What Color Iphone 11 Pro Choose

Recently, the color range of iPhone and iPad has replenished with a new heyday: “Pink gold”. The new color has become so in demand that there is still a huge stir around it all over the world. Buyers are willing to overpay a lot of money to resellers, just to get the iPhone 6s in this color.

Ultimately, we have four colors available for purchase at this time: Cosmic Gray, Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold. Many buyers “puzzle” when choosing the desired color, because each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

If you choose white, the appearance of your Apple smartphone or tablet will be more stylish and youthful, but black frames around the display, light sensors and a front camera will be visible on the iPhone and iPad. It is because of these shortcomings that many refuse to choose this color.

The gold color does not differ from the white on the front of the smartphone or tablet, but the back of the case looks and is perceived in a completely different way. Gold color, although in fact it looks more like sand, gives the back cover a special look, which with the release of iPhone 5s allowed to further emphasize its individuality.

Rose gold differs from ordinary gold only in a different color from the back of the case. For the most part, the iPhone 6s smartphone, purchased in this color, allows you to emphasize your status as the owner of the newest generation of iPhone, as well as “Pink Gold” girls like very much.

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What Color Iphone 11 Pro Choose

When choosing the color of your iPhone or iPad, it’s important to understand a few things. Scratches and scuffs will be visible much more strongly on dark colors, so the gray color will quickly get the used look. On a space-gray iPhone, the display feels more vibrant due to the lack of black frames, or rather, because of their invisibility.

New colors like “Rose Gold” and “Gold” are tidbits for thieves, as they allow us to understand from afar that they are the owner of the newest and most expensive iPhone generation. Buying new body parts is much easier for silver and space gray, as these are the most popular colors.

The most practical color for the iPhone and iPad will be Silver. The device in this heyday is equally well suited for men and girls. The second place is occupied by “Space Gray”, which takes its place due to the “picture in the palm” effect due to the imperceptible frames around the display. The third place is given to Gold, and the fourth to Rose Gold.

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