Watch On Locked Screen Honor 10

Level of difficulty: for beginners. The smartphone’s lock screen plays the role of a kind of hallway, which we usually quickly slip through and go to the main interface of the system. At the same time, your lockscreen can play a much more important role than just being the place for a beautiful picture or entering a password. In this article, we will talk about the main features of the Windows Phone lock screen, as well as additional programs that can significantly expand its functionality.

Basic settings

The Windows Phone lock screen has a fairly wide range of features as standard. For example, he can display the number of missed calls and messages, weather forecasts, upcoming events from the calendar, new emails. Consider the main functions of the lock Phone Windows Phone in more detail.

Watch On Locked Screen Honor 10

To access the settings of the lock screen, you need to go to the general settings of the smartphone, and then select “Lock screen”.

The top position in the lockscreen settings is occupied by the desktop background image options. In the drop-down list you can choose a slideshow from the photos on the device, pictures of the Bing service (change once a day) or weather display. In the latter case, the background will correspond to the current weather conditions, and a brief forecast for three days will be displayed in the upper part of the lockscreen.

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Video: Watch On Locked Screen Honor 10

In addition to the current time and date, which are displayed in large white font on the lock screen, you can display a detailed notification from one of the applications you are interested in. It may contain the header of a new letter, the name and number of the caller who called you, the nearest task from the calendar, and so on. The list of applications that can display their information on the Windows Phone lock screen, which by default consists of only a few names, can be expanded after installing additional programs.

At the very bottom of the lockscreen, we see another series of indicators that display brief information from the programs of interest to us. As a rule, it is convenient to place the number of missed calls, the number of new text messages and letters, the current battery level, and so on. The list of these indicators can also be expanded by installing additional programs.

Watch On Locked Screen Honor 10

To ensure the security of data on your device, you can protect access to it with a password. Please note that it is possible to set the password retry time from 30 seconds to 30 minutes. This will allow you not to enter a digital combination too often.

Additional programs

In addition to the standard functions that we described above, there are a sufficient number of programs designed to display various additional information or automatically change the background image of the lock screen.

Lock manager free

This application can serve as a replacement for the standard lock screen and has the following functions:

  • weather with a five-day forecast and detailed information about the current state;
  • calendar with current tasks;
  • Demonstration of reminders of the built-in task manager;
  • battery charge status;
  • slideshow of images contained in the specified album gallery of the device.

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