What A TV Receiver Is For What

What A TV Receiver Is For What

In 2013, the second multiplex began its work, which led to an increase in the number of television channels available for viewing. Their number increased to 20 broadcast and 3 radio stations. This moment was a turning point and led to the end of the era of analog broadcasting.

But to watch TV broadcast in digital quality, a special device is required. a receiver. Almost all modern TVs have a built-in TV tuner, so they do not require the purchase of an additional receiver. But devices that were manufactured several years ago, in order to improve the quality of their broadcasting, need to purchase a digital set-top box.

What is a digital TV receiver? For it it is necessary and what advantages does it have? Today we will tell you about this in detail.

Why do I need a TV receiver?

We talked about the importance of the receiver for the TV in the modern world. What is this, however, not everyone knows. This is a small compact device that receives TV signal in DVB T2 format. In its appearance, the prefix resembles a regular player.

But in terms of functionality and broadcast quality, they are not inferior to digital and satellite, and the only difference is the number of available channels. Currently, their number does not exceed 23, including 20 broadcasting and 3 radio stations. However, the third multiplex will soon work, and 3D and HD channels will be added to this list.

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The prefix is ​​used to decode the signal supplied from the antenna to the TV input. The device itself is connected using a cable, while it also requires an antenna, so before you buy it, you should evaluate the location of the equipment and all additional devices.

So, why do you need a receiver for a TV? The prefix allows you to improve the quality of broadcasting. When you connect the receiver, the quality and clarity of the image, the purity and saturation of the sound are significantly improved, and various interference and other disadvantages inherent in analog broadcasting disappear.

Other advantages of the digital set-top box are:

  • ease of operation;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • lack of a monthly fee.

To receive a signal, the receiver only needs a regular indoor antenna, which is capable of operating in the range of 50-100 km. It is this factor that distinguishes the DVB T2 broadcast format from the previously popular IPTV, for the connection of which it was necessary to lay cables.

Features and functionality of the receiver

The prefix is ​​designed to receive high-quality digital TV signal. However, today many manufacturing companies offer a wide range of equipment, which greatly facilitates the choice. In addition to television broadcasting, the receiver can be used for other tasks:

  • temporarily suspend broadcasting;
  • connect a flash card and play videos, music and photos.

In addition to additional options, consoles have different technical capabilities:

  • Teletext
  • TV guide
  • subtitles
  • surround sound;
  • Internet access
  • synchronization of the time of the set-top box with digital broadcasting.

Thanks to such a wide range of possibilities, today anyone can choose a digital receiver based on their requirements and preferences. The three most popular manufacturing companies on the market are BBK, Rolsen, as well as iconBIT. They offer high-quality and reliable products that can serve their owners for more than one year.

Whether a receiver is needed or not today everyone decides independently. The cost of these devices is quite low, so even a family with a limited budget can afford them. When buying equipment, it is worth paying attention primarily to the brand, as well as functionality, additional options, ease of use.

But to purchase a set-top box for receiving digital terrestrial television should only owners of plasma and LCD TVs, as kinescopic models will not allow you to enjoy all the advantages of digital broadcasting.

Thanks to these advantages, today more and more people prefer to purchase a receiver for a TV. What is this device we told you, so you should not have any questions when buying it.