What Is Frisbee For Dogs

What is Frisbi and its occurrence.
"Frisbee" literally translated as "bee", although in reality it is catching on the fly "flying saucer". plastic disc. The man starts the disc, and the dog grabs him in a jump. And brings the trainer, demonstrating good aportirovku. Needless to say, the dog requires good physical training and dexterity, but from the trainer, the competitor. skill, accuracy of calculation in launching the drive and excitement. During the competition, the athlete and his dog merge in a single desire. to win
This type of training was born in the USA in the last two decades of the 20th century, migrated to Europe, but remained virtually unknown in Ukraine.
You can do frisbee with any movable dog, which is not contraindicated for jumping, starting from 15 months, when her ligaments get stronger.

Frisbee includes the following skills:
1) general obedience (command "To me!");
2) not just good, but gambling aportirovka (team "Aport!" or any other, replacing it);
3) feeding into the hands of the trainer the item brought (team "Give!");
4) shutter speed (when throwing a disc and giving it back);
5) jump height;
6) the ability to climb on the master and to jump from his back or legs to increase the height of the jump.

Necessary equipment.
Collar, long leash (can be useful for working out bringing the object back), aportirovochny object, flying disc.

Skill value. As the American trainer Karen Pryor writes, "game in "little bee". A great way to train a dog in the city. Compared to a simple ball "bee" it flies slower and along an indefinite trajectory, perhaps more like a flight of game, and makes the dog jump in attempts to catch it, which is also pleasing to the owner. And finally, the game "little bee" allows the owner, on the spot, to force the dog to run.

Learning skill. Frisbee training occurs in several stages:

1. Training in a tray of any aportirovochny subject by the methods described above.

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2. Replacing the fitting with a flying disc. It is possible to start training for aportirovki from this stage, but then it is necessary to accustom the dog to bring the disc, thrown close, and first. as a simple ponosu that fell to the ground, and not caught in flight.

3. Catching the disc in flight.

All learning occurs during the game. To tease a dog, it is advised to apply a number of techniques: tie the disk to a string and drag it along the ground, rub it on the dog’s torso, causing the desire to bite it, play in front of the dog’s face, preventing it from grabbing.

What Is Frisbee For Dogs

Own speaking, this is nothing new. A new element for us can only be the last. catching a disc in a jump. To do this, his (or other aportirovochny object) is thrown in the direction of the excited dog, prompting him to catch him on the fly (you can start by training the dog to catch abandoned pieces of treat. All the dogs master this art almost instantly). If the dog has managed to catch the disc, it is praised, stroked, trying to avoid giving a treat, so that it does not abandon it. As a reward. gently pull the disk towards themselves, showing interest in the object and forcing it to bear a little longer in the mouth. After mastering the skill, they throw the disk a little higher and praise the dog if it jumped after it. Usually well-tempered by the subject of the dog (there is no talk of any malice here!) They themselves begin to make jumps. In extreme cases, you can try to force the dog to jump over the disc lifted on a string (it is dangerous to hold it in your hands: having missed, the dog may touch the athlete’s teeth or even grab his arm with the disc).

The main thing that the trainer should do. vigorously rejoice at the luck of the dog that caught the disk in the jump. Range throws increase gradually. The dog must run back behind the disk at 7-8 m. The fastest dogs extrapolate the flight path of the disk and guess its landing position, finding themselves there before the disk falls to the ground (the same thing, by the way, often happens when the dog throws an ordinary stick: some gambling "deportees" get hit by the object crashing on them. They figure out where it will fall, but not immediately. "think" intercept it on the fly).

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As Karen Pryor writes: "I had to meet unusual dogs that could catch "little bee" at the other end of the football field. It seemed that the dogs enjoyed the accuracy of their assessment of the location of the fall of the disk. Brilliant running or fantastic grips in a jump with a coup, which cause the delight of the audience, also bring joy to the dog".

If the dog is trained to the height of the jump, then it is taught to climb on its owner, using the substituted leg or back, and jump from there. To learn (or jump up) the host is taught as follows: first squat down or bend the leg, patting the knee and showing delicacy. In this case, the trainer says any suitable command (say, "Get in!"). But the dog is not allowed to jump over the person, but is dragged onto him (on the knee or on the back) with the help of a leash and collar and is taught to linger in this position. only under this condition does the dog get a treat. When such a situation becomes natural for her, she is again thrown with an aportizing object, forcing her to bring it. And finally, throw up the disc, prompting the dog to jump after him from the man, without jumping to the ground.

Possible mistakes trainer:
1. Shows insufficient interest in the subject.
2. Do not praise the dog when she brings the disc.
3. Stop throwing the disc when the dog is not tired yet and wants to work.
4. On the contrary, it forces the dog to run after the disc when it loses interest in it (then you need to take a break or move the lessons to the next day).

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Variants of frisbee competitions
Competitions are held on any flat square or rectangular field, like a football one. This is a command view of dog training. It is divided into categories:

1. Mini-distance (for beginners). The team consists of a dog and trainer, who must demonstrate a number of successful combinations consisting of throws of the disc, catching their dog in a jump and a tray to the owner. The greatest number of points a dog receives over a distance. The time is fixed. 1 minute. Use only one disk.

2. Long distance. Choose 4 teams of three with dogs. The trainer with the dog goes to the starting line and throws the disc. Each participant is allowed two attempts. The trainer, whose four-footed, wins. "partner" will catch the disc at the maximum distance (the point at which the dog caught the disc is noted by the judges.)

3. Frisbee on accuracy. On the sports field make the contours of four circles of different diameters, located at different distances. The trainer, throwing the disc, should get into one of them. And the dog. catch it in a given circle.

4. Frisbee freestyle (for professionals). A person uses different methods of throwing, so that the disc flies along a different trajectory. The task of the dog. catch a drive sometimes. in the most incredible jump. The use of tricks is arbitrary: the dog can work both at the distance of the throw and at the height of the jump, and it is allowed to jump from the back or the trainer’s legs, using them as an additional support. Competitions accompany music.

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