What's Included in Iphone 8 Plus

The new iPhone 5 is one of the flagships among smartphones around the world. On September 12, 2012, in the city of San Francisco, a brand new iPhone 5 model was presented. Photos, description, characteristics, features, equipment, price. all of this in more detail below.

Options iPhone 5

The box of this model has changed, now for each color its own (white and black). The equipment is still the same, iPhone 5 itself, headphones, documents, charger, USB cable and a clip for removing a SIM card.

The kit includes new headphones, they now lie in a separate box, they have several holes for sound output.

The design itself has changed, the form has acquired a more universal form. To which Apple itself said that the design of the new headphones was developed with the aim of creating an “ideal model” that fits all possible ears.

Case and design iPhone 5

The case of the new smartphone is completely made of aluminum and glass. Apple representatives also noted: weighing 112 g and a thickness of 7.6 mm. this is the thinnest smartphone released by Apple.

The vice president of the company for international marketing, said that this is the thinnest smartphone on the market, thinner than the previous 4 s model, whose thickness is 9.3 mm. Such a model will look great, both in a woman’s hands and in a man’s.

It is worth noting that the phone, although it has become larger, but the front and back remained monolithic, there are no bulges on it. On the new iPhone, the distance between the upper border and the lower one has become larger, which means that the empty space that the screen does not occupy has decreased, which is also a plus.

Now about the case. Compared with the previous model, whose backside was made of glass, the fifth iPhone has a back made of anodized aluminum, which has a slightly matte finish, is pleasant to the touch and does not collect fingerprints on itself, which was the problem of its predecessors.

The connectors remained the same as the controls. The only thing is that the design of the speakers has changed, and the headphone jack is now located at the bottom. The biggest change is that now instead of all the usual micro sim, it accepts only nano sim.

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This means that more problems have been added, if you are not a resident of Moscow, and you have iPhone 5, it means only that you have to run around in search of such a SIM card. You can trim your old SIM card yourself, but not all such masters.

Adapters for such SIM cards will soon go on sale. Thanks to the adapter, it will be possible to insert nano sim into any smartphone. It is worth remembering that in case of loss and breakdown of nano sim, it will simply be impossible to restore it.

Video: What’s Included in Iphone 8 Plus

To summarize the design. The developers again succeeded in the impossible. The sight of this phone gives you an irresistible desire to possess it.


As the screen became longer and the width remained the same, the image format became 16: 9, and earlier it was 3: 2 (many consider this an individual feature in inventions from Apple).

The front side of the phone is completely covered with glass with a mirror-smooth surface, which is distinguished by resistance to various kinds of scratches.

In addition, an oleophobic coating is applied to the screen, which does not allow fingerprints to be left on it, and if this happened, then thanks to this coating it is easier to remove traces of dirt.

If you turn on the screen brightness to maximum, then even on a bright sunny day the screen will be clearly visible. Do not forget about automatic brightness control. For example, in complete darkness, the brightness decreases to a minimum, and in bright light, on the contrary, increases to the highest mark.

As in the previous model, the IPS matrix is ​​used. Due to this, the phone has good viewing angles. The contrast of the phone is high. 1110: 1. Color gamut matches sRGB.

The total on the screen. We can definitely say that the screen is worthy of the highest rating. The colors are saturated and are closer to natural. In turn, the screen glare less.

Camera iPhone 5

Like all iPhone models, two cameras are built-in. If before the front was only for video communications, now it is possible to shoot 720p video with it.

Whats Included in Iphone 8 Plus

The rear camera has properties, as in the previous model. The matrix is ​​8 megapixels, images are 3264 2448 in size. However, according to the developers, the camera was redesigned, and more specifically, the module itself, which became 25% more compact.

It should be noted that the camera copes well with night shooting. In short, the camera has not changed much. Competitors have the opportunity to easily get around Apple.

IPhone 5 software

The phone is built on iOS 6. And it’s already clear that the size and format of the pictures are different, which adds more work to the developers. Now all applications need to be updated so that they look correctly on the screen (fill the entire screen).

Speaking of YouTube, you can download it. As for the cards, here the developer offers his own cards. So far, of course, there are minor flaws with the cards, but they are easily fixable.

IPhone 5: photo and video review

To summarize. This smartphone is excellent in terms of use and design. In this model, the screen and dimensions, camera, weight and many others are improved. etc. But as such, “There is no step forward”, these are the usual improvements.

Basically, they buy phones according to the principle of “beautiful design”, but they don’t look at the internal filling. And even in this he dominates his competitors. this is despite the fact that today the price for iPhone 5 is about 600-1000.