What is the difference between Xiaomi Airdots and Redmi Airdots

Miniature wireless headphones came into fashion not so long ago. It is no secret that in this case, Apple was the source, which proposed AirPods. the model, although not the first in this format, but perhaps close to ideal for the bulk of potential buyers.

Compact, neat, lightweight, comfortable and modern. the success of the first AirPods was predictable. Following them, the market began to fill with multiple products from other brands. And in this category, Xiaomi offers two very interesting models called AirDots: one from Xiaomi, the other from the Redmi sub-brand.

Let’s find out which headphones are better.

What’s in the box?
There are practically no differences: in the box there is a case, headphones themselves, several interchangeable ear pads and a user manual. The only but important thing is that a microUSB cable was added to the Xiaomi AirDots bundle, but they did not put the cord in the box for the Redmi device.

Therefore, you will have to use a cable from a smartphone or other device.

What common?
Both pairs of headphones, in fact, are released by Xiaomi, moreover, with a small time interval. Their cost at the moment is almost identical. Even the names match.

Therefore, it is logical that they have a lot in common. For example, some technical parameters:

  • impedance. 32 ohms;
  • frequency range. 20. 20,000 Hz;
  • the maximum distance to the paired device is 50 meters;
  • case battery capacity. 300 mAh;
  • the battery capacity of each earphone is 40 mAh;

Headphone operating time on a single charge. up to four hours. If you listen to music at almost maximum volume, then the charge will last about 3.2 hours. A charged case is able to fully recharge the headphones three times. Accordingly, the total battery life in practice is about 12-13 hours.

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Accessory cases look almost the same. They differ, of course, in color: Xiaomi. white, Redmi. black, to match the headphones themselves. On both cases we see microUSB ports and charge indicators (LED indicators are also on the headphones themselves). The cases are made of ordinary plastic, nothing outstanding (like support for wireless charging) do not differ. But they were made soundly. without backlashes and creaks, all elements are symmetrical, the headphones do not fall out of the case, only if they are not specifically helped.

Management in the Redmi model remains the same as in the Xiaomi version. 1 tap. Play / Pause, if you are listening to music, or receiving an incoming call if you want to talk. 2 tapas. call Google assistant.

But here, perhaps, the main difference between the models lies: the Xiaomi AirDots that were born before the followers are controlled by touch keys, but in the model from Redmi mechanical keys are already involved.

About this and other differences

What is the difference between Xiaomi Airdots and Redmi Airdots

Many people like this implementation of controls more. now you can clearly understand what action you called (made one or two touches). In working with Xiaomi AirDots, it’s easier to prevent unnecessary, false touches.

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Color is a matter of taste. Xiaomi’s white model is more associated with the brand, it looks neat and fashionable. But black in the Redmi version is good too. bold, no less stylish and modern. True, the Redmi case gets dirty more, but on the Xiaomi case, fingerprints are less visible. And it is made of soft touch plastic that is more pleasant to the touch.

Redmi’s AirDots are smaller and lighter. They are practically weightless (the weight of each earphone is 4 grams), they sit perfectly and do not bulge. Their predecessors are inferior in terms of convenience, but not too much.

Another point in favor of Redmi is that they fixed all the bugs that were identified by Xiaomi device users. So, the first AirDots sometimes “lost” the connection with each other or refused to connect normally to the old device if they were already attached to the new one.

Redmi’s more recent AirDots have no such problems. Headphones quickly “cling” to devices based on Android and iOS. They work stably without disconnects or glitches, without a sync between headphones and music interruptions. By the way, note that both versions of AirDots use Bluetooth standard 5.0. There is no difficulty connecting the Redmi model to the phone. remove the headphones from the case and simultaneously hold both buttons for 3 seconds. Now AirDots pairing with a smartphone will be available. Each time it will be enough just to get the headphones out of the case. they will connect to the phone themselves.

Which sounds better?

This may not be obvious, but the Redmi model shows better sound quality. Each earphone has 7 mm drivers, which is impressive considering their size.

The model from Redmi clearly audible juicy bass, mid and high frequencies. Of course, aesthetes are unlikely to appreciate this sound quality, but, in fact, it is unlikely that the headphones are designed for this segment of users. The average user will appreciate the sound quality of playback in almost any musical genre. The sound is clear, without interference and wheezing. Such troubles can appear only in those cases when you turn the volume to maximum.

But the microphones installed in these headphones are not of the best quality. The sound is deaf, the interlocutor may not be able to hear your speech, especially if you conduct a conversation in a crowded place.

We emphasize that this advantage in sound quality from the Redmi model is not so obvious. Xiaomi’s AirDots are good too, but not for all music genres.

A couple of spoons of tar for Redmi AirDots

To the advantage of the headphones from Redmi did not look obvious, we add a couple of unpleasant nuances about this accessory. Absolutely real and fair, by the way, and not invented:

  • they turn on automatically as soon as you get them out of the case. But they do not know how to turn off independently with inaction. Do not forget to press the button on the headphone or even put them in a case at a time until you use it. Then the charge will not be wasted;
  • The default functions of the buttons on the headphones leave no room for switching the track or adjusting the volume. To do this, you need to reassign the buttons programmatically, and this is the topic of a separate article (although the work itself will take no more than five minutes). Nevertheless, I would like to have access to such important functions by default.


When working on Redmi AirDots, the company took into account two, perhaps, the most important points. stability and correct operation of the device, as well as sound quality. Both components were able to noticeably “pull up” and the more recent model from Redmi now looks objectively more interesting than the version from Xiaomi.

But not everything is so simple. Xiaomi wireless headphones have their own strengths and parameters, because of which, subjectively, someone will like more. This, for example, color, the presence of a microUSB wire in the kit, touch control, nice soft touch material of the case.