Updates For Lenovo Vibe Phone

When buying a smartphone, you always need to be prepared for the fact that you have to reflash it. If you, of course, intend to use it for a long time. As a rule, software updates are required for devices that have been operating for more than 1-2 years. There may be several reasons for reflashing.

The most common is the so-called software clutter. This happens because Android is an open operating system, because of this it collects a lot of garbage from the Internet and even Play Market. Unnecessary hidden files accumulate, and after that the system starts to slow down a lot. You can try to clean the device, but there comes a time when this does not help, then you just need to update the software.

Updates For Lenovo Vibe Phone

Another reason could be viruses. When downloading content from the Internet, it is very easy to get malicious files. Sometimes they are easily treated with an antivirus program or sweep, but there are viruses that cannot be eliminated. This happens when a malicious file has entered the system, and from there no antivirus program will get it. In such cases, only flashing helps.

Regardless of what the cause of the flashing is, it runs the same way. The process of updating the operating system is very difficult for many users. This is due to the usual ignorance of the matter or the fear of spoiling the smartphone. But if you strictly follow our instructions, the Lenovo A526 firmware will be successful.

Preparing the device for firmware

Before proceeding with the software update, you need to carry out some preparatory work to get the desired result, and not harm the smartphone.

First, it is recommended to copy all the device data to a USB flash drive or computer. When changing the software, photos, music, videos, documents and more will be deleted. In all applications installed with the Play Store, you should bind to your Google account (if possible) so as not to lose data in them.

After that, charge your smartphone, preferably 100%. If this is not possible, then flashing it while charging less than 20% is not worth it, because if the device is discharged during the reinstallation of the software, you will get a “brick” (the system will not have time to change and nothing will be done).

If you want to update the software using a computer, be sure to install the SP Flash Tools program. It is needed to install firmware on smartphones with MTK processors.

Driver installation

To work with the SP Flash Tools program, you need to install hardware drivers for Lenovo A526 so that the application works correctly. There are several ways to do this.

The easiest is to download the MediaTek PreLoader USB VCOM Port script. It will allow you to quickly install the necessary drivers for working with MTK processors. But, of course, not everything is so smooth, because often the program may not work. Then the manual method comes to the rescue.

First you need to find software on the Internet. After that we proceed to the installation. First you need to remove the battery from the smartphone, and connect it to the PC, and then put the battery in place. After that, one of two labels will appear in the device manager: either the label will appear “Unknown device”, or “COM and LPT ports”.

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Such an inscription appears only for a couple of seconds, so it will be a difficult task to have time to click on it. If this did not work out the first time, then you will have to try again. Right-click on the label and then open the properties.
In the properties window in the drivers tab, click the “Refresh“. After that, a window will open in which you need to click on “Search for drivers on this computer“. Click the button “Install from disk » and indicate the path to the file with the drivers that was downloaded from the Internet.

After we press “Further” and “Install“.

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Factory Recovery

The easiest way to flashing a smartphone is through mode recovery (engineering menu). This is something like BIOS, only in a mobile phone. If you just need to return the software to a state like out of the box, then the most common reset to the factory settings will help.

For firmware in this way you need to download the firmware. It is imperative that this be the official version. You can find one by simply entering into the browser “Lenovo A526 firmware download”. This is necessary, since with the custom version there is a chance of not getting a successful completion of the process. The installation file must have the zip extension and the name update. If the name, or even more the resolution, is different, the file is most likely damaged, and you should not try to install it. In no case do not open or change anything in the file. You need to place the firmware file on the memory card, otherwise the smartphone will not see it.

Now you can start updating the software. It has already been said above that before flashing, be sure to charge the device, preferably completely. This is necessary just for reinstallation in this way, because if the battery runs out at the time of the firmware, you will receive a non-working device that cannot be restored.

Updates For Lenovo Vibe Phone

So, first you need to go into recovery mode. To do this, turn off the smartphone. Then hold down the volume up key and the power button for 5-7 seconds (until the phone vibrates). After that, you will enter Recovery Mode. In it, find the item “Apply update from external SD card », now select the package named update.zip. After clicking on it, the files will begin to be copied. After they are copied, select “Reboot system now ». That’s basically all, the device will reboot, and you can enjoy the updated device.

Firmware via SP Flash Tool

This part of the manual is useful for those who do not know how to flash Lenovo A526 through a computer. Everything is quite simple, but you can not leave the instructions. If you press something wrong, you can make the smartphone inoperative.

First you need to download a special firmware that is suitable for the program SP Flash Tool. You can find it on the Internet by writing in the browser “Lenovo A526 firmware download for free for the SP Flash Tool.”

Updates For Lenovo Vibe Phone

You need to unzip the downloaded firmware and go into the SP Flash Tool. There you need to select “Scatter-loading » and specify the path to the file MT6582_scatter_W1315V15V111.txt. It is located in the folder with the downloaded firmware. After you have done all this, the necessary fields with information about the device’s memory will be filled with information.

On the right in the window you need to check all the fields and click “Download »(top of screen), after which the application will wait for the moment when you connect the smartphone. Connect the smartphone to the computer by removing the battery before. The firmware download will start after you insert the battery into the device.

The main thing is not to touch the device while reinstalling the firmware, since this can disrupt the process. In no case do not disconnect the smartphone from the PC and do not press any buttons on the device. The program has a bar that fills as the process advances, so that you understand how much more you have to wait.

After completing the firmware, a green circle will light up in the program, after which the device can be disconnected.

Updates For Lenovo Vibe Phone

Firmware via modified recovery

Modified recovery is needed in order to install unofficial firmware. This is necessary if you need firmware for Lenovo A526 version of Android above 4.2.2. Since the phone has not been manufactured for a long time, the manufacturer does not develop new versions of the OS for it. But you can’t do this with the usual method.

Now you need to download TWRP recovery from the Internet. You can install it using the SP Flash Tool.

Updates For Lenovo Vibe Phone

We go into the SP Flash Tool program, and load the scatter file into it, which can be found in the image of the modified recovery file downloaded from the Internet.

After we put a tick on the item “Recovery » and after we indicate the path to TWRP.img. After we press the button “Download » and connect a smartphone without a battery to a PC. We insert the battery to start the installation process. After installation, perform the following steps.

Now you need to go into custom recovery. To do this, you need to press the same combination of buttons as for conventional mode recovery (volume up button, power button) for 5-7 seconds.

After you get into the modified menu, you need to perform all the same actions as with regular firmware through the official Recovery Mode. But before that, you need to perform the Wipe Data procedure and uncheck the “Zip file signature verification“In the tab”Install“.

Remember that such custom versions have many disadvantages that make the operation of the device difficult. Weigh the pros and cons before proceeding with the flashing of the software of your smartphone.

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