What Are Dangerous Bones For A Dog?

Sooner or later, the owner of the four-legged friend asks himself a question – is it possible to give bones to dogs? After all, almost everyone since childhood has such an association – a dog with a bone in his teeth. Previously, dog breeders firmly believed that the bones are necessary for the animal and the more the better, and they should be included in the diet every day. But modern vets have a completely opposite point of view. Let’s get to know her!

What are dangerous bones for a dog?

What Are Dangerous Bones For A Dog?

First you need to understand why we give the bones to our wards? Of course, in order to sharpen your teeth and strengthen them. In fact, it is not. Think for a minute and the conclusion will become obvious – the dog is not a rodent, not a mouse or a rabbit, and she does not need to sharpen her teeth, since they do not grow more than they should be. That is, the dog does not need to grind teeth.

It is logical to assume that the bones will be useful to the puppy for three to six months, when in the midst of the process of changing milk teeth to permanent ones. The animal’s gums are itchy and require relief from chewing. Since household items for this purpose are not suitable, it is best to deal with the problem of sugar stones. So the use of bones will be justified only in this case.

What Are Dangerous Bones For A Dog?

The dog’s gastric juice is very concentrated and able to digest hard bones. This is true, but only with a perfectly healthy, young and strong dog. Toddlers, pregnant and lactating females, sick, weak and old dogs have problems with digesting any food and it is simply criminal to load the body with bones.

What Are Dangerous Bones For A Dog?

Veterinarians are often faced with the problem of overflowing the stomach with undigested bones, which interfere with the passage of food, causing bloat. Systematic feeding with such a product leads to alternation of diarrhea and constipation in a dog. And sharp solid bone fragments pierce the esophagus, stomach and intestines, and in this case, urgent surgical assistance is required.

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What bones can be given to a dog and vice versa

Now let’s take a closer look at the peculiarities of the bones of different animals, raw or boiled, in order to understand what benefit or harm to the dog will be from their use:

  1. Beef bones – This is the only such product, which is loyal physicians. In addition to the low percentage of fat on them, raw beef bones are quite hard and the dog will not be able to gnaw them. So large unseparated joints or beef tail can be good fun for a puppy during a tooth change. But boiled beef bones can not be given. They are softer and the dog will easily fill their stomachs.
    What Are Dangerous Bones For A Dog?
  2. Pork bones – a product that is similar to beef, but only in the whole form, provided that all fat is cut from them. Boiled pig bones can not be given – they burst when biting and have sharp corners that can perforate the gastrointestinal tract.
  3. Lamb bones – unwanted product in the menu. They have a high fat content and are not perceived by the animal. It is better to abandon them in favor of beef.
  4. Turkey bones officially recognized as unfit for consumption by dogs. The exception is the neck, which contain soft round bones not harmful to health. Indyuschuy bones, more precisely – the neck, can be used both raw and boiled. But the legs, beloved by many owners of animals, can not be given. They often contain salmonella, dangerous to the health of the dog.
    What Are Dangerous Bones For A Dog?
  5. Rabbit bones tubular, identical to the bird’s bones. When they get into the esophagus, they easily hurt him, and I can pierce the stomach or intestines of the animal. Because such a product is banned in dogs.
  6. Chicken bones – one of the most dangerous for the dog. They are hollow and form many sharp, long twigs when cracked. They cause perforation of any section of the gastrointestinal tract of an animal and feeding with such products is fraught with even the death of a pet. Chicken bones must be safely disposed of so that the dog cannot find them. The chicken legs are also not needed by the dog – they have sharp claws, and using them in raw form puts the dog at risk of getting sick with dangerous salmonellosis.
  7. Fish bones most dangerous to the animal. Already one of their appearance suggests that such bones, and the fish as a whole, should not be given to the dog either raw or boiled. If you start giving fish bones to dogs, this will immediately lead the animal to the vet’s operating table, as they injure the larynx, getting stuck there, and even cause asphyxiation.
    What Are Dangerous Bones For A Dog?
  8. Boiled bones not useful to any animal, whether it is a dachshund or a St. Bernard. During cooking, the bone becomes softer and more easily bite, followed by ingestion. And as a dog, for the most part, loves bones more than anything, it can harm its health from greed. It is categorically unacceptable to cook the dog porridge with bones, but the bone broth will be suitable and even useful to the animal.
  9. Raw bones can be given as a whole, when the risk of being minimized is minimized. This toy is useful for a puppy, but after a change of teeth delicacy it is better to gradually stop giving it to the baby due to the minimum nutritional value.
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What can replace bones?

What Are Dangerous Bones For A Dog?

If you are the owner of a yard dog who eats only porridge with bones, since this is the cheapest and simplest option of feeding, then there is a way out even from this deplorable situation. The bones in this case can be replaced with a meat trim, consisting of lived, tendons, cartilage and second-grade pieces of meat. It will be much more nutritious and safer for Barbosa.

What Are Dangerous Bones For A Dog?

For those who believe that a dog with a bone cleans teeth from plaque, which leads to the formation of tartar, there is also an alternative. In part, this is true, but if we compare the benefits and harm from the use of these products, the harm will be great, and you can clean the canines with the help of special silicone and gelatin toys for dogs, which are made for this purpose. Do not forget about brushing your teeth.

What Are Dangerous Bones For A Dog?

Go ahead to learn about the nutritional value of bones. It turns out that whatever bones would be given to the dog, they are practically of no use to the animal. The calorie content of the bones is very low, there are no useful vitamins in them, however, there is a sufficient amount of phosphorus and calcium, which are so necessary for a dog, especially a large one. However, to risk the health of the animal for the sake of this dubious benefit is impossible. It is better to buy inexpensive meat and bone meal, which is added to the daily diet and it will be a more sensible solution.

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What Are Dangerous Bones For A Dog?

If you still doubt whether you can give bones to a dog, then throw doubts away. The bones will not bring benefits, but they may well undermine health and even kill an animal. So why take a conscious risk? It is better to feed your pet high-quality products that are only good health and prolong the longevity of the dog.

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