Watering Materials For Dogs

Watering Materials For Dogs
Watering Materials For Dogs

Watering Materials For Dogs
Watering Materials For Dogs

The presence of fluids in the diet of dogs is as necessary as the rest of the food. Many breeders mistakenly believe that drinking trough is not a fundamental thing, and old dishes are quite suitable for water. Such a mistake can lead to damage to the mouth of the dog, because the edge of glassware can have chips and cracks.

To purchase a drinker for a dog, you need to approach responsibly, given the size of the pet, his character, physiological features and even the length of the coat. What Dog Watering Materials are Best for You?

Types of drinkers for dogs. How to choose a drinker

When choosing a drinker in the first place you should pay attention to the sides of the bowl. They must be high, it will prevent spilling of water.

In addition, you should consider the size of the dog. Breeds of small sizes should choose smaller dishes. If the dog is large, and its growth is great, get a large size drinker with stand included, for the most comfortable use.

For dogs with long ears and hair, tall drinkers with narrowed sides will suit. This will protect the wool from falling into the water. Breeds with breeds should purchase a non-spill bowl.

Types of dog drinkers

The types of drinkers for dogs can vary both in design and in the materials from which they are made. The most common option. drinking bowls made of plastic, ceramic or metal. Bowls – non-sprinkling can be convenient not only for the dog, but also for its owner. After all, even when falling, the liquid does not pour out of it.

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If you have to travel in company with a pet, be sure to purchase a travel drinker. Very convenient, but unfortunately expensive, are automatic drinkers for dogs. Such a device at the specified time and in the specified amount will supply the pet with water, which comes from a special tank.

Which drinker to choose?

Drinking bowls made of plastic – the most budgetary option, in addition, they are safe, but, unfortunately, such drinkers are short-lived and unstable.

Drinkers made of metal resistant and designed for long-term use. Some options are equipped with rubber feet or lining on the bottom, which ensures their immobility.

Many breeders choose drinkers made from ceramics. They are stable, and their design is very diverse.

If the purchased drinker does not seem to be stable enough, it can be supplemented with a rubber mat that will protect the drinker from slipping on the floor.

Whichever drinker you choose, remember that it should always be filled with water and accessible to the dog. Lack of water can adversely affect the dog’s body and lead to intoxication, since it is with the help of water that the harmful substances are removed from the dog’s body.

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