What Bones Can Be Given To Dogs And Is It Worth Doing

Why use in the diet

Many people think that bones are good for dogs, as the animal sharpens its teeth about them. This is not entirely true. In fact, after changing milk teeth to permanent teeth, the dog does not change any more – moreover, they become dull with time. However, no bone can sharpen dog fangs.

On the contrary, cracking a hard bone, the animal risks damaging the enamel, or even breaking the canine. But the dogs love to bite the treat – it is useful for gums, teeth, and just entertains the animal. The main thing is to know which bones are considered acceptable for pets.

Strictly can not feed

There are several types of bones that can not be given to dogs in any case, if you wish your pet good. Including such popular pork bones – pork has a high fat content, and may be infected with parasites.

Tubular chicken

Tubular bones for dogs pose a great danger. Let’s see why.

When an animal breaks a bone, the latter crumbles into small pieces with sharp edges that can cut the walls of the stomach or intestines, in some cases causing peritonitis. Save the situation in this case can only surgery, with a positive result is not always likely.

Of course, do not panic, if your dog once accidentally ate chicken bone – most likely, it will not bring much harm. But to feed your pet such "delicacies" regularly strongly not recommended.

What Bones Can Be Given To Dogs And Is It Worth Doing

Turkey bones

Turkey bones are not less dangerous (if not more) than chickens: they have a similar structure, but much harder. The fact is that this bird is slaughtered at the age of two, three years old, respectively, the skeleton has time to get significantly stronger. In addition, the turkey is a rather large bird, and therefore the bones themselves are much larger.

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What Bones Can Be Given To Dogs And Is It Worth Doing


A similar story with goose pits – they are large and solid, so they can significantly injure the mouth and intestines of the animal, causing serious health problems.

What Bones Can Be Given To Dogs And Is It Worth Doing

Rabbit bones

Some dog breeders are not afraid to give their pets rabbit bones, believing that since they are small, it means they are not dangerous. In fact, a fractured rib bone, spine, or limbs is distinguished by extremely sharp edges.

What Bones Can Be Given To Dogs And Is It Worth Doing

Dangerous consequences

Gnawing hard bone, dogs inevitably injure tooth enamel, which negatively affects the general condition of the teeth. In addition, the pulp can sometimes be damaged – then an open wound will form over time at the site of injury, which sooner or later will lead to the development of pulpitis.

Fragments of bones that the animal swallows can not only traumatize the tissues of the gastrointestinal tract, but also become trivially stuck in the throat, esophagus or intestines. It is impossible to get them yourself, and a pet who has had enough of such a “delicacy” will definitely need an operative intervention by the veterinary doctor.

And it also happens that small fragments come together in a tight lump that clogs the intestines, and then the animal will need a cleansing enema.

What Bones Can Be Given To Dogs And Is It Worth Doing

What is allowed

The only option which bones can be given to dogs is beef. The animal can "eat" a large femur beef bone (the so-called mosley), or rather nibble off all the meat and cartilage tissue from it. Mosul itself must be taken away from the pet in time to avoid possible trouble.

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If we are talking about a puppy, it can be pampered with young calf ribs, offering to gnaw soft cartilage, and having selected when only bare bone remains.

Thus, if you decide from time to time to please your pet with “sugar pits”, this should be done within the following limitations: mosles, tails and ribs (the latter are exclusively for puppies) are considered acceptable.

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