Useful Programs For Iphone 6 Plus No

Useful Programs For Iphone 6 Plus No

So you have the new iPhone in your hands. Maybe this is your first iPhone, maybe this is your third smartphone. In any case, now you are looking for any excuse how to use this attractive piece of metal in the best way. And the best way is to use the best apps developed for iOS 10. We’ve put them all together in this article.

The best and easiest email program: Microsoft Outlook

If you are looking for a third-party email program that is easy to use, has a built-in calendar and is quite “advanced” while notifying you of important emails that have arrived, then Microsoft Outlook is what you are looking for. I really like her featured mailbox feature, which lists letters that the program considers important to me (and usually it’s right).

Best feature set mailer from a third-party developer: Dispatch

Dispatch mailer will provide you with a full set of functions for processing a huge number of incoming letters. quickly and efficiently. Swipe gestures will help you send a letter to either the archive or leave it on the waiting list. When replying to a letter, the corresponding lines are filled in automatically. Dispatch can also slightly automate some of the processes. For example, you can select an email and forward it to Trello. Or convert it to PDF and add iBooks to your library.

The best program for Twitter from a third-party developer: Tweetbot 4

If you want to work comfortably with the Twitter service without annoying advertising, then the Tweetbot program is suitable for you, with a nice interface and just the best program to date. I really like her variable bookmark bar, look, 3D Touch gestures, and overall good impression.

Best third-party paid camera software: Manual

IOS 10 now provides RAW format support. In addition, the iPhone 7 is one of the best in its class. If you take advantage of these two advantages, then the next time you do not want to take a SLR camera with you on the road. If this is your case, then the Manual program will allow you to shoot in RAW format and control all shooting parameters: from choosing the ISO sensitivity, shutter speed, choosing the focus point and many other parameters. And all this combined with a simple, minimalistic interface.

Best free photo editing software: Vsco

If you prefer to use the capabilities of the Instagram program for editing photos, but would like to get more options and more control over the process itself, then take a look at the VSCO program. Perhaps the program has a too “sophisticated and artistic” interface, but if you learn how to use it, then the result of simple movements of your fingers may result in the appearance of another “masterpiece”.

The best paid program for editing photos: Enlight

If you need a program for creating professional photos that contains a complete toolkit. from filters and the ability to add annotations to the ability to combine two photos, then simply purchase the Enlight program.

The best free program for reading RSS feed news: Feedly

If you are attached to reading RSS feeds, then most likely you are using Feedly to synchronize your subscriptions. And if it comes to a free program for reading RSS feeds on iPhone, Feedly is the best.

Best Paid Reader RSS feed news: Reeder 3

If you’re not sorry to spend 5, then Reeder is undoubtedly the best paid program for reading RSS news on iPhone. The program has a nice interface for reading news, which can also be customized to your taste. There is a very attractive mode for reading in the dark, there is support for 3D Touch, which allows you to read the first paragraph without opening the article itself.

The best program for reading news on social networks: Nuzzel

Too much reading material. The Nuzzel program monitors the publications of the people you follow and puts them on the top for reading. Nuzzel only displays articles that have been posted on Facebook or Twitter and posted there by the authors you are tracking.

The best program for deferred reading: Pocket

Using the capabilities of the Pocket program allows you to save articles from the Internet for reading in more convenient and enjoyable conditions, without advertising. Previously, I used the capabilities of the Instapaper program (mainly because of the excellently designed interface and the ability to select text), but this program won a place in my heart. Synchronization is faster and the Recommendations tab helps you find more reading material.

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The best process automation program: Workflow

If we are talking about getting a short card for quickly switching to the Uber homepage, or automating the process for mass resizing photos, then there is only one program that can handle this. Workflow. With the Workflow program, all you need to do is arrange the action blocks one by one, then combine them and the program will do the rest for you.

The best widget launcher: Launcher

IOS 10 now offers widgets on a locked screen. Using Launcher, you can perform amazing actions such as launching applications, using the Settings shortcuts, making calls to contacts, sending tweets, and even controlling the Philips Hue bulb.

The best and simple program “Plancer: Clear

If you are looking for a simple “scheduler” program with minimal features, then use the Clear program. It works only by using swipe gestures, which is sometimes difficult to get used to. But if you get used to it, you can see how quickly you can perform some actions in the program.

Best Free Scheduler Program: Todoist

If you are looking for a cross-platform “scheduler” program where many other services are integrated, then try Todoist.

Best Currency Converter: Stacks 2

I really like to use the Stacks 2 widget to convert currencies on a locked screen. A very lively program with a great interface.

Best text editor: 1Writer

If you are looking for a quick text editor with functional options, which in addition can synchronize with Dropbox services, has night mode and supports process automation, then there is nothing better than 1Writer. If you have an iPad, then 1Writer works great in dual-window mode.

Best Bookmarking Software:

There are still few cross-platform programs for working with Internet bookmarks that would have a good interface and just work. The program has all of the listed features. Their development for iOS looks great. In addition, there is a separate application for Mac OS X, as well as extensions for Chrome and Safari.

The best time tracking software: Hours Time Tracking

If you need a simple time tracking program, you can try the free Hours program. Create a project, a list of tasks, and with a simple click proceed to counting time. It is possible to mark projects in different colors. The same app for Apple Watch is a quick and convenient way to track time spent.

Best third-party keyboard layout: Gboard by google

Third-party iOS keyboard layouts are still far from perfect. But worth a try Gboard. You can search for something on Google, transfer the links of the results to a text editor. You can search for GIF-images, as well as the proposed emoticons are displayed on the layout.

Best Third Party Podcast Program: Overcast

If you want to try the program for listening to podcasts from third-party developers, then try the Overcast program. It is completely free and very easy to use. Advanced users should like the playlist creation feature. Smart Smart Speed ​​reduces pause time and speeds up episode listening times.

Best Cost Tracking Software: Spendee

Spendee is the best program for quickly recording your expenses. You can set budget parameters, and then manually enter your expenses. Spendee generates charts to quickly evaluate your financial situation. You can create different wallets and budgets for different expense items (you will need a paid subscription).

Best clipboard manager: Copied

Copied is the best clipboard content management application for both iOS and macOS. Due to limitations in iOS, Copied cannot automatically write the contents of the clipboard. To facilitate the process, it is proposed to use the program widget. The program itself offers a choice of any contents of the clipboard. You can combine them, switch between them and much more.

Best Song Lyrics Search Software: Musixmatch

IOS 10 standard Apple Music has a built-in search function lyrics, but I prefer to use the Musixmatch program. First of all, because it is possible to synchronize and highlight lyrics. And secondly, the program widget allows you to see the lyrics on the device’s locked screen.

Best Timer Program: Due 2

This is the best Timer program for those who are very concerned about the flow of time. You can set any number of timers and delay their operation indefinitely. 3D Touch gestures let you quickly set new timers.

Best Data Tracking Software: Dataman Next

If you need to monitor the amount of data transmitted over 4G networks and set a limiter for yourself in order to avoid overpaying for data transfer in excess of the set limit, then use the DataMan Next program. After you indicate to the program your tariff plan and the time period for updating it, the program will monitor the data transfer and will promptly alert you if the limit is exceeded. The program widget also allows you to quickly monitor data transfer.

Best video player: VLC for mobile

The VLC program is the most convenient way to view videos of any format (as well as to listen to uncompressed audio files in FLAC format). The program itself is free and provides a wireless way to transfer files from a computer to a device. VLC also recognizes Plex servers in the home network and other formats for local data transmission over networks.

Best Password Manager: 1Password

If you are looking for the best way to store passwords and data of your credit cards, but not on third-party servers, but either on your device or in your Dropbox service account, use 1Password. Using the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, the program provides easy access to stored password entries.

The best weather forecast software: Dark sky

If you are not already in the subject, then this program will quickly turn you into a fan of tracking weather reports. The program displays any weather data of your location. You can choose which weather data to display on the screen (the widget also works fine). Full-screen mode by default displays infographics and provides easy reading of information.

The best tracker for TV programs: Teeveee

I love TeeVee for its ease of use. You add the program you are interested in and the program’s home screen displays all upcoming issues in the order of broadcasting. When using 3D Touch, you get all the information regarding the name of the episode and its description. You can mark the episode as already viewed and scroll through the entire transfer catalog. The program allows you to set an alarm that will warn you about the start of the transfer in 30 minutes.

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