What is Samsung Galaxy S6 Demo

What is Samsung Galaxy S6 Demo

In this article I want to tell you how our service centers for repairing equipment are bred for loot using an example Remobi.ru.

Remobi has a lot of service centers. There are in the cities of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Kazan and Novosibirsk. I contacted the service at Bagrationovskaya Metro Station, 8 Barclay Street, Gorbushka Shopping Center. Pavilion 268.

If you follow my Youtube channel, then you know what I decided to make from a Demo-sample Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus full-fledged smartphone (Live Demo Unit on the example of the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, disassemble the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus (G928)). I bought a new motherboard and the necessary parts (SIM card tray and two coaxial cables). I collected everything and flashed the official 4-file firmware for Russia. Since the motherboard was completely new, IMEI was not flashed there (it was factory from Samsung 3500000000006)

If you will make a full-fledged demo device, then take a better used board, since IMEI is already flashed there.

For reference. In the official Samsung service, replacing a board with work will cost about 17,800 rubles. If your old one is out of order, then take it IMEI and flash it on a new board. In the case of the Demo sample, there is no IMEI, so they will not do anything there.

Before I brought my smartphone to the service, I already managed to flash a custom kernel arter97 and recovery TWRP. Unfortunately, in the paragraph for developers I forgot to tick “Unlock provided by the manufacturer. OEM“. Surprisingly, the recovery and the kernel were done, but after the next reboot I got a hang on the inscription “Samsung Galaxy S6 edge” and an error DRK in recovery.

What is Samsung Galaxy S6 Demo

This is fixed using one of the programmers (for example, GcProKey), which can flash Samsung certificates (fix DRK = Device Root Key) and only then, after booting into the system, you can do FAP lock off.

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A similar case: Samsung galaxy s6 g920t error DRK. Always stuck logo after reflash stock rom One package or stock full 4 file and pit. Fix ok 1 min with write any cert by GCPro key. Thanked GCProkey Team!

Translation: Samsung galaxy s6 g920t has a DRK error. It always hangs on the splash screen after flashing the stock single-file or four-file firmware with pit. It is fixed in one minute by flashing the certificate in the GCPro key.

I have Fap lock was in mode on, that is, custom software was blocked, because I did not tick (see the screenshot above). As it turned out later from the xda forum, this problem can be solved at home by flashing an officer. firmware, but previously having pulled cache.img from it (dm-verity verification failed / need to check drk first on samsung devices). In short, the device went into recovery, into the firmware mode and, when loading, hung on the model’s inscription, also official firmware without Error were flashed through Odin.

But I still needed to flash IMEI, so I carried the device to the service center. Calling there for the first time, I was told that IMEI firmware costs 1 thousand rubles, later the figure was transformed into 1,500 rubles. (the standard divorce of all service centers, when one digit is announced on the phone, and when you arrive, the other is often 2-3 times higher). It is worth saying that until this moment I did not contact service centers for repairing equipment, as I was repairing everything myself (Asus Nexus 7 screen replacement in 2013, disassemble the iPhone 5 and repair the Home button and replace the glass (touchscreen) of the Apple iPad 2 (iPad 3) at home).

Video: What is Samsung Galaxy S6 Demo

Arrived late in the evening at the Gorbushka shopping center (Pavilion 268) and gave his device for diagnostics, saying that you need to flash IMEI and restore certificates (do Fap lock off) They said that in an hour they will give an answer. Two and a half hours passed and I was informed that the master does not know what the problem is. He is trying to install various engineering firmware, but he doesn’t succeed and the first time I heard the phrase that, most likely, my modem and Flash-memory burned out.

Is it possible that in the smartphone the memory and modem burned out after the firmware and at the same time it went into recovery, the firmware mode and sewed files through Odin without error? I strongly doubt it!

I asked the manager to let me talk to the master and I would tell him what needs to be done. In response, I only heard that the master knows better, since he used to work in Samsung for a long time, but after he quit and went to them. I was offered to leave the smartphone with them for further diagnostics, and in the end I agreed and already left the shopping center. I went a bit and decided to return for the smartphone and take it to the officer. Samsung service, so that they give a conclusion and if the memory burned out, which I strongly doubt, they would change it, and they can do this, unlike IMEI. I come back and ask to return the smartphone. The manager leaves after him and after about 15 minutes returns with my phone and says that they were able to install the engineering firmware and supposedly restore the modem (re-solder it). And then I had even greater doubts. An amazing combination of circumstances. they couldn’t do anything for 2-3 hours, and then I asked my phone back and they managed to reanimate it in a matter of minutes. They offered to leave until tomorrow, so that the master checked the memory and repaired everything. The repair cost was not said. I asked to give at least an approximate cost, which will receive an answer of 5-8 thousand, maybe a different amount and it all depends on what is with the memory.

The next day I called them myself. They told me that my Galaxy s6 edge was under repair and they themselves will pick me up when it is known what is wrong with it. After 10-15 minutes, I type them again and say, so that before the repair itself they called me and called the cost of repair. After 17 pm, a call and a man with a cheerful voice reports that they have already fixed my smartphone and you can come for him today. The repair cost was announced at 8,500 rubles. (replaced the burnt modem, memory and flashed IMEI). I went the next day, since I could get to them for about 3 hours and I would not have time.

What is Samsung Galaxy S6 Demo

Doesn’t it seem strange to you that in a day they could find a donor to my smartphone, and this is not a galaxy s6 or even a s6 edge, but a s6 edge? They pulled out a modem and memory from it and soldered it to my motherboard. It seemed strange to me and I went to them, taking a camera with me.

Arriving at the place, they gave me an act of work (see photo above) and showed a smartphone. It really worked completely and was flashed by IMEI. Since I strongly doubted that with a burned-out memory and modem, he could go into recovery and t / d /, I did not agree about the item “Repairing the system board”. He asked me to show the burned-down modules that they replaced. The manager called the master and conveyed his words that he had thrown out the burnt-out modules. Then I asked the master to say what was on the motherboard, exactly in the place where there was memory and SoC, and there was a felt-tip painting that the person left from whom I bought this motherboard. If they told me that there was a painting, then that would be enough for me and, most likely, the smartphone was really taken apart, but I got an answer that the master does not remember.

What is Samsung Galaxy S6 Demo

I decided to wait for the master to arrive and together we will sort the smartphone and it will show clearly what he was doing. They naturally carried the smartphone to themselves in their closet behind the door. I asked them to leave my smartphone on the table wherever I saw it, but I got an answer that the devices under repair are there. After some time, they brought me a sticker from my motherboard (see photo above) with a painting. Perhaps they really found it from the master, who was doing the repair, somewhere in the trash and he really took my smartphone apart, or maybe they quickly disassembled it and tore off the sticker during the wait.

I was told the following, or I am paying for repairs or they are returning everything back. And then attention! Before that, they told me that they threw out my burnt modules. And the question before me was whether I pay those 4 thousand for repairing the board or they really burn my motherboard, because the firmware (specifically for my G928F smartphone) could not burn the modem and memory, but it would not even turn on in that case. As a result decided to pay. They told me that I won’t be able to flash anything else, since the wizard completely blocked the firmware on this device! I said that this is impossible and is in firmware mode Fap lock off, which I needed.

I already left the shopping center and stood up in my tracks because there was a custom kernel in the software information arter97 and recovery TWRP, which I put on my device. The probability that the master himself set this is very close to zero, I also do not believe that with a burned-out memory and modem, the device can turn on and even go into recovery, which means that there was clearly a money-for-money deal.

I strongly recommend that you avoid it and pass it on to your friends so that they don’t go there.

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