What Color Wireless Headphones Should Burn

If users did not have experience operating a Bluetooth headset, then questions may arise about how to charge modern wireless headphones from the JBL brand. After reading this article, you will learn how to use and configure the device yourself.

JBL Wireless Headset

When purchasing JBL headphones, their bundle may vary slightly depending on the type. The vacuum headphone packaging usually includes the device itself. Its wires connect two plastic cases.

What Color Wireless Headphones Should Burn

In one is a board with a sound adjustment device, as well as some other functions. In the second, a battery is hidden for charging. In the configuration, you can also find a cable with USB at one end, with Micro USB at the other.

This set is supplemented by instructions for use. The presence of the Russian language in it depends on the configuration version (global, local) In it you can find the basic functions of the JBL wireless headset, as well as its technical specifications.

How to charge JBL headphones

As we already noted, the USB cable is included in the kit for JBL headphones, which is intended only to charge them.

To charge the headset, you need to insert the connector with Micro USB into the port on the headphone battery.

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Usually it is covered with a plastic plug. It can be opened by prying off with a pointed object. After you inserted the wire into the device’s battery, the other end can be inserted into the USB port on a computer or laptop.

How to understand that a JBL headset is already charged

To determine how long the headphones should stand on charge, read the instructions that came with the kit. Since this information may be individual for each model. The JBL wireless device is equipped with an indicator. When connected to a power source, the indicator usually lights up in a certain color.

Video: What Color Wireless Headphones Should Burn

Sometimes it can flicker. After the headphones receive a sufficient charge, the indicator will change its behavior. That is, if earlier it was on, it starts to blink, if it blinked, it starts to burn.

JBL can also be recharged using a charger for mobile phones.

But before using it, you need to familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics of both devices. If the voltage for the charge is the same, then use is permissible. Usually the full charge cycle of the wireless headset from the American company JBL occurs within 1-2 hours.

Connect wireless headphones to your phone

In any case, before you connect and listen to music on wireless headphones, you need to charge their battery. When you do this, you can begin pairing with your mobile phone.

  1. You must turn on the JBL device by pressing the power button on the volume-controlled housing (or on one of the headphones);
  2. Next, turn on the bluetooth technology on the smartphone. In Android and iOS, this can be done in the quick access window (lowering the curtain) Press and hold the radio wave icon to get to the screen with bluetooth settings;

This completes the process. To adjust the JBL volume, you can use both the buttons on the mobile phone body and the buttons on the headphone control panel. You can use the power button to reset the settings. When the device is turned on, it must be held for several seconds. With the active process of reloading settings on a charged wireless headset, the indicator behavior should be distinguishable from normal. This means that it can change colors or flicker.

Bluetooth headset problems after charging

Sometimes users complain in forums that JBL’s wireless products are unstable. Sometimes this occurs even after charging. May not connect to the phone fully. only one earphone works or there is no sound at all. Often such problems can be resolved by rebooting the device or reconnecting. To do this, in the smartphone you need to remove the pairing with the headset. It is not necessary that the device is turned on at the moment.

  1. Go back to the section with connected bluetooth devices;
  2. Find the JBL headset by model name in the list;

If you can’t charge your JBL wireless bluetooth headphones, try changing your computer or other power source. Sometimes USB sockets on laptops may be disconnected to save battery power.