What are Good Sony Ericsson Xperia Phones

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What does a modern Android smartphone look like? A huge case with a screen of more than 4 inches in a plastic or metal wrapper without a hint of any design. The Sony Ericsson Xperia ray smartphone is the exact opposite: a thin, lightweight with a 3.3 ”display that can fit in a case even in a small female pen.

What are Good Sony Ericsson Xperia Phones

Dimensions, weight, body materials, photo quality, performance, runtime, display specifications and sun exposure

Difficulty typing due to diagonal screen


Design and ergonomics

You can appreciate the elegant forms of the smartphone only by holding it in your hands. Neither photographs nor videos are able to convey even part of the sensations that you experience when you tactfully communicate with Xperia ray. Taking it in hand, you understand how much effort and time was spent in the company in order to release a smartphone so attractive against the background of existing similar devices. A record low weight of 100 grams is successfully emphasized by a thickness of less than a centimeter.

The back side is made of soft-touch plastic. The XPERIA and HD inscriptions flaunt here, which indicates that the device belongs to the line of smartphones and video recording in HD resolution, respectively. The front panel is completely covered with mineral glass. At the top of the panel under the decorative bow is a speaker, slightly lower and to the left of the eye of the VGA camera. To her right is the proximity and light sensor. Attractiveness of the phone is given by the “invisible” standby 3.3 ”screen. In order to see where the display is located, you need to find a certain angle. Under the screen, made in the same style as above it, but with a slightly larger size, there is a mechanical Home key, and on the sides of it there are touch keys Back and Properties.

Minimalism in design Xperia ray can be traced not only in its dimensions and weight, but also in a small number of additional control buttons. At the top there is a power / lock button with a soft, but well-noticeable stroke. The volume control swing key, on the contrary, is almost imperceptible and has insufficient tactile feedback.

The standard audio jack is located to the right of the lock key, and you can connect the charger or micro-USB cable to the jack on the left side. Two slots for microphones at the bottom and under the LED flash are used to transmit voice and noise reduction during a conversation, as well as record stereo sound when shooting video. The multimedia speaker, like the earpiece, is hidden under a decorative bow and is located on the rear panel near the manufacturer’s logo.

Under the back cover is a 1500 mAh battery and slots for SIM and microSD cards, access to which is possible only after removing the battery.

Interface and unique applications

As in other smartphones of the company, on top of the operating system has its own interface called Xperia UX. It is impossible to say that with its help the phone gets an increase in friendliness towards the user, but one thing is certain, the boring look of naked Android is successfully disguised as an animated interface from Sony Ericsson. User space consists of five separate desktops without the possibility of changing their number.

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Xperia UX Interface Features

The phone has the ability to change one of seven themes. True, you should not expect major changes, as in HTC smartphones. A theme should be understood as just a background image and a lock screen pattern.

Video: What are Good Sony Ericsson Xperia Phones

The main menu of the phone is built in the form of a 4 by 4 grid and out of the box it offers the user a fairly large number of additional mini-applications or graphic fragments, the so-called “widgets” in Sony Ericsson. All installed programs can be sorted into several types: alphabetically, most frequently used, recently installed or your own order. It should be noted that changing the location of programs in places is possible only in the last of them. The icon in the lower right corner has two purposes. to delete installed programs and, if the menu type “Custom Order” is selected, move them in places.

The phone menu can be customized to your liking. Already out of the box in the phone is installed
quite a large number of additional programs

In our opinion, of the applications preinstalled by the manufacturer, the following can be considered interesting: “Music and video”, “Economy mode” and “LiveWare manager”. The first widget searches for relevant content on the pages of your friends from the social network Facebook. Here you can read comments or leave your own, listen to a song or watch a video clip and, of course, click “Like”. The second widget is intended for those users who need to keep their phone working for as long as possible. In the settings of this mini-program it is possible to set when and under what conditions Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, background data transfer and other services that “complicate” the life of the battery will turn off. The last of the widgets is unique in its concept and involves setting up the launch of any of the applications when connecting a headset, headphones or cable for charging. What can be the schemes of its use? For example, when a headset is connected to the phone, the music player or FM radio will automatically start, and when the phone is charged, the GPS-navigator if you use the phone in the car.

Keeping track of your Facebook friends’ audio and video content becomes easier
using the widget “Music and videos of friends

This widget is intended for those users who care about the runtime of their smartphone.
With it, you can extend the “life” by 20-30%, but at the same time part of the advantages of the Android system is lost

Now you can launch applications not only with voice commands, but also with simple actions,
by connecting a headset, headphones or charger to the smartphone

Returning to the main workspace, you should start by describing the location of the quick access icons. IN Xperia ray At the bottom of the screen are four large shortcuts with an icon for entering the main menu between them. The “Multimedia” shortcut is a kind of folder in which multimedia applications are collected. The list of applications can be adjusted by yourself, and you can add any shortcuts to “Multimedia”. There is no need to describe the other three shortcuts, all of them have the functionality traditional for Android smartphones.

On top of the operating system, a proprietary Xperia UX interface is installed, the main trump card of which is the Timescape widget. With it, the owner of the smartphone can track any changes and news on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte and also display incoming text messages and emails. Those who find such a hodgepodge unsuitable due to the large amount of information can track changes in the social life of friends separately for each of the applications.

The organization of the Timescape widget may not appeal to everyone. In addition to the current
functionality, the user can add the section “Mail”, “Music” and more

Another interesting widget is the Favorites and Call Log. It contains information about selected contacts, for each of which you can view detailed data (including Facebook), calls and messages. The only thing the widget lacks is a one-touch call.

Find additional information about any contact from the phone book
it is possible through the widget “Favorites and challenges

Hardware and performance

The new Sony Ericsson models use the same platform and are based on the Qualcomm MSM 8255 processor with a frequency of one gigahertz, the Adreno 205 video accelerator and have 512 megabytes of RAM. IN Xperia ray 300 megabytes for data storage are available to the user.

It is worth noting that such technical data makes Sony Ericsson smartphones the most productive in the class, and the gap from competitors reaches 10-20%. Interestingly, in the tests you can observe the results of the ST18i overclocked to 1900 MHz. This indicates good potential for those who are “always not enough.”

Xperia ray power enough to solve any problem

Surprisingly, with such computing power, the smartphone is unable to play familiar video files with software features. To do this, I had to install a video player from Androd Market.

To view the unconverted video you have to use
a special player from the Android Market

The phone’s operating time, taking into account its characteristics, is at least 24 hours with active use. In the operation scheme: synchronization of mail over Wi-Fi, work on a 3G network, calls, updating the data of the Timespape widget, it is quite possible to count on two days of work.

Display and camera

The smartphone uses an 8-megapixel camera with the ability to record video with a resolution of 720p with a frequency of 30 FPS and stereo sound.

The quality of the pictures is quite capable of satisfying the demands of demanding users, but the quality of the video is inferior to the top three Samsung Galaxy SII, Nokia N8 and Apple iPhone 4. The picture is corrupted by a noticeable moire. But in the pros, you can record dual-channel sound and frame rate.

There are a large number of special modes in the camera settings,
but even in automatic mode, quite high-quality photos are obtained