What Is Cast On A Xiaomi Redmi Phone

To understand what the low base effect is and why I’m talking about the first qualitative leap, it makes sense to get acquainted with the previous review record, full of despair and pain. Based on it, I will conduct this pseudo-review.

1. Options.
Not rich. In that review, I complained that they had put in a scanty liner. Now you can forget about him: there is only something in Chinese. Also in the box there is a Chinese plug, a Euro-adapter to it, a usb cable and. needle (for the competent removal of SIM cards). I borrowed a picture of all this stuff from another review, because outwardly almost everything is the same (except for the adapter, in the photo the euro plug).

What Is Cast On A Xiaomi Redmi Phone

The battery is non-removable, so the only way to deal with a frantic device is to hold the power key for a long time. And extracting the sim, as in the glorious Nokiev years, is again difficult. Need a needle or some kind of paper clip. Nowadays, the phone and the OS are already very separated from each other, so in comfort we were given a typical MI user guide. Basic things for a person first touching an android, it explains.
Taking pictures of a phone with a burning screen from the outside is too lazy for me, so I’ll grab a suitable option from the photo review.

What Is Cast On A Xiaomi Redmi Phone

2. About MIUI in general.
So, Android 6 is uploaded inside the phone (this year they promise to upgrade to 7: UPD Did update) MIUI is a special android shell, full of settings, tweaks and tricks. Her philosophy "forbidden everything that is not allowed" positively affects battery conservation, but sometimes it spoils nerves due to falling applications (over-optimization). There are so many system settings that the developers have cut the search for them! The instructions for MIUI 8 with a step-by-step description of the initial operation of the phone will help to understand the most important of them in detail. Perfectly complements the manual above. Unfortunately, no equally detailed instructions for later versions of MIUI were found on the Web. If you find, let me know in the comments.

Another feature. for some reason, the settings are spread out over 2 applications: actually "Settings" and "Security". over, some of them are duplicated.
Feature # 3. removing a shortcut from the desktop is equal to uninstalling the application!
Feature # 4. there is no special area / menu with application shortcuts. All shortcuts are automatically crap on desktops. There is only one way out: grouping by folders.

My phone successfully lasted 2.5 years, fell to the floor several times (but thanks to luck and a silicone case, it survived) and reached as far as MIUI 11, True, not having received from the last shell a full-fledged set of functions. Cut ultra-savings, application usage time statistics, dark theme. MIUI castration is a sure sign of a model becoming obsolete.

What Is Cast On A Xiaomi Redmi Phone

Wi-Fi is very economical, in the structure of consumption it always has tenths of a percent. At home, it makes sense to use it exclusively. Double savings. With Bluetooth, things are a little worse, it takes itself 5 percent, despite the Low Energy standard, but you still can not compare with versions in older phones. Below are the old screenshots from MIUI 8 with a fresh battery, in 2019, the charge display was slightly rewritten, and I can gain 2 days of autonomy unless in austerity mode.

What Is Cast On A Xiaomi Redmi Phone
What Is Cast On A Xiaomi Redmi Phone

The phone usage paradigm implies the following power consumption options (available in the menu Security. Battery. Activity control. ):

Smart mode (previously called Energy saving) This is the default recommended optimization. It is believed that the system recognizes important applications that constantly work in the background (for example, instant messengers) and those that are not a sin to shoot. On this basis, she decides what to do with the application. Most often, this is the removal of the application after half an hour of background mode. Therefore, for most applications from the market that need to function continuously after minimizing, the following mode is suitable:
No restrictions. It is recommended to land all applications on it, which in no case should not die.
Soft restriction (previous name Application limitation in the background) Kills push notifications. One of the most useless modes, since you can disable pushes separately
Hard limit (in the old translation Background activity limitation) Cleans up the application almost immediately after minimizing. This super-economical mode starts automatically for all applications when the tab is activated. "Energy saving" (Security. Battery) Most complaints about program crashes arise because of this mode, since it crosses out all user settings. Designed to reach the last percent of the phone to the power source.

5. Tricks and features out of the box:

Advanced screenshot. It is activated in a bunch of ways: from the curtain, using gestures (in MIUI 11 it is included in Settings. Advanced settings. Buttons and gestures) and the standard way for MIUI: keyboard shortcut "Menu" (left) and "Volume down". The last way is most convenient for me. The screenshots are advanced in that they can scroll down the screen, crop the image and draw on it.

Flashlight. Hidden in the blind. It is also activated on a locked screen.

Smart shortcuts. Since shortcut = application, much attention is paid to their drag and drop. The dumbest way for a teapot is to drag it to the end of the screen, waiting for it to scroll. A way for a fashionable hipster: holding the label with one finger, start flipping through the desktops with the other. Method for the boom (batch): long press the left button to activate the bottom panel with widgets and other junk, click on the necessary shortcuts, scroll to the desired desktop and unload them there. A folder is created by pointing any 2 shortcuts to each other. A notification counter is attached to each label, and does not disappear until they are read.

What Is Cast On A Xiaomi Redmi Phone

Where do the Chinese characters come from? Lazily borrowed the picture again? No, the screenshot is mine. This is a feature of the clock widget. I chose the largest watch, since vision is no longer that; and they ended up with ethnic elements. Widgets themselves are available after holding the left button on the main screen. By the way, the default fonts are quite large, not all application names fit. You can play with fonts in the menu Settings. Screen.

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Memory pin. MIUI trick that forces the application to hang in the list of launched ones even after automatic cleaning. It is recommended if the program falls off and all restrictions for it have already been disabled before. This is done: left button, swipe down the running application, clicking on the lock icon. The blue icon is shown in the image below. Here you can see the amount of available RAM. MIUI is very gluttonous, eating up 2/3 of the place. Payback for smooth navigation.

Video: What Is Cast On A Xiaomi Redmi Phone

What Is Cast On A Xiaomi Redmi Phone

Record conversations. He doesn’t write very well, but is deeply tuned (for example, to write only individual contacts).

Black list. On calls and SMS. You can make it work as a white list. SMS ban on keywords.

Force close application (if there is no exit button or it hangs). Long tap on the right key.

Permission Control. You can revoke or add any permission.

Already two antiviruses on board. One, they say, is not updated 🙂

Traffic restriction and counting. The restriction is set both from the point of view of threshold values ​​(no more than 100 mb, for example), and from the point of view of permissions (possible / impossible). Particularly eager for advertising applications, you can chop off any traffic, even background. True, google will cram your ad anyway, you can’t cope with it completely without root.

Custom auto brightness. The fact that auto brightness has its own separate intensity scale is not immediately understood. That is, its upper boundary changes. The screen is visible even in direct sunlight.

Automatic tasks. Turn off and on timer applications, including stock ones. It’s convenient to extinguish bluetooth, Wi-Fi and mobile Internet for the night. They are located in a non-obvious place (like much in MIUI): it is necessary in the application "Security" pull the screen down. UPD Unfortunately, a wonderful undertaking has been irrevocably cut out since MIUI 9. That’s how it was, weeping and nostalgic.

What Is Cast On A Xiaomi Redmi Phone

Dual applications. To clone accounts, for example, simultaneously sitting with 2 accounts in VK.

Second space. A secluded place for another user with its own set of applications and settings.

Password for applications and private SMS. MIUI, in principle, is rich in various hidden features: in messages, in the gallery. A find for lovers of double life.

– A yellowish and waking dream reading mode (in the curtain). It only annoys me.

Text recognising in the photo in the application "Scanner". Unfortunately, so far without the Russian language. Business cards and QR codes are also scanned there. UPD Checked: does not recognize text in English either. Some kind of trouble with the scanner. Yes, and photographing documents is better with a standard camera application in HDR mode. Higher clarity.

Infrared remote to control TVs, set-top boxes, projectors and much more. The standard Mi Remote application supports few devices, I recommend trying the Universal Galaxy Remote.

WiDi (wireless display for TV). There is nothing to test, but I think it’s a cool thing.UPD MIUI 11 appears under the name Cast (Broadcasts)

Mi Cloud. Hello Apple, good afternoon. Account with 5GB for data synchronization with the phone. Attention! Cloud cleaning cleans and files on your phone! Also, without an account, it is impossible to simply download new topics. Fortunately, I came out of the age when picking skins and launchers was an important part of my life.

FTP client. Located in the Explorer application. For quick file sharing with a computer without a cable. Minus: does not understand the Cyrillic alphabet, so all Russian files and folders have mysterious names.

Carousel. Automatically alternating desktop wallpaper. Killed since MIUI 9, but if you switch the phone to the Indian region, it appears again. Detailed carousel return instructions here.

– Convenient Notes with a list of tasks pinned to them in MIUI 11 (tudulist with strike-out animation).

Split screen (added in MIUI 9). Dual-window mode for simultaneous operation in different applications. I have not found any applications in life, but the thing is exciting.

Widget ribbon and Touch assistto (added to MIUI 10). Junk that is best to turn off immediately

– Hold a call or mute a microphone by ear. Simply put, Proximity Sensor Jamb. Treatment: 1) act as with ZTE, that is, manually block the screen with a button after lifting the handset; or 2) calibrate the sensor, for example, with this.

Sound without high, LTE and VoLTE. Disturbed sound balance to the side "bass", so-called "barrel sound". Counter argument: "The sound should not be like in a headset". Treatment: 1) play with on / off VoLTE mode or 2) get used to it. In my case, besides, it turned out that the SIM card is too old and just does not support LTE (it is more than 10 years old). The sound, by the way, is quite loud, which helps out in public places. LTE may not work due to a mismatch between the frequencies of the device and the frequencies of the operator. Treatment: change operator.

Multitouch gathering On the table after 3-4 clicks and generally incorrect operation of the wheelbarrow when it is not in the hands. Confirmed by tests. There is no cure.

White indicator instead of color. It seems that due to a software bug, all the colors of the rainbow are activated. Treatment: no, you can only make him blink in different colors.And it seems that it will not be, as the developers called the feature bug: in order to save energy

Strange auto-rotate. It works very selectively and only 180 degrees. The gallery does not obey the prohibition of auto-rotation. Treatment: get used to it.

7. About notifications.
Pushas most often do not come if:
a) the application is dead. In this case, you need to set it to background "no limits" (see above), register at startup (Security. Permissions. Autostart) and, if there is still no result, fix it in memory (see above). Geotracker applications also need to be given the ability to send locations in the background.
b) notifications configured. MIUI has its own advanced notification center (menu Settings. Notifications and Status Bar), and by default most of them. true, disabled. In addition, in rare cases, pop-up notifications do not work due to pending permissions. This problem is seen with the application "Cell phone operators" (defines the operator and region by number). You must give permission to pop up the menu Security. Permissions. Other permissions.

8. About navigation.
There are no complaints about GPS: it picks up satellites almost instantly and confidently holds it in the city. The battery’s zhor is moderate, approximately the same as in the glorious times of Nokia (higher than bluetooth). Fortunately, it does not discharge to zero in 15 minutes, as it was on ZTE. UPD. The forums have complaints about non-working A-GPS (Internet tracking without satellites). I didn’t notice any problems.

9. About photos and videos.
Photo in daylight is very ok, it drops in quality if it gets dark. But better than all my predecessors. The video is similar, although hiss is heard in relative silence. Concerts based on quality are better not to even try to write, the sound will most likely be disgusting. They say this is from the incorrect operation of the noise reduction system (such a paradox). Shumodav is removed only with the help of the root. UPD Shumodav still fixed in the late MIUI. In the video settings there is continuous autofocus, disabled by default.

What Is Cast On A Xiaomi Redmi Phone

There is no fashionable now effect of slow-mo (but you can get confused and do it. you need root). But there are panoramas, time-lapse, countdown timer, voice trigger (funny gizmo. the shutter clicks after shouting, for the convenience of self-obscuring) and fish eye. In macro mode (with optical zoom), it stops focusing. It’s a shame. But I think that for a trip to the conditional south it will completely replace a separate camera without sensitive losses. The best photo quality is provided by a third-party Google Camera application, but for its performance you should roll a special patch.

10. About music.
I’m becoming a mobile music lover again. Cool sounds in the headphones, there is both bass and high, you just need to turn on the enhancer for a specific type of ears (earplugs, earbuds, etc.) and some kind of equalizer preset to your liking. I "rock" I prefer. The standard application fully satisfies my needs. There was so far only 1 track, the sound of which was "crippled", the stereo effect did not appear quite like it was at the computer. The ears are comfortable even at half volume.

11. About other inconveniences:
No backlight buttons. On the black device does not make out. But a matter of habit, touch is easy to adapt. You can look for ways to duplicate touch buttons at the bottom of the screen.
Combined slot for a second SIM card and SD card. Treatment: 1) "a sandwich" (soldering a SIM card and a memory card into a single freak at your own peril and risk) or 2) a SIM card adapter for a memory card or 3) connecting ordinary flash drives via an OTG cable. There is also a single radio module for 2 SIM cards. That is, SIM 2 only works in 2G.
– Not freezing stock unnecessary applications. Treatment: Activity launcher
– Not Nfc. That would be very bold.
Notifications from the curtain do not open entirely. An unfortunate design decision. Treatment: change launcher. SMS treatment: have time to press the button "Reply" upon receipt of a popup. UPD Fixed in later MIUI
– No file transfer via usb in drive mode, instead, a scanty MTP. For computers, there is no significant difference, but the TVs are not good friends with him. On my own, for example, I can only see phone photos, and the video and everything else is not available
A bunch of ads from everywhere! The older the MIUI version, the bigger it is. MIUI 11 announced the shutdown of all advertising with one click, but this function never got to Redmi 4x. We use a guide to turn off recommendations, which will help cut out 90 percent of all annoying garbage (advertising is shamefully called recommendations).

12. Other nice buns: a compass that perfectly writes a voice recorder to mp3, a stock alarm clock with pleasant sounds of nature, a screen recording, an engineering calculator, a fingerprint scanner, a missed beep counter in a dialer, which does not die even with a hardcore charge saving. Yes, the last thing is most important.

Updated: November 17, 2019

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