What is the format of a flash drive needed for a TV?

What is the format of a flash drive needed for a TV?

Currently, the TV is a universal device that allows the user not only to watch movies and TV shows using terrestrial or satellite TV, but also by connecting third-party devices. Now the TV is a multifunctional device that can replace even a computer monitor. To carry out many operations, the rear panel of the TV has many different inputs, which differ in appearance and functionality. Many users need to connect additional drives to a TV device. Basically, such a drive is a flash card or external hard drive. When connecting, users often have problems. This article will discuss in detail the main causes of problems that arise when connecting external media to a TV device, as well as the most optimal methods for solving them.

How to connect a USB flash drive to a TV

The most obvious way to connect a flash card to a TV device is to use a USB port, because basically this connector is used to connect various types of storage devices, such as flash cards or an external hard drive. Usually this port is located on the rear panel, however, there are TV models where the USB connector is located on the side and front. Below is the algorithm for connecting a USB flash drive to a TV device:

  1. In order to connect the drive to the TV via a USB connector, insert it into the port.
  2. Then take the remote control and go to the connection settings of the signal sources. This is done either by searching for the corresponding item in the general TV menu, or by the Input (Source) button on the remote itself.
  3. After the menu of signal sources has opened. You should select a USB port as the source.
  4. Then the root folder of the drive will open and the user just needs to select the necessary file for playback.

After the algorithm is done, the user will be able to play most of the media files recorded on the drive.

How to watch movies from a USB flash drive on a TV through a USB port

To start playing a movie recorded on the drive, just find it in the folders of the drive and play it. You can control the playback of the movie using the remote control from the TV, which allows you to rewind, pause or continue playback. If you can’t connect the drive to the TV via the USB port, or the TV does not have the appropriate input, you can use other methods in order to watch a movie.

Via DVD player

Most modern DVD players have USB connectors, which means that it reads material from flash media. It is this device that can help the user connect the flash card to the TV using an alternative method. To do this, you must first connect the DVD player through the appropriate connectors (via component input or HDMI, it depends on the age of the player).

After connecting the two devices, you should connect the drive to the DVD port. After that, the information and media files on it will become available for playback. This method is the most optimal, since it allows you to connect the device to the TV without using any additional programs or settings. However, such a simple algorithm may cause problems. Here are the most common ones:

  1. TV does not see DVD. You should go into the TV settings and select “Signal sources” and select the connector to which the player is connected. In some devices, in order to output the signal from the DVD to the screen, press the "TV \ AV" button.
  2. If the DVD does not appear on the TV’s menu, the problem may be hardware. The malfunction may be caused by a violation of the integrity of the cable or connectors. In this case, the user can try to fix the problem on their own or take the device to a special service center.
  3. If the player cannot play any files, it is possible that the device does not support this format. To clarify the capabilities of the player, refer to the instructions.

Through the media player

Unlike the player, the media player is different in that it is able to support most popular formats, this avoids the need to convert to any specific file type.

In order to connect USB via a media player to the device, it is enough to implement a simple algorithm.

  1. Connect both devices using the appropriate connectors.
  2. Insert the drive into the appropriate port.
  3. Using the remote control, go to the "Video" section
  4. Select the desired file and run it with the OK button.

After that, the video or audio file should start.

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Possible startup problems:

  1. Inappropriate file format. To fix this problem, you should use a special utility that allows you to convert a file from one format to another without losing quality.
  2. Does not see the flash drive. Perhaps the format of the flash drive is not suitable for playback. The solution to this problem will be discussed later.

Via a digital tuner

Most special consoles are equipped with a USB output for various purposes. Also, this device allows you to open files from a connected flash drive. In order to connect a flash card to a TV via a TV tuner, you should use a simple instruction.

  1. The first step is to connect the drive to the appropriate port on the console.
  2. Then you should turn on the TV and use the console in the menu as a signal source.
  3. Select the desired file and run it.

The digital tuner plays almost all of the most popular video and audio formats. What makes it the most universal in the matter of connecting external drives to the TV.

Using a computer or laptop

To connect a PC to a TV, several basic methods are used.

VGA This method allows switching between the PC and the TV using the appropriate cable. To connect a computer to a TV device, connect them with the selected cable and configure on both devices.

Setting up on TV is to select the VGA connector as the signal source.

ATTENTION. It should be remembered that the VGA port is not capable of transmitting audio information, and to play the sound the user will have to separately connect the speaker system or use an adapter.

To configure a computer, the user should go to the “Screen” menu and select one of the four modes of interaction between TV and PC.

  1. Duplicating screen. In this case, information will also be displayed on the TV screen as on the monitor.
  2. The mode is only for the connected device. In this case, the image will only be on TV, and the monitor will be turned off.
  3. The image is only on the monitor. In this case, the information will only be displayed on the computer screen, and the TV display will be blank.
  4. Desktop extension mode. In this case, the TV device will be perceived by the system as an additional monitor, and it will have a separate desktop. This extends the multitasking use of these two devices when switching.

IMPORTANT. All variations of the interaction of these two devices are provided with intuitive illustrations. To make the connection more comfortable.

The most versatile connector, which allows you to provide not only high-quality image transmission, but also the transmission of audio information, which distinguishes it from VGA. The connection is no different from those listed above, with the exception of adding an additional item in the form of sound settings.

In order to adjust the sound with an HDMI connection (if it has not been configured automatically), go to the “Sound” settings and select your existing speaker system from the possible connected devices. In this case, it will be indicated by the model of the device.

For Wi-Fi switching, on the PC and TV you will need special modules. Which are able to provide fast and high-quality wireless connection for transmitting image and sound. Detailed instructions for connecting and configuring these modules are included with the device itself.

Possible problems and solutions

The main problem when connecting a flash card is the lack of a connection. The device may not see the drive itself, and may not play files on it. We should dwell on these problems in more detail.

The TV does not see the flash drive

The device may not recognize the device for several reasons.

  1. Bad connector. There may be a violation of the integrity of the port, and it is faulty. To eliminate the possibility of this problem, you should try connecting another device to the TV. If the connection was successful, then the problem is in the flash drive.
  2. The flash drive format is not compatible with the USB format. A possible reason why the TV does not recognize the connected drive is the difference in formats. Typically, TVs use formats such as FAT32 or FAT16, while the drive can be in the format NTFS, EXT3. To fix this problem, simply reformat the drive. This can be done using a computer using a simple algorithm.
  3. Insert a flash drive.
  4. Go to "My Computer", right-click on the drive and select "Format".
  5. Follow the instructions below to select the desired format.

Why the TV does not see the movie on a flash drive

If the TV device cannot detect some files, they may not be suitable for the format. In order to clarify which formats this TV supports, you should refer to the instructions.

In what format to format a USB flash drive for a TV

The most universal format for playing on TV is FAT32 or FAT16. Therefore, when formatting, you should select it.

What movie format is needed for the TV.

The most universal format for all devices is video such as avi, MPEG-1 \ 2 \ 3 \ 4, mp4, WMV, etc. For each model, this list is individual. You can clarify it in the instructions or at the consultant.