Video From Iphone Cannot Play On Computer

Welcome all! It often happens that Windows cannot open a video file, or when it is played, only sound is heard, and there is no picture (most often, the player simply displays a black screen).

Typically, this problem occurs after reinstalling Windows (also when updating it), or when buying a new computer.

The video does not play on the computer because the system does not have the required codec (each video file is encoded with its own codec, and if it is not on the computer, you will not be able to see the picture)! By the way, you hear sound (usually) because Windows already has the necessary codec for recognizing it (for example, MP3).

Logically, in order to fix this, there are two ways: installing codecs, or a video player in which these codecs are already built. Let’s talk about each of the ways.

Codec installation: what to choose and how to install (typical questions)

Now on the network you can find dozens (if not hundreds) of different codecs, sets (sets) of codecs from different manufacturers. Very often, in addition to installing the codecs themselves, various advertising add-ons are installed on your Windows OS (which is not good).

I recommend using the following codecs (when installing, nevertheless, pay attention to the checkmarks):

In my opinion, one of the best sets of codecs for a computer is the K-Lite Codec Pack (the very first codec from the link above). Below in the article I want to consider how to install it correctly (so that all videos on the computer are played and edited).

Correct installation of the K-Lite Codec Pack

On the official site page (and I recommend downloading codecs from it, and not from torrent trackers) several versions of codecs (standart, basic, etc.) will be presented. You must select the full (Mega) set.

Video From Iphone Cannot Play On Computer

Fig. 1. Mega codec set

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Next, you need to select the mirror link, by which you download the set (the file is downloaded well for users from Russia using the second “mirror”).

Fig. 2. Download K-Lite Codec Pack Mega

It is important to install all the codecs that are in the downloaded set. Not all users put checkmarks in the right places, so even after installing such sets, they do not play video. And all is simply due to the fact that they did not check the box, opposite the necessary codecs!

A few screenshots to make everything clear. First, select the advanced mode during installation so that you can control each step of the program (Advanced mode).

Fig. 3. Advanced mode

I recommend that you select this option during installation: " Lots of sruff "(See Fig. 4). It is in this version that the largest number of codecs are set in automatic mode. All the most common will definitely be with you, and you can easily open the video.

Fig. 4. Lots of stuff

It would not be superfluous to also agree to the association of video files with one of the best and fastest players. Media Player classic.

Fig. 5. Association with Media Player Classic (a more advanced player relative to Windows Media Player)

In the next installation step, it will be possible to choose which files to associate (i.e. open by clicking on them) in Media Player Classic.

Fig. 6. The choice of formats

Choosing a video player with built-in codecs

Another interesting solution to the problem when the video does not play on the computer is to install KMP Player (link below). The most interesting point is that for its work you can not install codecs in your system: all the most common ones come with this player!

I have a blog post (not so long ago) with popular players that work without codecs (i.e. all the necessary codecs are already in them). Here, you can find it (here you will find, including the KMP Player):

The note will be useful to those who did not fit KMP Player for one reason or another.

The installation process itself is standard, but just in case, I will give a few screenshots of its installation and configuration.

First, download the executable file and run it. Next, select the settings and type of installation (see. Fig. 7).

Fig. 7. The KMPlayer Setup.

The place where the program is installed. By the way, it will require about 100mb.

Fig. 8. Installation location

After installation, the program will automatically start.

Fig. 9. The KMPlayer. the main program window

If suddenly, the files do not automatically open in KMP Player, then right-click on the video file and click on properties. Next, in the “application” column, click on the “change” button (see Fig. 10).

Fig. 10. Video file properties

Select KMP Player.

Fig. 11. The default player is selected

Now all video files of this type will automatically open in KMP Player. And this, in turn, means that now you can easily watch the vast majority of films and videos downloaded from the Internet (and not only from there :))