What Blue Screen Means On Computer

Blue screen appears

No matter how the computer owner is an inexperienced user, sooner or later he may encounter a symptom such as a blue screen. This usually means that the computer is in serious trouble, and it’s time to invite the wizard.

What is a blue screen?

The concept of “blue screen of death” has been known since the advent of the first versions of Windows. Outwardly, it appears as English-language inscriptions in white letters on a blue background. At the same time, it is often possible to get rid of it by rebooting the computer with or without the RESET button, or by turning off the power and turning it on again.

The appearance of a blue screen signals a problem in the system, so it is not recommended to ignore such symptoms. It is urgent to carry out computer diagnostics, as when a blue screen appears, after a while you can get a completely inoperative computer, lose important data, etc.


What Blue Screen Means On Computer

The term “blue screen” appeared thanks to Eric Noes, who introduced it in 1991, working for one of the California companies. During the development of the first versions of Windows (then designated as 1.0 and 2.0), error messages were displayed on black screens, but they changed it to blue, which is better perceived by the eyes and not so annoying.

Since then, including the latest common modifications of Windows 8, the screen continues to turn blue when critical errors occur. If we look at the origins of the transition to it, then we can note that the original name of this type of error sounds in English as Blue Screen of Death, abbreviated BSoD.

Stop code

This is also the name of the blue screen that appears due to a critical error that does not allow the operating system to fully function. For this reason, a decision is made to stop its work with the conclusion of a message about it. Not just symbols appear on the monitor, but a description in English of the reason and the most optimal ways to eliminate them.

There is a whole list of different codes that have, in addition to text, a digital designation starting with 0x (then comes the digital combination in the 16th calculus system). The information is intended for a technical specialist, a simple user is usually powerless to understand something. Although you can try to find a description of the error on the Internet by entering the phrase “bsod codes” as a search query.

Why does a blue screen appear?

The list of crashes and problems that cause the blue screen is quite large. And not always a textual description accurately indicates the true cause. By studying the description of the main STOP errors, you can find out the most likely node where the malfunction occurs, but only the master can reliably verify it.

Replacement Parts

What Blue Screen Means On Computer

It’s easier to find out the reason why this blue screen appears when some actions were performed with the computer: upgrade, updating drivers or the operating system. So, the replacement of individual components, for example, memory modules, a video card, a hard disk, can lead to a chance to see a STOP error.

The reason may be the malfunction of the devices themselves and their incompatibility with new models. After upgrading the hardware, it is recommended to do this with the driver of the replaced device. Otherwise, the problem may occur from the periodic display of a system shutdown message on the monitor screen, to a closed cycle without a chance of starting Windows to correct the situation (reinstalling the driver, removing it, etc.).

In the simplest case, it is enough to restart the computer, in more complex situations, at least for a while, you will have to return the old hardware. It is worth noting. with this error, all unsaved data that the user was working with at the time the blue screen was issued is lost.

Keyboard misuse

There are cases when the blue screen is called up by pressing certain buttons on the keyboard, or rather their combination. This can happen by chance, for example, a child has sat down at a PC or intentionally, they do this when they want to show their knowledge of the "subtleties" of Windows.

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In this case, the appearance of a blue screen is not a manifestation of problems, but an artificial call to the function of displaying an error message. It does not have any danger, but it can lead to loss of unsaved data or system malfunctions, because for it it is still a “problem”, the recovery function may be activated, as a result of which time will be lost.

What to do when BSoD appears?

The first thing that is required from the user is to restart the computer using the RESET button or by turning off the power and turning it on again. If the error message reappears, then it is necessary to diagnose the hardware.

Often the cause of BSoD messages is this equipment:

    What Blue Screen Means On Computer
  • HDD. To fix the alleged crashes, you need to use a utility such as CHKDSK, it is included with Windows. Use it to search for bad sectors, followed by automatic recovery. If it does not help, you should resort to specialized programs from a developer such as Acronis.
  • RAM modules. There may be several reasons: failure due to a power surge or overheating, incompatibility of the new module with the old or with the motherboard. Sometimes it helps to simply rearrange the modules or clean the contacts with an eraser. There are special utilities for diagnosing memory, but you can also use a regular tool called WMD (to start the program, you must enter the mdsched command in the Run line). This method works in Windows 7 and above, you need to press a key combination to bring up a command prompt window.
  • BIOS settings failed. The reason most often lies in the discharged battery that is located on the motherboard. It must be replaced. Either the user himself has entered the wrong parameters, sometimes problems appear after installing new motherboards on the motherboard that do not support previously performance characteristics. The easiest way is to reset the settings using the jumper or the corresponding menu item in the BIOS settings.
  • Computer viruses. They can cause both damage to hard disk sectors and software errors that can be fixed after they are removed. They do this with the help of anti-virus programs and other specialized utilities.

All these procedures are for the most part accessible to all users in complexity, but if in doubt, it is worth contacting an experienced master.

Can a blue screen be avoided?

A number of preventative procedures can help prevent problems that cause a blue screen to appear. They should be carried out systematically.

  • It is necessary to use anti-virus programs, regularly update them.
  • It is worth refusing to install a large number of unverified programs.
  • Use drivers downloaded only from official sites.
  • Using special programs, it is necessary to clean the system of debris (temporary files that interfere with the normal operation of the computer).

It is important to monitor the relevance of the drivers and programs used. Gradually, developers cease to support obsolete equipment, and it may not work correctly with new versions of programs. And, most importantly. if there are doubts about the correctness of the actions, it is better to contact a qualified master.

What does the blue screen of Windows 7 mean and how to deal with it?

If you regularly use a computer, then you have probably at least once in your life seen the famous “blue screen” that appears from time to time on Microsoft operating systems. In fairness, I must say that it will be difficult to see the blue screen of Windows 7, since this system is quite stable. However, anything can happen, and no one is safe from its appearance.

So what is it and how to deal with the “blue face”, which does not please PC users at all? Let’s start from afar. As you may know, computer operation is an extremely complex interaction between tens and hundreds of devices that are “forced” to share system resources. From time to time, errors may occur, which, among other things, lead to a computer freeze. If the blue screen of Windows 7 suddenly appeared in front of you, then a very serious kernel-level error occurred in the system.

What Blue Screen Means On Computer

Why is he so disliked? After all, can work be continued after a forced restart of the computer? The fact is that in this situation it is not so simple. Due to such a serious system error, you are almost guaranteed to lose some of the data that you worked with shortly before the incident, and in some cases you may be left without all the information on your hard drive, including without Windows 7. Blue screen is serious hint that it’s time to take care of the health of your own computer.

What Blue Screen Means On Computer

So, what could cause such an unpleasant malfunction in computer equipment? Despite the fact that the reasons can be completely different, experts single out the group of the most likely culprits of data loss and your own nerve cells.

Most often, drivers can be blamed. If the blue screen of Windows 7 arose immediately after installing some driver, then there is no doubt. this is your "saboteur". The same can be said about computer hardware.

Unfortunately, when buying a computer in any large network of household appliances, you are not immune from such unpleasant consequences. As a rule, they don’t bother to check the components for compatibility with each other, as a result of which you may have a lot of problems. It is advisable to select such equipment only at specialized retail outlets.

What Blue Screen Means On Computer

However, the blue screen in Windows 7 can be caused by ineptly written programs. Although most often this happens when a user tries to install outdated versions of software that are incompatible with his operating system. Of course, this practically does not happen when installing trivial small utilities, but in the case of antiviruses, firewalls and hard drive emulators, such problems are not excluded. A classic case is when the blue screen of Windows 7 arose in the first months of its release after installing the Alcohol 120% program due to all the same problems with the drivers.

If, however, it is not possible to establish the reason for certain, you probably can not do without going to the service center, where they can more accurately determine the cause of the ailment of your iron friend. In any case, it does not hurt to talk with an experienced specialist.

Why does a blue screen appear? Blue screen of death: error codes

The blue screen of death, sometimes called a stop error, is a critical system error that sometimes occurs on any laptop and computer running Windows. The issue of the appearance of the blue screen was especially relevant in Windows XP; later editions did not get rid of it, but the number of BSoDs in them decreased significantly. The appearance of a blue screen is a sign that the operating system cannot work further. Its occurrence is accompanied by a high-priority interruption of Windows and a forced reboot of the system without saving the results of its functioning.

Windows operates in two modes: user mode and kernel mode. In the first, the operating system launches all user applications, system processes and services, and in the second, the components of the operating system interact with the equipment through special programs. drivers. It is when a serious malfunction occurs at the level of functioning of the kernel of the operating system that the “blue screen of death” arises, which is accompanied by the appearance on the display of a message with information about the error on a characteristic blue background.

Causes of Critical System Failures

There are many prerequisites for interrupting the operation of the operating system with the subsequent display of BSoD, and the main drivers of the interruption of Windows with the appearance of the blue screen of death are device drivers. According to statistics from Microsoft, they account for more than 70% of BSoD cases. The reason for the order of 15-20% of the occurrence of such errors is failures in the drivers of various emulators, antivirus programs, virtualization tools, firewalls and system libraries (DirectX, C, Framework). You can also find out how to update DirectX on our website.

How to install a driver for a printer without an installation disk?

Why does a blue screen appear?

  • conflicts between the equipment and its driver, for example, due to errors in the latter, are the main reason;
  • physical defects of equipment, for example, damaged sectors of the hard drive in which system files are stored;>
  • excessive overclocking of computer hardware components (increasing the frequency of work and voltage on the elements of the central processor and graphics adapter);
  • poor compatibility of system software with the operating system, for example, due to the use of an outdated version of drivers;
  • unsuccessful firmware upgrade of components;
  • equipment operation in emergency conditions (high temperature, voltage) and others.

What does the error code mean?

When BSoD is displayed, the error code and the file that caused it are displayed on the screen. If everything is clear with the file. you can reinstall the driver to which it belongs, then the ordinary user cannot figure out what information is contained in the hexadecimal number-letter designation.

Information displayed in the stop error message:

  • The hexadecimal code for this error (stop code);
  • its symbolic name;
  • Four error options for debuggers
  • the place, if possible, to determine where the problem occurred;
  • The name of the driver that caused the BSoD.

Stop error. how to find out the cause of occurrence?

Information with an error code is displayed (when the system reboot is turned on when BSoD occurs) for only a few seconds, after which the computer restarts automatically. it is not always possible to record the displayed data. But it does not matter. There are several ways to see the causes of BSoD. You can use the BlueScreenView utility for this.

How to use BlueScreenView?

  1. Download the application from the developer’s site (http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/blue_screen_view.html) and unpack the archive with the distribution package to any convenient place.
  2. We start the program and wait for the dump file to load.
  3. Select the last dump, if there are several.
  4. We study the information provided by him (the file highlighted in light red is the reason for the blue screen).

What Blue Screen Means On Computer

  1. Copy his name to the search engine and determine

Changing the mouse cursor in Windows 7,8,10

Common Blue Screen of Death Mistakes

  1. 0x00000001: APC_INDEX_MISMATCH. the error is caused by inconsistent APC enable and disable calls on drivers or the file system. It is called by system drivers. If it occurs again, it is recommended to reinstall or update the operating system.
  2. 0x0000000A: IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. occurs when the computer enters sleep mode due to the use of the sys driver with incorrect memory addresses. Reinstalling or updating Windows solves the problem.
  3. 0x00000024: NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM. the presence of bad sectors on the hard drive. Check the surface of the hard drive for bad sectors.
  4. 0x00000027: RDR_FILE_SYSTEM, 0x00000034: CACHE_MANAGER. means the memory pool is exhausted. You should increase the amount of RAM on your computer or install another, less resource-intensive, version of the operating system.
  5. 0x0000002E: DATA_BUS_ERROR. appears when there are failures in the second level cache or video memory. Check the correctness and reliability of the installation of all components, especially if new boards (RAM) were installed. If the problem persists, test all components through synthetic test programs and check the HDD for bad sectors.
  6. 0x0000003F: NO_MORE_SYSTEM_PTES. excessive execution of I / O by the operating system. Increase the size of the paging file, also pay attention to the utilities installed before the appearance of BSoD.
  7. 0x00000057: XNS_INTERNAL_ERROR. problems with the network adapter. Update the network driver.
  8. 0x00000021: STATUS_IMAGE_CHECKSUM_MISMATCH. damage to the system file. Update your operating system.

If you have any questions about “What is the blue screen of death?” Common Windows errors and methods for solving them, "you can ask them in the comments

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