We Get Acquainted With Such A Necessary Accessory – Like A Muzzle And Learn To Do It Yourself!

The requirements of the law call on dog breeders of small and large pets to wear muzzles on their pets. In order for a pet to feel comfortable with this accessory, it is important to choose it correctly. For owners of small breeds it is sometimes easier to make a muzzle for a dog with your own hands.

What is the muzzle of the dog

Not all owners of four-legged friends favor this accessory. Of course, I want freedom for my pet. However, in a noisy city, it is sometimes difficult to predict the reaction of a dog to external stimuli. When traveling in transport, visit the vet, walk in crowded places, it is better to wear it. Moreover, this is required by law.

A bonus to the calmness of the host and others will be the inability of the animal to pick up some filth from the ground. This is a concern for the health of the four-legged friend.

Law regarding wearing a muzzle

Walking your pet without a muzzle and a leash in a public place, it should be remembered that responsibility is provided for this. Since 2011, a draft federal law “On Responsible Treatment of Animals” has been considered. To date, however, the law has not been passed. Now the regulation of this issue is carried out at the level of the subjects of the Russian Federation.

We Get Acquainted With Such A Necessary Accessory - Like A Muzzle And Learn To Do It Yourself!

Teach your pet to walk in a muzzle

In order for a dog to calmly wear a muzzle, it is necessary regularly, but gradually to accustom her to it. A pet should have positive associations with this item. Therefore, it is important in the process of habituation not to scold, not to frighten the dog, to encourage with words and delicacy. Not the last role is played by the convenience of the model.

The best time to get used to the muzzle is six months old. To begin with, the pet needs to be given it to look, smell. The next time you need to put inside a treat. When the dog gets used, you can briefly zip up. And so to addictive. The main thing is not to forget to constantly encourage your four-legged friend.

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We Get Acquainted With Such A Necessary Accessory - Like A Muzzle And Learn To Do It Yourself!

Tips for choosing

The choice of dog accessories on the market is great. Manufacturers produce models for different breeds, ages, from various materials. So that the pet is more likely to get used to the muzzle and does not experience discomfort, it is necessary to choose the model that suits it.

The first thing to look out for is size. It is better, of course, to try it on the dog itself. But for short dogs, such as pugs, you can safely use a cat muzzle. Pet will feel very comfortable in it.

However, if this is not possible, measurements should be taken. It is important to remember that muzzles should not be too tight to the face of the animal. It should be possible to open your mouth, chew a treat, stick out your tongue. Also, the dog must breathe freely in it, otherwise heat stroke may occur.

Material and specific type depends on the size, breed of pet, time of year, as well as the purpose of its application. For example, the metal model is very durable, but not suitable for winter and can rub the face. In addition, the animal can harm them not only themselves but also others. After all, if there is no opportunity to bite, it will beat the muzzle. Design ideas will be able to make the product unusual and interesting.

For large breeds

Speaking about the need for muzzles, the law primarily means large breed dogs. It is they who, due to their individual characteristics, represent a great danger. When choosing a muzzle for such an animal, you need to combine the convenience and durability of the product. Plastic models are considered to be the easiest and most convenient. However, representatives of large breeds, if desired, can break them.

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Special strength are different metal products. For large breeds, such are most often recommended. But they are quite heavy, tough and can be rubbed with the wrong size. In addition, they are not comfortable in frosty weather. Therefore, it is desirable to choose a combined model of metal and other materials.

For walking most often choose leather mesh muzzles. They meet the criteria of convenience and strength, air exchange in them is not broken. However, it is more difficult to care for them, because the skin absorbs the saliva of the animal. In the end, what options the host decides to choose, the law does not impose any restrictions on this matter.

We Get Acquainted With Such A Necessary Accessory - Like A Muzzle And Learn To Do It Yourself!

For small breeds

Owners of pets of small breeds, as a rule, are not perplexed by the choice of such an accessory. Moreover, the law does not require this from the owners of small pets. They believe that their little ones cannot harm anyone. However, when traveling in public transport, a visit to the vet and in some other cases it may be necessary.

There is no need to acquire metal or thick leather muzzles for a small dog. It is better to choose plastic, soft models. Some owners of small dogs prefer to make muzzles on their own.

We Get Acquainted With Such A Necessary Accessory - Like A Muzzle And Learn To Do It Yourself!

Making a muzzle with your own hands

Despite the huge selection of models, to find a suitable, especially small size, it can be difficult. The way out is to sew a muzzle for the dog with your own hands. Make it not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. The homemade version is sewn from fabric or leather and takes into account all the anatomical features of the four-legged friend.

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To start making a homemade model, you need to take measurements. It is necessary to measure the distance from the tip of the nose to the eyes, the distance from the nose to the occiput, the circumference of the protruding part of the muzzle. After that, you need to make a pattern. It is better to sew it from individual strips to ensure free air exchange.

Option for winter can be from a solid piece of fabric trapezoidal shape. Connecting all the details, you must sew a strap and a buckle. Then try on the finished product to the pet.

We Get Acquainted With Such A Necessary Accessory - Like A Muzzle And Learn To Do It Yourself!

What is the advantage of homemade accessories?

Making such an accessory independently, the owner takes into account all the features of his dog and sews the product to its size. Having available fabric, threads, straps, a fastener and a sewing machine, you can sew a convenient accessory to your pet. Showing imagination, you can also make it exclusive.

Designer Muzzles

We Get Acquainted With Such A Necessary Accessory - Like A Muzzle And Learn To Do It Yourself!

With teeth

Especially popular are the models with teeth or as they are also called “fry”. True muzzle with a terrible grin, and often with painted blood, only scare others. The accessory, called upon to instill calm and a sense of security, in this case will not fulfill its function. And someone can scare. However, the law of the ban on their wearing has not yet introduced.

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