What’s Hearing About Xiaomi Mi A1

What's Hearing About Xiaomi Mi A1

For a long time I was going to write an article on iPhones.ru, and now this moment has come.

Now I’ll talk about Android 9 on Mi A1. My impressions changed every day after the update.

Day One. What is it ?!

What's Hearing About Xiaomi Mi A1

I have been waiting for updates for a long time. And then the day came when I was able to install the official patch “over the air.” I have to say right away, I expected a lot from the update. And so, the installation is completed, I will unlock the phone and see some launcher changes that I immediately liked.

I open the “curtain” and see flaws, for example, ragged icons batteries, cellular, etc. Well, I think they’ll fix it in the next patch (half a month has passed, but no update never came)

I went into settings that changed slightly externally, some sections moved to other places. I found the treasured tab “Gestures”, turned on swipe up the button on the main screen. I click on the button, and. Xiaomi, really? After clicking on the home screen button that I just activated, they light up sub-screen control buttons.

I think maybe somewhere in the settings this can be turned off, but, having climbed all the settings, I still haven’t found anything. I walk now like a fool with virtual button and touch buttons lit underneath Xiaomi (and all because gesture control is more convenient).

What's Hearing About Xiaomi Mi A1

Broke the brightness: I used to use a phone in a room in daylight to set the brightness to 25-30%. Now, in order to have the same level of brightness, I have to set the slider to 50-55%. Why so. I do not know. I hope they fix it soon with an update.

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I started to regret that it was updated.

Second day. Getting used to

Quietly getting used to the changed design and I understand that gesture control is much more convenient, than touch buttons.

I tried a new mode Relaxation. You set the time when it will work and that’s it: the screen becomes black and white, the mode turns on Do not disturb.

The monochrome display, according to Google, will help get rid of the habit of sticking to smart before going to bed. Spoiler: did not help. A mode Do not disturb could be set to turn on automatically before.

So I did not understand why this Relaxation needed.

What's Hearing About Xiaomi Mi A1

I also got the opportunity to install the application “Digital well-being”(Who translated this?). I didn’t get much benefit from the statistics on the use of the phone, I already realized that I use smart a lot.

Before the update, I looked at reviews on Android 9 on Mi A1, almost all the authors said that the phone’s speed increased.

I didn’t notice anything like it, rather the opposite, some animations.

I still do not understand why Xiaomi added the radio. Well, seriously, who needs a radio in the era of streaming services?

Disable it by the way not allowed.

What's Hearing About Xiaomi Mi A1

Google focused on a presentation in May on the fact that the new version of Android will have “smart” power consumption, the work of which is provided by artificial intelligence.

They promised an increase in battery life by 30%. Guess for yourself. Yes, I didn’t notice this either.

What's Hearing About Xiaomi Mi A1

As I did not notice the benefits of smart recommendations in the list of applications, but at least they can be turned off.

Day Three Well, I won’t roll back

Finally got used to the new interface, put up with jambs. Highly loved gestures, Now I will never turn them off (Unless, of course, Xiaomi breaks them)

I realized that my expectations were very high. If not for them, then perhaps I would be more calm about these shortcomings.

The conclusion is simple: you can get used to everything, only whether it is necessary.

(2.95 out of 5, rated: 41)

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