What is Mi Pay on Xiaomi Redmi

Google Play contains a huge variety of applications, the main plus of which is quick download and easy installation. But in one phone there can be only one version of a program, game or social network. This is very inconvenient for gamers or owners of multiple accounts in some application, which does not provide for multi-accounts. How to clone an application on Xiaomi to solve this problem? In the MIUI shell, this problem can be solved very quickly.

What is application cloning

Cloning (or copying) of applications is the creation of a clone (copy) of a specific program, game or software on Android. The advantage of this operation on Xiaomi smartphones is the convenience of using the built-in MIUI functionality.

  1. Opportunity at the same time use 2 different accounts of the same applications. For example: VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, TikTok.
  2. You cannot create duplicate applications from Google: maps, Gmail, YouTube and others.
  3. Viber, WhatsApp, Snapchat and the like are also not copyable.

Viber, Vatsap and Google applications in some cases still manage to clone, but when updating the original application, the clone may stop working.

Cloning an app on Xiaomi using MIUI

Now we proceed to the most important thing. directly to the procedure for creating a dual application. There are two ways:

What is Mi Pay on Xiaomi Redmi
  • cloning using MIUI;
  • or using special applications from Google Play.

The first option is preferable, since it does not take up additional space on the internal memory and the risk of a malfunction in the program is minimized.

Check if there is such a function on the device. As an example, consider the model of the Xiaomi Redmi 4A phone on MIUI 10.2.

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  1. Go to “Settings”. “Applications”, now “Dual Applications”.
  2. Click on this item and the list of applications is displayed, ready before cloning.
  3. Select the desired one and move the “On” slider
  4. The cloning process begins. Done. You can distinguish a copy from the original by a special icon on the icon.

Video: What is Mi Pay on Xiaomi Redmi

Using third-party applications

If the built-in cloning option is not available on your Xiaomi model, then you can not do without third-party applications. Let’s look at the most popular, fast and effective. Below are some working examples, but there are other similar programs on Google Play.

App cloner

Of course, the best utility of its kind, has gained worldwide popularity. The main plus is simplicity and a convenient palette of basic functions for free.

  1. Download the program, install, open.
  2. On the main screen we see a list of available applications on the smartphone, and the four sections above: “Applications”, “APK”, “Cloned Applications”, “Cloned APKs”.
  3. Thus, you can copy not only installed programs, but also downloaded APK files that were on the device’s memory.

Before you begin, be sure to enable the installation from unknown sources in the Settings, otherwise the clone will not be able to function correctly or the operating system will refuse to read it at all.

Cloning takes an average of a couple of minutes, and the process can be monitored in real time using a special window with percentages. Then we install the copy and use it as a normal application. You can change the color of the icon, rotate, cut, add individual characters. For example, it’s quite possible to change the blue VKontakte sign to red and add a couple of letters so that there is no confusion in use.

Parallel space

Another effective good program that has a slightly different structure and a more complex level than the previous one. Therefore, we strongly recommend that after the first run, view the trial fragments and understand all the functions.

To start, click on the item “Start exploring“. If you have installed social networks, the application will automatically offer to copy them. In manual mode, click “”, and from the list that appears, select the desired game, for example. The cloning procedure will take place inmagical design“And takes only a couple of seconds.

We go to the main screen and see the “mirror” version near the original icon. You can distinguish them by the bluish halo and the sign We use. Please note that you cannot change the appearance of the icon.

Video instruction

Answers to popular questions

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in the cloning operation on Xiaomi phones. You should also not worry if there are failures and incorrect operation. We will always provide the necessary help.

What is Mi Pay on Xiaomi Redmi

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