

Hello. You could make a mistake during assembly and not connect any contact when you accidentally damage something during disassembly / assembly, etc. In order not to make things worse, contact the service.

Thank you very much, it helped a lot! True, my pavilion g6 turned out to be a little different, but the principle is clear) I wish you success and great luck!))))

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