What Bones Can Be Given To Dogs

Description: Everyone knows that dogs love bones very much. But few people think about whether dogs can be bones. First of all, it is necessary to understand that everything that goes into the dog’s diet should be nutritious, useful, edible, and contain enough of all useful substances.

If you constantly add different bones to your pet’s food, then you should know a lot about what bones should not be given to dogs. As for those who have a beneficial effect, can be identified:

Thoracic (cow or small calf).
Chicken necks, turkey necks.
It will be especially pleasant for pets if there is a certain amount of meat on their bones. All this will be useful for digestion, but rather it will be facilitated. Basically, they are given in raw form, after which the animal’s carcass will be cut or released from the required amount of meat. But can dogs have boiled bones? But from them, as well as from the pigs, it is best to give up. Boiled bones are split, which can lead to various damage to internal organs. Pork – very fat, which also applies to the pork meat.

When choosing also worth paying attention to the size. They should not be too small not to choke, but not too big. The size should correspond to that the dog could swallow them once. Large bones are very high in calories, which can lead to obesity. For every kilogram of your pet’s weight, about 10 grams of bones will suffice.

Bones of various animals:

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When you decide to feed your pet with bones, you need to pay attention to what particular animal they are from. After all, they are in their own way useful and harmful to the body. Chicken bones, particularly tubular ones, are best avoided. When the dog bites them, they crumble and break into very small pieces. The intestines will quickly pierce such elements. With regards to chicken bones, there is another danger – existing diseases. Since chickens in factories are practically without any movement, they often develop bone diseases. And from such a raw bone infection can get to a human friend. Likewise, it is possible to answer whether it is possible to give a dog bone turkey. The structure of a turkey is almost identical to a chicken. For this reason, they are not much different from each other. They are mostly very small, as are the bones of fish.

Well, is it possible to give the dog beef bones? They are undoubtedly useful, but still it is necessary to approach selectively. Beef joints, cow thighs, hooves, and ribs are an excellent source of calcium. Beef tracheas are completely safe in the diet. Before receiving these bones, it is best to keep them in the freezer for three days. And before serving – pour boiling water. Even if there were microbes on it, they would be completely destroyed in this way. This all tells us that beef bones are very useful for an animal.

Not rare is the question of whether dogs can have lamb bones. It also depends on the specific parts. The positive points include soft cartilage, as well as those bones that will not be eaten quickly (larger in size). The most important thing is not to allow the dog to gnaw them into small pieces and swallow. It is necessary to select in time.

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The benefits and harm of feeding:

What Bones Can Be Given To Dogs

Stone for the dog is of great importance. They help protect the tooth from plaque, get the necessary amount of calcium and other nutrients. But not always their reception has a beneficial effect on your pet.

The benefits of bones:
Health. Bones prevent gum disease, are an excellent preventive measure. Also, they do not allow the formation of a stone on the dog’s teeth.
Nutrients in the composition. Among the large number of valuable nutrients that make up bones, calcium, minerals, fats and enzymes can be distinguished. And all this abounds.
Leisure. On the use of bones, its eating, pet spend enough time. All chewing muscles and muscles of the head are trained. And the most important thing is that endorphin (hormones of happiness) enters the brain. Stress decreases significantly and reduces to zero.
Bone damage:
Diseases. In the pork, which remains on the bones, there may be a virus that harms the health of the dog. And the causative agents of the virus themselves can also be located in the brain bone.
Damage. Parts of the animal’s body, such as the neck, stomach, or esophagus, may be affected by bone consumption. They may split or just get stuck. The minimum level of cleavage is assigned to the raw bones.
Obesity. When overfeeding, the dog begins to gain weight. This is due to the fact that the elements of the skeletons of the animal themselves are very high in calories. Views: 1

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