What Is The Best Muzzle For A Dog?

Today, muzzles for large dogs differ in a wide range. They are made of leather, synthetic fabric, plastic, metal mesh, or are a combination of these materials.

Depending on the destination muzzles are

– Plastic muzzle-mesh is considered an inexpensive design that is suitable for all weather dogs and has a low weight. It is more suitable for small breeds, because it has insufficient strength and is not very durable.

– Leather muzzle-mesh is also quite light and practical muzzle, which eliminates the possibility of frostbite of the skin. But he is unable to maintain his form for a long time and therefore hangs on the dog’s face and causes it inconvenience. Under the influence of saliva and water, he grows coarse and therefore needs special care.

– The metal grid belongs to the universal type of a muzzle checked by time. The material for it is steel chrome wire. In front of the muzzle, the net may be smaller so that the dog cannot pick up the feed. It has indisputable advantages, among which one can note the excellent air exchange and the ability to water the dog without removing the muzzle. True, in winter, it is better to insert a leather insert that protects the nose and lips of the animal from frostbite. One of the latest inventions is the protection of the surface of the grid with a plastic coating.

If the dog is walking in a heavy metal muzzle, then the owner must be careful so that he does not cause injury to himself.

For a walk, you can wear closed muzzles of leather and plastic. At the same time, care should be taken, since air does not flow through their small holes and due to overheating the dog can get a heat stroke. In such products, saliva can accumulate, which also causes discomfort to the animal. However, due to the closed design of the muzzle eliminates the likelihood of accidental bites.

  • Workers representing a muffled muzzle of leather, in front of which there is a metal plate. Such special muzzles contain dogs that protect public order. Thanks to the plate, the impact force of the dog increases, and the intruder avoids open injuries from her bites. Such a muzzle is made to individual sizes, taking into account the anatomical features of a particular dog.
  • In the form of a bridle, when the muzzle looks like a bridle for horses. With the help of this special product, fastened to the dog’s face, the owner guides its movement and directs it at its discretion.
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    What Is The Best Muzzle For A Dog?

    What Is The Best Muzzle For A Dog?

    Will a muzzle be saved from poisoning?

    You can not consider a muzzle as a panacea for poisoning. It is merciless to keep the mouth of the animal constantly closed, because it provides cooling of the whole organism. The dog, constantly in a muzzle, is deprived of the joy derived from the game, and the possibility of knowing the world around it.

    In life there are accidents and unexpected circumstances, but this does not relieve responsibility from the owners of dogs. They must train their pet not to pick up anything from the ground. If the dog is constantly in sight, it is entertained and distracted, then it will be more secure. But if trouble happens, then delay even for a second can cost the life of your pet.

    Of course, you can protect the dog with a deaf and closed muzzle. But will she have such a walk in joy?

    How to pick a muzzle?

    Each company that manufactures muzzles focuses on their measurements. But there are basic ones. These include the length, width, height and girth of the muzzle, girth of the neck and the distance from the eyes to the back of the head of the animal. This takes into account the breed of dog, since the anatomy of the structure of the muzzle in different animals is very different.

    When buying a muzzle it is necessary to put it on the dog and determine whether it suits her or not. It is impossible that he pressed on the nose and hit under the eyes. The dog should not be able to free itself from it, but it should be free to open its mouth and lick. He can not be so free to fall from his head. In order not to rub the skin, in places where the muzzle is in contact with it, soft pads are made.

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    What material will be the best?

    Choose a muzzle depending on the purpose. If it is a puppy or a young dog, then a plastic net-muzzle will do for them. It is convenient for dogs of small breeds. These muzzles are lightweight, well ventilated in the heat, keep their shape, are comfortable in the cold and easy to maintain. As puppies grow, such products are easy to change, as they are relatively cheap.

    If the muzzle is necessary for walking a large dog, then the best option would be a product made of steel wire, covered with plastic. It is convenient to carry with him the heat and frost. It retains its shape and is easy to clean. Such a muzzle does not interfere with the animal, it can even drink in it.

    As a working option, preference is given to leather muzzle with a metal insert. It is used for service purposes when the dogs do not need to be in them for a long time and constantly.

    The veterinary clinic carries out inspection of dogs and carries out hygienic procedures. In this case, a muzzle made of synthetic fabric. It can be quickly put on and taken off, it is a reliable protection of people from injuries. Since the dog cannot normally open its mouth, it is put on for a short time.

    An ergonomic muzzle made of steel wire coated with plastic is considered very comfortable for a dog. It has a shape extending to the nose and allows you to open the mouth as wide as possible without a muzzle. Thanks to the large openings, the dog can drink and breathe freely in it. Plastic protects the animal during frost. So that the dog does not cause injury to passersby, it must be taught to him.

    Muzzles made of soft leather and fabric are not comfortable enough, because they can put pressure on the animal’s face. In such muzzles saliva can accumulate and therefore they are used for a short time.

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    Is a muzzle necessary?

    Wearing muzzles to dogs in public places is required by law. This is especially true of those that refer to a special list of hazardous breeds. Dogs with a short face require special attention when selecting a muzzle. Even without it, the structure of their muzzle does not provide normal heat transfer, and the wrong muzzle can be a threat to life.

    Today, for any breed of dog, you can buy a muzzle of the desired size – from plastic or metal or leather mesh. But owners of small dogs prefer products made of synthetic fabric.

    But no muzzle will protect others from the dog, if the animal does not have adequate control from its owner.

    To muzzle need to teach!

    This should be done from an early age. If you have an unpleasant procedure, then it must be worn in advance. Do not remove the muzzle when required by the animal itself.

    Only pleasant impressions should be associated with wearing a muzzle. First, the dog should smell it, not dressing, and get a treat for it. Then they put him in a muzzle or push him through the holes so that she can take it. At the same time, the muzzle should be completely muzzled. Promotion should be whenever the muzzle lingers in it. When this time reaches 10-15 seconds, you can begin to fasten the straps and quickly remove the muzzle, not forgetting the treat. So repeat until the animal begins to calmly respond to the fastening of the muzzle. At the same time, his time in it is constantly increasing.

    After that, you can start walking in a muzzle, gradually increasing their time. It is impossible for a dog to take it off independently; it should be distracted at this time. If the dog wears a muzzle correctly, you must express your praise and reward him with something tasty. Do not forget that the new ammunition should be associated only with pleasant and positive emotions.

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