What A Muzzle To Choose For A Dog

What A Muzzle To Choose For A Dog

In what situations can one do without a muzzle?

  • Travel with a pet in public transport;
  • Visit to the veterinary clinic;
  • During education and training;
  • Protecting the dog, picking up any nastiness from the ground,
  • Protection against infections and poisoning;
  • A must-have accessory for large dogs, when walking in crowded places.

Mesh metal muzzle for dogs.

Quite often, the choice of owners of large and dangerous breeds of dogs stops on a metal mesh muzzle. It is made of special steel wire. This view is perfectly breathable; the dog can drink in it. Only at low temperatures, you need to wear a leather insert, so as not to frost the lips and nose of the animal. Also, leather lining is recommended for dogs that do not have a thick coat of wool (for example, Rottweiler or Great Dane). It is important to regularly inspect the metal muzzle for damage, to eliminate the possibility of injury to the animal.

Deaf leather muzzle for dogs.

What A Muzzle To Choose For A Dog

For training, and sometimes walking with a knowingly dangerous dog, use a deaf leather muzzle, which can only have an armhole for the nose, or be covered with many small vents. Such a muzzle eliminates the possibility of bites, picking up debris from the ground, it can be used in the cold, it does not rub the face. But in such a muzzle the dog will breathe uncomfortably in hot weather and during long and exhausting training.

Leather muzzle basket for dogs.

Leather basket muzzle – more recently, was the most popular muzzle for gentle dogs. The animal is comfortable in it in any weather, and the people around who see the dog in a muzzle feel safe. But this type of muzzle is not wear-resistant, does not exclude the possibility of being bitten and picking up debris from the ground, and it also requires special care due to the fact that the skin becomes coarse under the action of saliva and can hurt the dog.

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Plastic muzzle for dogs.

Owners of sports dogs during training with their four-legged wards more often than other models use plastic muzzles, which are lightweight and allows the dog to breathe freely. For everyday wear such a muzzle is not suitable, again because of its fragility.

Nylon muzzle for dogs.

Nylon soft muzzles can often be seen on dogs of small and medium breeds. This accessory fits snugly a dog’s face and is ideal for visits to the vet or travel in public transport.

Muzzle bridle or halter for dogs.

What A Muzzle To Choose For A Dog

In addition to these most popular types of muzzles, there are special models, for example, for dogs with a shortened face or muzzles-bridles, it is absolutely contraindicated for walking with an aggressive dog, but suitable for transportation of a good-natured pet in public transport. By the way on the halter it is good to work out the command “Near”.

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