Unreliable Corporate iOS 9 Developer Not Verified

This article focuses on one of the most popular operations with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and AppleTV. jailbreak.

Types of jailbreak procedure:

Tethered jailbreak
The essence of the attached jailbreak is that the hacking procedure must be repeated every time the device is rebooted, i.e. Each time you turn on the device, you must have a nearby PC. Before the jailbreak procedure is repeated, the device is inoperative.
Untethered jailbreak
With this type of jailbreak, you can reboot the device completely “painlessly”.
Semi-Tethered Jailbreak (SemiTether)

Is jailbreak legal?

The jailbreak procedure is legal in the USA as well. Until July 2010, a jailbreak was illegal in the United States. Legislation varies from country to country. But Apple, in any case, warns of a loss of warranty on the device in the event of a jailbreak.

What’s next?

After completing the jailbreak procedure, Cydia is installed on your device. a software application that allows the user to search and install software packages for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, after opening access to the device’s file system (jailbreak).

Pros and cons of the Jailbreak procedure:


  • File system access

This allows you to modify the hardware of the device: set the graphic design, install themes, use advanced settings, manually edit system and not only files. The opportunity to use other installers, such as iTools, i-FunBox, etc.

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  • Installing games and applications not from the AppStore
  • Hacking donat (content purchased for real money. in-app purchase) in games and applications
Unreliable Corporate iOS 9 Developer Not Verified

Opening the file system, Jailbreak allows you to get to the system files of any game or application, which allows you to replace the necessary files that are responsible for donation coins and other similar things. However, such a hack is not available for any application or game.

In order to untie the locked phone from the operator, you need to do the software unlock procedure using Ultrasn0w. This procedure is only possible after the Jailbreak procedure.


  • Loss of warranty

Although Jailbreak developers and other hackers find vulnerabilities and use them to create hacking tools, Apple still does not approve of such implementations in the code of their operating system. And the user who made the Jailbreak immediately loses all kinds of guarantees provided by Apple.

  • Bugs and malfunctions of the device
Unreliable Corporate iOS 9 Developer Not Verified

The fact is that the software available in Cydia, unlike the App Store, is not checked for reliability. Therefore, an excessive number of tweaks, unverified games and add-ons leads to numerous malfunctions in the device, such as freezes, frequent reboots, etc.

  • Your data security is at risk

Many developers seek to expand the functionality of their “creations” and often do not care about energy saving. For example, some tweaks and add-ons that work in the background all the time very well “eat” the battery charge.

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