Update Nokia 6700 Classic Nokia Bl 6q

We live in the most beautiful country in the world, and everyone else envies us. Still would! After all, it was we who learned to turn on the TV at full volume and go cook in the kitchen. It is in our country that people buy with the last money the most expensive and stylish phones to seem cooler than Timati and Jeanne Friske combined. One of these is the Nokia 6700 classic.

Update Nokia 6700 Classic Nokia Bl 6q

Russia is an ideal country for many manufacturers of portable equipment. On the one hand, Russian citizens love technological innovations. There is nothing to be done with our curiosity, it is in our blood. With another. we love everything beautiful and expensive. We are people of a wide soul. And it doesn’t matter that there is less money in your pocket than you would like. The main thing is to show that you are cooler and better than others. Need a beautiful life!

In some sense, this outwardly beautiful life can be ensured by the latest Nokia 6700 classic, which was in our edition. She is expensive, reliable and, moreover, brilliant! The dude is back!

The device is designed to completely replace the fashion phone Nokia 650 0 classic. Meanwhile, Nokia 6700, as well as its predecessor, is quite miniature, has a small thickness of the case. Along with this, the features of Nokia’s 8xxx-series are traced in its features: steel case, positioning on more affluent people, etc.

Sizes. Contents of delivery

The dimensions of our dudes are 109.8x45x11.2 mm. I would like to note that the mass of Nokia 6700 classic at 113 grams is invisible. The reason for this. stainless steel case finish. Metal pleasantly cools the hand, and attention switches to just that. You don’t remember the weight of the device at all. You hold the Nokia 6700 in your hands and think, “dear little thing.”

Scope of delivery includes:

  • Nokia 6700 classic phone
  • Battery BL-6Q [960 mAh Li-ion]
  • AC-8E Charger [Regular Slim Connector]
  • Stereo headset WH-203 [microUSB connector]
  • Cable for connecting to computer CA-101 [microUSB connector]
  • 1 GB microSD card
  • Instruction manual

Design, construction

Nokia 6700 classic. technological and design update of the very popular monoblock Nokia 6500 classic. Due to its small thickness and smooth lines of the case, the novelty looks very elegant and spectacular.

Most of the phone case is made of stainless steel. Depending on the color scheme, the processing of metal parts is also different. For example, in the embodiment Chrome it is a polished glossy surface. Alas, after a short time the case is covered with small scratches and scuffs. In addition, this option is the most easily soiled. In color Matt steel [brushed steel] body is more resistant to abrasion. It is much stricter and does not look so glamorous. The black. the most practical and restrained. On it, traces of use are least visible.

Most of the people who worked with the Nokia 6700 admitted that they liked the design and materials.

From the point of view of convenience and ergonomics, the model is successful. On the front side at the top there is a speaker for phone calls and a sensor that regulates the keyboard backlight. Below. 2.2 inch screen.

Below are the control keys and the main keyboard. It is worth noting that alphanumeric keyboard made of thin metal sheet. Horizontal rows of buttons delimit thin plastic strips. All keys are large enough, easy to press. All this makes the keyboard comfortable. The five-way joystick is normal with a built-in indicator light [blinks when a call is missed, an incoming SMS, etc.], it is very comfortable to work with it. Keyboard illumination in white: the symbols are clearly visible in various conditions.

The volume keys and the camera button are present on the right side edge. Presses are tight enough, but over time, the course becomes softer.

At the bottom there is a hole for connecting a charger, a microUSB connector for headphones and an interface cable and a strap holder. The remaining faces are devoid of any additional controls.

On the back of the Nokia 6700 classic is a built-in lens 5 Mpix autofocus cameras and LED flash, which can be used as a flashlight in which case. In addition to them, here you can see the speaker for playing audio files and ringtones. The volume margin is good. Missing a call is extremely difficult if you do not set the volume to minimum.

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As stated above the battery cover is made of stainless steel. It is tightly attached to the phone, which eliminates the appearance of backlash or gaps even after prolonged use. Nokia 6700 classic has a lithium-ion battery, next to which is a SIM card holder. Nearby there is a slot for microSD memory cards. Included is a 1 GB card.

Build quality Nokia 6700 classic is at the highest level. The device under test was manufactured in Hungary.

Graphical features

The model has a standard screen, typical for the latest Nokia models: 2.2 inch TFT QVGA display [Resolution 320×240 pixels], displaying 16.7 million colors. In this case, the physical resolution of the screen. 31×41 mm. In addition to standard functions, the display is equipped with CABC (Content Adaptive Brightness Control) technology, which is responsible for dynamic backlighting, depending not only on the level of lighting, but also on the running application. For example, when displaying text, the screen dims, and during games it becomes brighter. In practice, this is hardly noticeable.

For other parameters, the display is standard. It fades in the sun, but information can be read from almost any angle. Perhaps the glare from the glossy elements of the phone creates discomfort. In the sun, they reflect sunlight directly into the eyes.

Video: Update Nokia 6700 Classic Nokia Bl 6q

Interface and navigation. Functionality

Nokia 6700 classic software is platform-based S40 6th Edition. For testing, we had a phone with software version v 07.60 05-20-09 RM-470.

In standby mode, the user sees the desktop on which the operator’s name, date, time, network and battery indicators are displayed. You can activate the option “Active standby”: a vertical list displays all the functions and applications, as well as Shows the status of the music player, radio, and a list of notes for the day.

The menu of the tested phone is represented by ten items [the eleventh item is the SIM menu]. In this case, the user has the right to choose one of four options for presenting the main menu: listordinary horizontal], icons [matrix view], badges and captions [added menu item name] tabs [vertical with scroll bar]. For example, the last type seemed to us the most ergonomic option: it is possible to quickly access any item on the main menu.

In point “Messages” contains all the options and options for working with SMS, MMS, etc. This item also contains an email client, interactive chat, voice messages, and settings.

IN “Contacts” Detailed information about phone numbers and subscribers is stored. You yourself can choose one or another option for presenting data; there are also plenty of settings. You are also entitled to create an unlimited number of user groups. It is possible to synchronize contacts with Outlook.

In third position is “Journal”, where information about calls, events, GPRS sessions and even location flows. It is worth noting that with missed calls, incoming SMS or MMS, etc. a special indicator starts to blink, which is inscribed in the joystick [it looks very impressive, especially in complete darkness].

IN “Settings” Each user can personalize the mobile phone interface. In this menu item, almost all the configuration actions are concentrated. This subsection includes all options related to the operation of bluetooth, packet data transmission GPRS, UMTS, as well as data synchronization. In addition, settings for graphic themes, call melodies, display design, installed applications, and much more are also available here.

A peculiar thematic browser memory phone is “Gallery”. All files are divided into folders: photos, clips, music, themes, graphics, signals, audio, received files, etc.

IN “Multimedia” There are sub-items responsible for entertainment functions: camera, video, player, voice recorder, equalizer and advanced stereo.

Nokia 6700 classic has a camera 5 megapixels with auto focus with 4x digital zoom. The lens has a lens with a focal length of 4.6 mm, focusing distance: from 10 cm to infinity. Macro shooting is available.

The phone supports several shooting options: 5Mpix [2592×1944], 3Mpix [2048×1536], 2Mpix [1600×1200], 1,3Mpix [1024×6768], 0.3Mpix [640×480]. The volume control buttons are responsible for approaching / deleting the image. Images occupy from 500 Kb to 1.5 Mb depending on the settings. For many phone users this will be enough, although in difficult conditions noise will appear.

Available white balance adjustment, color effects, timer, burst shooting, changing the resolution of the photo, compression quality and the ability to turn off the sound during shooting. The latter is especially true for the “spy” shooting, so beloved bloggers all over the planet.

The device allows you to record video. Video Resolution 640×480 pixels 15 frames per second or 352×288 pixels 30 frames per second. 4x digital zoom is provided. Video recording is in the following formats: .mp4.3gp; codecs: H.263, MPEG-4. Streaming video supported: .3gp.rm.

“Player” The S40 6th Edition has changed slightly. New themes appeared, the menu structure has changed. The application supports mp3 files with various bitrates, including high, as well as AAC, AAC and improved eAAC, H.263, H.264, WMA and 3GPP video streaming. An advanced equalizer and several player themes allow you to customize it for yourself. In terms of sound quality, the Nokia 6700 may well replace the player, however music lovers will undoubtedly be saddened by the lack of a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack. MicroUSB only.

When playing a song, the display shows information about track, album, artist. The player can be minimized and continue to work with other applications.

Music lovers can listen to the radio. Built-in FM-receiver with support for RDS and AF pleased with a good level of signal reception. However, as in many other phones, the headset acts as an antenna, without which it will not be possible to listen to the broadcast. Radio can be set as an alarm.

“Dictaphone” records voice files mediocre. It all depends on the distance to the sound source. The microphone sensitivity is low, so at least some quality can be expected only with a very close location of the sound source to the phone.

Nokia 6700 has integrated GPS. Navigation from “Cards”. On the memory card that comes with the phone, Nokia Maps is preinstalled using the Assisted GPS [AGPS] built-in to the phone. This system differs from conventional GPS in that it accelerates the cold start of a GPS receiver by determining the coordinates of a mobile phone, not only based on the received satellite signals, but also on the basis of information received from the telephone exchanges.

True, this service is not yet provided by our mobile operators, therefore cold start will not be 2-3 seconds, and standard 7 minutes.

The next menu item hides “Organizer”. It has the most necessary functions for any person, such as an alarm clock, calendar, all kinds of reminders, a calculator with advanced features, a timer, a stopwatch with recording of 20 intermediate parameters.

“Applications”. A section that displays installed applications and games. Of the programs worth noting “Converter”. This is a standard converter of various sizes. “World Clock”. calculates time anywhere in the world. “Search”. search engine [including in the phone’s memory], they will be useful to fans of Web surfing. It was interesting to find among the Opera Mini programs. nothing more is needed to navigate the internet.

From the games preinstalled: Bonuce Tales, Brian Champion, Seasweeper, Snake III.

In the last item of the main menu is the built-in Internet browser. It implements full support for WAP-resources and many new features. You can call up the panel with frequently used functions: a list of links to visited resources, displaying a map, reloading a page and searching. The presence of the built-in browser is lost taking into account the fact that Opera Mini is installed in the device.

Memory and speed

Nokia 6700 classic has 170 MB of internal memory. At the same time, about 120 MB is available to the user. Expand the phone’s memory with microSD cards. The kit comes with a 1 GB card.

The interface speed is typical for similar models on the S40 6th edition platform. The phone does not slow down. In the background, a music player, radio can work.

Communication opportunities

You can connect the Nokia 6700 to a computer via an interface cable or via bluetooth [version 2.0 with EDR, support A2DP]. USB connection is supported in three modes: PC Suite, Multimedia Printing, and Storage, At the same time, the mobile phone is recharged. The first mode allows you to synchronize phone data, as well as transfer them to your computer through the Nokia PC Suite software package. In the second mode, photos are printed. The third means that on the computer the phone’s memory will be displayed as a separate disk with folders and files. In the “data transfer” section, you can configure the device synchronization settings. To transfer files and data, you can use the capabilities of Internet services, such as Vkontakte, Google and OVI.

The model supports packet data transfer using GPRS and EDGE class 32 technologies. In addition, the device can work in third-generation HSDPA networks, receive data at speeds up to 7.2 Mbps, to send – up to 2 Mbps.

Duration of work

The Nokia 6700 classic has a 960 mAh lithium-ion battery [BL-6Q]. According to the manufacturer, the device’s talk time is up to 4 hours; Standby time up to 16 days. In the conditions of testing [city center] with the number of calls 10. 15 minutes a day, bluetooth constantly on and listening to the radio the device worked for about three days. The battery is charged for about two hours.