What's New in iOS 12 Screenshots

During the official presentation of iOS 12, it might seem that, in addition to the new Animoji, no changes appeared in the system. The company has already released the first beta for developers, so everyone could try out the latest mobile OS from Apple. It turned out that inside you can find many innovations that were not mentioned at the presentation.

New gestures on iPhone X

In iOS 11, to completely close the application, you had to go to the list of all running programs, hold one of them, and only then swipe up. In iOS 12, this process has been made easier: now just swipe up the application in the multitasking menu.

New gestures on the iPad

Some of the gestures from the iPhone X also appeared on tablet computers. For example, swiping down from the upper right corner brings up the control center, and scrolling from the bottom edge returns to the home screen. Users have already suggested that the new iPad will not have a Home button.

Face ID on iPad

The iOS 12 code found support for Face ID facial scanning for iPad tablets. The developer Guillerme Rambo even managed to activate the function and test it. Consequently, in the new iPad you can expect the appearance of this system.

Whats New in iOS 12 Screenshots

Multiple Faces for Face ID

One of the key drawbacks of the Face ID face scanning system in the iPhone X was the inability to save more than one face. Therefore, only one person could unlock a smartphone in a way that is not always convenient. IOS 12 introduced the ability to add multiple faces. This feature should be especially useful after the advent of the iPad with Face ID.

Auto-complete from SMS

Often, to register or confirm some operation, you need to enter the password from SMS. In iOS 12, these codes will be substituted automatically upon receipt of the corresponding message.

Password Autofill

IOS 12 introduced the ability to display and quickly enter passwords from password managers like 1Password or Last Pass. When you click on the appropriate input field at the top of the keyboard, you will be prompted to set a password for this service.

Passwords sharing between iOS and macOS devices nearby

If some password is saved on the iPhone, but it is not on the computer running macOS, then if you need to enter a combination on the latter, it will be sent via Wi-Fi from the smartphone.

Password Strength Warning

iOS 12 will report the level of security of the entered password and warn if the same password is used in different services.

Siri will remind passwords

If you urgently need a password for a specific service, you can ask Siri for it.

New battery usage menu

The battery usage statistics in the settings became much clearer in iOS 12. The system displays graphs of charge usage and user activity.

New wallpapers

Of course, not without new wallpapers. Already now everyone can download them on iPhone and iPad.

Automatic updates

In the section of software updates in the settings of iOS 12, the item for automatic installation of updates has appeared. Judging by the description, activation of this function will allow the device to independently install new versions of iOS, if any.

In addition to the above, in iOS 12 all animations became noticeably faster and smoother, text input using the standard keyboard was redesigned, and much more.

The stable version will be released in the fall of 2018 for all devices running iOS 11, including the iPhone 5S, released in 2013.


New ios12 hides new glitches and bugs

Therefore, iOS12 beta1 was released

Was there no autocompletion from SMS? O_o

Only if the developer has implemented this in his application. Now at the system level have done

At such a pace, in a year or three, they will catch up with Android 8 in terms of functionality)

Why, when can I add new animogames? = ^^ =

No, they won’t let you download downloaded from VK mp3 via Bluetooth. You can relax, the android in this regard will be in front of the entire planet. Not like this backward iOS.

Something you do not know anything about the capabilities of Android P and iOS 12)) Android, as always in terms of functionality, is breaking down on all fronts.

here swipe up to close applications. one of the main things that is not in jose and fiercely infuriates me. it’s really a failure. lag behind other companies in everything and a simple gesture cannot be made.
It would be better if they already launched wireless charging on sale already, and not announced the mimoji and patches for the jambs of the 11th axis.
Crazy! Here is a really failing office. 4 phones in the apple family with a Qi-standard and one charge from Samsa, and the one that is the top folding 5 years ago came back.
At least go to Ikea for family exercises, with which the apple was licked with its airpower.
An empty presentation, well, it’s just useless and stupid.

And what is there to catch up? Auto-completion of SMS codes is not implemented at the system level in android. This is implemented in the same way as it was done in the current stable build of iOS. Those. if the application’s developer has implemented such a function at home, then the SMS will be picked up, but in iOS 12 it will be implemented in such a way that it will automatically fill even in those applications that do not support this feature.

At the expense of passwords. cool come up!
And the fact that all devices will receive updates until the 2013 release. I envy black owners of iPhones, stinkers. Why doesn’t Google want to update my Sony?

Epol copy Android. Have come.

I’m also interested in what will be copied from this by hlaomi and others? What to copy? Is any of this not in analogs on android?

Valermon TIBER,
In the next update, it will be possible to add THREE faces to the faces! And of course, a new design theme. blue. sorry, tolerant.

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Whatever the sofa experts would say, support for the latest version of iOS devices 5 years ago. merit of Apple. In addition, the latest version is aimed not at innovations, but at stability and speed. Very cool! I look forward to iOS 12 🙂

at first, they are all outraged by the supposedly unnecessary innovations of the apple, but then they will begin to copy. classic

It seems to me, or while the slaomi have it all?

It does not seem)

If this is popular, then why not copy it to yourself?

Eiswolf, what kind of copying, on the android grouping of notifications, detailed statistics of notifications and auto-completion from SMS for 3 or 4 years already.

Death Star
Hamsters do not care, they live out of time) Everything was invented by Apple and the point

gor.fa2016, my friend left for the USA a few years ago. He uses the Apple technique. He doesn’t even know what an android is))) In short, I haven’t seen anything except apple products.

Death Star
Sometimes I see the admiration of android users for the ability to quickly transfer everything and everything from one device to another, how convenient it became to see normal notifications on the lock, I immediately remember ios and how long ago everything was there
And I don’t get the feeling that someone stole something from someone, good ideas move from one OS to another
I see only one blazing haters

BLOCK2, in principle, agree. For that matter, the multi-touch display and the control logic of modern phones were invented by Apple)))

Video: What’s New in iOS 12 Screenshots

Death Star
But the first multitouch (two touches) and the capacitive touch were with the lie in the prada.

Death Star
There is no autocomplete at the system level in android. Wherever you spit, you still have to manually drive it if the application developer does not take care

Yes, it will not be necessary to copy anything. They shower users with their weekly firmware so that they cannot even raise their heads, they are updated tirelessly.

xiaomi has an android, and most of the function is already there, and the apple farmers just now pulled

isodeska, the question is different: Why is it that fans of Android devices constantly post some kind of negativity in topics about iOS devices, but at the same time, owners of iOS devices do not exchange themes in topics about Android devices? 🙂

This is as old as the world) iOS users buy a new iPhone and tell everyone that they are happy with their device. Android users buy a new phone and instead of being happy with it, they scream at every corner how much they hate the iPhone)

Umm, what exactly is there to copy ?! If it’s all already like 2g on the android.

"what hides the new iOS 12". What does she hide behind the monobrow?

There are no innovations! Everything has been on the Bucket a long time ago. But lovers of iOS will start to prove that I’m lying.

Glushko Dmitry,
Em. That is, those functions that were on Android devices for about 5 years

Appke where innovation

Yes, Apple tried this year. Good update

the scale that the bucket goes in the 3rd sign after the comma, the EPL has flooded into a new number version, and the hamsters in ecstasy)

Said the owner of xiaomi, who generally does not see new versions of the android.

Because xiaomi such a trifle is generally updated as part of the firmware update. And then a whole new version, wow. Incredible! Innovative!

not xiaomi;) But your attraction to xiaomi is alarming. Please yourself. buy xiaomi)
I didn’t see the new ones. while I’m sitting on 8.1. Which ones are new there? I don’t follow. 9th like until it came out.

P.S. And as far as I know, acquaintances have a lot of xiaomi. Xiaomi is actively updating the version of Andrew. Keeps track of this so to speak. Even in bum. Pipes like redmi 4x stuff.

4x still at 7.0

aahhh. you know all the same) handsome. Well, then Miyuay is actively updating. WMS and not Andrew. Mom’s like that. Just recently, something flew in to her.

Well it is precisely that they are basically just miui and update. And all the main innovations are only in large number versions, then mostly the jambs rule, I see the changelog. over, some xiaomi drain chips are simply thrown out of their firmware. At home there is Note 4x. Well, the new version of miui is just comparable to the new version of ios.
And in general, after 4 years of using the latest versions of Android "in full"I don’t feel the limitations of ios, in many ways it’s even more convenient. Unlike most commentators here, I can safely use any system, generally do not care)

Note 4X.

Well in the xiaomi and the problem. many models, a lot of support)
It is strange that the older version has not been updated yet

And I just tried iOS a while ago, after the break, the dialer, without changes, was not very, and I could not transfer the picture to my wife (on android). Well, takoooo. )))

Telegrams, VK, other clouds, photos can be transferred in a couple of clicks. "Well takoe" this refers to the knowledge of ios capabilities among users of this site) I can do the same thing, no problems.

Photos through the messenger, for the first time I hear!)) Well, what relation does the cart have to Jos, or VK?)

Well, you don’t know that this is possible xD For a long time, everyone has been sending photos to each other through instant messengers, including files, without losing quality. And you can continue to use the xD bluetooth. I didn’t use it even on android to transfer files, only for smart devices.

Yes, then I’ll figure it out with messengers, they are great guys who know how to transfer photos and files, honor and praise, just what side is the iPhone here?) Come on slowly and spell iOS (operating system) does not support transferring photos to android smartphones? OK?)))

Ok xD If in your world transferring photos / any files not via bluetooth is not considered transferring files, these are your personal problems xD A normal person will find how to transfer a file, instead of yelling that nothing can be transferred from an iPhone to an android.

Oh yes, for offline transfer of a program like SHAREit to help, about Wi-Fi Direct you heard xD mb And organizing a common network is not a problem at all.

dfrew Nobody yells besides you here) Poor guy, he listed all the file transfer methods that he knew, only they didn’t come from bare iOS, count it))) Well, the last attempt is about an axis, not about third-party software, not about LAN, but about the advantages and disadvantages of the OS.

But there after a couple of months as 7.1.2 (

So good that the first item is already working, but they decided to highlight it in a new update.

Tell me, are you specifically using your comments to incite the ancient confrontation between the iphone and the bucket, or are you really such an ardent fan? I think that this is one of the reasons for the large sales of iphone, that there is such a large number of admirers of this religion) Samsung did not even dream of this)))))

if you saw fanaticism in that comment, then you have something either with eyes or with your head. The man simply wrote that he considers this update a good one, without saying absolutely nothing fanatical.

Tell me, are you specifically using your comments to incite the ancient confrontation between the iphone and the bucket, or are you really such an ardent fan? I think that this is one of the reasons for the large sales of Vedroids, that there is such a large number of admirers of this religion) Apple did not even dream of this)))))

Nah) I am neutral. It’s always interesting to look at why fans of one religion hate others so much.

The problem is that the poor (It’s not really about finances) are very busy because of their social status, which for some reason they attach a smartphone to. And iPhone, as you know, is considered the most popular device. Hence the attempts "lower" mainstream Apple-trees its "expert" opinion, in order to somehow assert itself. For if you read the comments, then attacks on Android from the side of Yablochnik are not particularly here. (It’s not about Suyomi, about him further) The saddest thing is that giving out "expert" they clutter up opinions with wildly subjective info, trying to pass it off as objectivity. (Someone here said that the Yabloko people are suffering very much because they cannot change the grid on the screen. As he understood it. Xs.)
And about Xiaomi. everything is simple. Many of their owners differ in the quality described above, which is why they started the nth time ago to troll, joke about homeless people (The entire Internet was full of memes about homeless people and Xiaomi) and all that. Not because the devices are bad, but because the owners are tired of their "expert" opinions about iPhones / Samsung / someone else.

HighReel, just an observation: iPhones are hitting two distinct groups of people: outright goons (outside of w3bsit3-dns.com) and students (in the comments of the w3bsit3-dns.com news section) who have a shortage of money and a lot of free time to kill with entertainment. Because iOS is very limited in piracy and offline consumption of media content, Apple, iPhone and iOS are watered with a well-known substance.
The fact that iOS is closed is not only a minus, but also a huge plus, they still do not know. Well, when they begin to work in the harsh conditions of a corporate information security policy, perhaps some of them will be aware of this. But this is not accurate (c).

11.3 it is not necessary to clamp anything; to brush off programs, it is not necessary to clamp anything. What is the innovation?

atis, there are innovations and they are listed, but I do not understand why this question is for me.

It’s about the iPhone X. There it is.

Keep silent about the main innovation. dark topic? Ahphahpha

So it is not)

It will be washed down later, through the years, as an innovation for a new device and only for it (.)

Correction and dopil old, already grayed out functions, no innovation, hmm: /

dima_karoch, the most correct solution of all solutions

All that is in Andryusha for a long time, new wallpapers and all passwords from siri. Hood

There are still a lot of things in stock. Only Samsung has a bunch of chips, from where it copies Google to its stock. And for many little things, ios has even more settings.

Not functional little things that no one uses. And the functionality is slowly being added. But to say that ios is continuous innovation. rave.

Again sofa expert ios)

Are you not a sofa expert?

Well, no matter how, I have a device on ios xD And before it there were 5 years old devices on the latest versions of Android, so I can compare adequately, and not just crow

You just disgraced yourself. Compare adequately. it has two smarts with different axes at the moment. Samsung Athos only catch up. Nothing, absolutely nothing new since the 6th axis has not been added. A bunch of trash worthless. While Google is trying to rid its system of junk, Apple only adds unnecessary functionality. Performance and support are generally a dead end. Show off that ios12 runs on 5S. it generally for what fools infa? Yes, it will start, yes it will work for a month, two, but then, as before, there will be phrases and terrible glitches. Tested on all axis versions. The new iOS is absolutely suitable only for new devices. The rest is fiction.

Why should I personally have 2 phones, if I already know all the functions of the android perfectly. I still have other Android phones at home, I can use my ex-android with a friend, as well as a bunch of other phones, if I need to learn something new. I had a Samsung. From what was really convenient to use and this is not on ios. game mode and long screenshots. Well, the game mode is irrelevant here, because the buttons do not interfere (like on the new Samsung), and a third-party program from the app can handle long screenshots. Samsung has no more special features that I don’t have on an iPhone right now. Like google.
Google also shoves new chips, stealing them from the Samsung and the Apple.
"Absolutely nothing new with 6 axis". utter nonsense. Even in the 12th heap of everything new that you won’t find out, because you don’t have a device, but you didn’t show it at the presentation, here you haters think that there is nothing new in ios xD
He also wrote nonsense about 5s, because ios does not start to slow down over time. Neoff Android 8/9 on the old nexus 5 also clearly works crookedly.
I have everything xD

And what has been added since ios 6?

Presentations and reviews to help, I’m not going to paint everything for you here. Even in the 12th little change there are more changes than in the latest version of Android. Well and yes, typical screaming "nothing new", the new should not always be visible to the user.

All clear. Are these all the arguments? What exactly is new? The optimization that hamsters push every year?

Password Autofill
Passwords sharing between iOS and macOS devices nearby
What did they say about security there?
Something is not entirely safe.