Update Iphone 3gs to Ios 9

Dress up an old gadget in the clothes of the “seven”

Update Iphone 3gs to Ios 9

Older versions of Apple technology have not received operating system updates for a long time. To be precise, with the version of iOS 4, gadgets such as iPhone 3gs, iPod Touch 1, iPod Touch 2g, iPhone 2g. Why did this happen? The fact is that Apple believes that the above devices are already outdated both technically and profitably. Therefore, it makes no sense to make updates for older devices. for Apple, this would be at a loss.

But there are people who are addicted to powerful games, don’t open 50 tabs in the Safari browser. they just like their gadget. For example, iPhone 3gs fully satisfies many users. it holds the battery for a long time, has a high-quality connection, it has a fast Internet connection. Owners of the iPhone 3gs are comfortable with their device, but many of them would still like to take advantage of the innovations in the seventh version of the iOS 7 operating system. Immediately we will disappoint you that you can’t get real iOS 7 on the gadget from the above list. After all, Apple developers are right. the seventh version of the operating system requires much more processor power, RAM, even the iPhone 3gs screen matrix is ​​not suitable for the “seven”. You won’t be able to install it, but you can still change your smartphone.

What does it mean to “change clothes”? This word means saving the version of the operating system and adding design to it, new iOS 7 features. Thanks to several programmers, this has become real. Surely you know that the main plus of the seventh OS is the updated minimalistic design and the effects adjacent to it, as well as the multitasking panel. We want to please you: after going through our simple instructions, you can add these two main advantages from iOS 7 to your gadget. Well, let’s go?

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Video: Update Iphone 3gs to Ios 9

The WhiteD00r project will help us in this matter. The purpose of this project is to provide owners of outdated Apple gadgets with access to the functions of new firmware. Matteo Moradno, the main developer, also did not get around requests for injustice, and therefore, he and his team of hackers are developing such OSs. WhiteD00r team releases modified OS builds for the first and second generation iPod Touch and iPhone, which contain all (or almost all) of the advantages of modern firmware

As you already understood, the last work of this team is WhiteD00r 7. a system for iPhone 3gs, which is based on the iOS 7 operating system and contains an almost complete list of the functionality of the original “seven”. So, what is included in WhiteD00r 7:

  • Multitasking panel, which greatly simplifies the work with the device;
  • Icon design;
  • Sounds
  • Translucent dock;
  • New wallpapers;
  • Reminders
  • Video recording of calls;
  • Command centre;
  • Voice control, Camera app and push notifications.

Installation Instructions for WhiteD00r 7 on Legacy Apple Devices

So, we came to the question of how to put the replacement of iOS 7 on our old, but reliable and efficient iPhone 3gs:

  1. The first step is to create a backup copy of the information that is stored on your device, and which of course you do not want to lose after the firmware. Use iTunes for this.
  2. Now you need to download the appropriate firmware on the developers website. Download version for iPhone 3gs

By the way, if you have an officially purchased iPhone, then you should also download simple firmware. For users who have unlocked devices, you need to download locked firmware. In the second case, WhiteD00r runs on baseband 06/15/00. After installing the operating system for high-quality unlock, you need to put a patch of push notifications.

  1. We unzip and get WhiteD00r from the archive.
  2. Open iTunes. On the left you need to select your device for firmware on iOS 7, in our case iPhone 3gs. Having chosen, we find the “Restore” button on the right, hold down the SHIFT (for PC) or ALT (for MAC) key, specify the path of the IPSW firmware file from WhiteD00r, which we downloaded in step 2.
  3. After installing iOS 7, your device will reboot and iTunes will offer to restore the data from the backup, which we talked about in the first step.

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