What Bones Can Be Given To A Dog

What Bones Can Be Given To A Dog

Can a dog have bones

Chicken bone dog. The tubular bones of the legs and wings. It is impossible.
Because when cracking, sharp fragments are formed, which easily pierce the intestines. As a result, intestinal perforation and peritonitis. Operation, the fight against peritonitis. At best, the dog can be saved. At worst, no. Believe me, it’s much easier just not to give chicken bones to a dog. I bite my dogs with soft cartilage from tubular bones from boiled chicken. Everything. Nothing more of the chicken bones they get.
What to do if the dog still ate the chicken bone, read here

Boiled bones: beef, pork, chicken and indeed any. No, no one and never. Surprised? I explain. Boiled bones in the intestines are dumped into a very dense mass and clog the intestines. The most terrible cases – this is when fed bones from aspic. The bones from the jelly are cooked for a long time, they are made soft, and the owners with an expensive soul feed all these boiled bones to the dog. Well, do not disappear the same product. And even doubt does not arise that at this moment they are doing something bad, or something is not right. Sometimes lucky, the dog ate a little, and then with difficulty, but she prokakalis. If you have eaten decently – wait for trouble.
In the best case, get off with a slight fright: vaseline oil inside and enema. In the worst case, an operation (cutting the abdomen, cutting the intestines, removing the bones from the intestines) plus postoperative care: droppers, injections, etc.
Do you still feel sorry for throwing bones out of the jelly? Many dog ​​owners have already seen for themselves: this “saving” is very expensive.
Throw these bones with a clear conscience out of harm’s way!

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Raw pork bones. We do not give.
In general, we do not give pork. Raw pork – the danger of infection by various worms: pork tapeworm (Taenia solium), Trichinosis (Trichinellosis), Echinococcosis (Echinococosis), etc. And boiled pork is too fat for dogs.

Raw beef bones.
But now we finally got to the bones that dogs can. Raw beef bones.
It is possible, but not all.
You can give nibble meat with melodies (from the large femur of the cow). And pick the meat from the ribs. If the veal ribs are young, in the stage of cartilage – they can be eaten. If the beef ribs are already hard in the bone stage, the pups can be given such bones, but follow: when the puppy gnaws the meat from them, the bone itself must be taken away and thrown away. An adult dog is better not to give beef ribs. Do not have time to look back – she had already gnawed at them and swallowed. And when the ribs are cracked, sharp fragments are obtained. What is fraught with – see above. Veal cartilaginous ribs can be used by an adult dog.

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