Unlock Nokia 8 Phone

This article will focus on getting the ability to install programs and games not from the market on Windows Phone 7/8 and even 8.1. Probably every owner of a smartphone on Windows Phone at least once envied the owners of smartphones based on Android. And in fact: I found a program or game on the Internet, without thinking twice, downloaded and installed it on my smart. Yes, yes, I know there are viruses! But still, this does not stop many, and in order to grab the virus, you must not have brain good luck. Again, I’m talking about Android 🙂 So, Windows Phone. Microsoft and its Windows Phone out of the box do not allow installing applications outside the market, but for a very long time it was possible to use student unclok or unlock for developers and install 2-3 programs from outside the market. The methods are old, partly complicated and in some cases costly. It would also be worth noting that at one time the only Nokia phone was hacked and full access was obtained, the so-called full unlock, this phone was the Nokia Lumia 710. You can read about how to get it in our article Full unlock for Nokia Lumia smartphones. A lot of time has passed since then, however, there are no new available ways to hack Windows Phone, at least this is true for Nokia smartphones, now Microsoft. It should be noted that there is a way to get Interop Unlock WP Samsung smartphones, but not Nokia. Not so long ago, thanks to our Chinese friends, the situation somewhat changed for the better and it became possible to install up to 10 of their programs (or games) and, most importantly, without the need to install a heavyweight Windows Phone SDK and create student / development accounts.

Unlock Nokia 8 Phone

It would seem that there is a program, there is a telephone, what is complicated? In principle, for the Chinese or people who know Chinese, really nothing complicated. But others may run into difficulties because the program is in Chinese! My Chinese helped me understand several functions of the program, which, in fact, we need to get a hacked windows phone and install our applications.

Hacking preparation

The first thing we need to do is download the program, let’s call it Aiyingyong, because the real name is again in Chinese (maybe among our international community there are people with knowledge of Chinese? And we will find out the real name of this wonderful program) her.

After starting the installer you will see this picture (for convenience, I translated a couple of labels)

Unlock Nokia 8 Phone

We agree with the license agreement if the jackdaw is not yet installed. If necessary, change the installation folder and click the big blue button to start the installation.

Unlock Nokia 8 Phone

The installation process will take some time, after which you will see this window:

Unlock Nokia 8 Phone

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Here you are congratulated on a successful installation and offered to start the program, to start again, click the big blue button. The program will connect to the Internet, check for new versions, download a number of necessary packages and appear in all its Chinese glory:

Unlock Nokia 8 Phone

After the first launch of the program, my hair started to move a little, because I did not expect to see so much Chinese text there 🙂 But then I got used to it, I started poking everything and studying the functionality. The picture shows a phone with a disconnected USB cable, a triangle with an exclamation mark and an inscription in Chinese, which says that the phone is not connected.

Hack / Unlock Windows Phone

We’ll start the hacking process, although it’s hard to call a hacking, because this is nothing more than a developer unlock, oh well, let’s crack windows phone, it sounds cooler 🙂 Unlock the screen of our windows phone smartphone, in our case it’s Lumia 930 (I forgot that it is not for sale;)) Lumia 630 and connect to a PC. The program will think for a while, and then show this picture:

A lock on the screen hints to us that the smartphone is locked, and the presence of a large blue button indicates that something needs to be done with it, it is, the inscription on the button indicates that clicking on it will begin the process of unlocking windows phone. (Since our smartphone is running just released Windows Phone 8.1, it was very interesting if this method worked.) Click on the button, the picture changes

Unlock Nokia 8 Phone

wait a while, if everything is fine, you will see this:

Unlock Nokia 8 Phone

The presence of such a picture suggests that Windows Phone is hacked and ready to install hacked programs and games.

Unfortunately, not everyone can be so lucky, and some will see a different kind of picture:

Unlock Nokia 8 Phone

As, probably, it is clear from the picture, something went wrong, this is the picture we received after clicking on the hack button. The first thing that came to mind, based on the one shown in the picture, was that the phone lost contact with the PC, but juggling didn’t give anything, and we started digging.

Found a number of reasons why hacking cannot be carried out:

  • The presence of another hack in the phone
  • Mismatch of time or date of PC with real
  • Mismatch of time or date of the phone with the real
  • Lack of internet on your phone or PC

If all this is checked, but does not work, try restarting your PC and phone, as well as "My computer" rename the found phone, the latter is relevant only for smartphones running Windows Phone 8 and above.

Correcting the date on the smartphone allowed us to hack into our smartphone and therefore we are moving on to installing applications. I must say right away that telling where to take "warez" games and programs for Windows Phone, I won’t (Google to help), and alas, there is no such abundance as on android, but I think at least something is better than nothing at all. All games and programs for Windows Phone have an XAP file extension, therefore all applications found must have such an extension. No others, just xap. After installing the program, it associates all the xap files with itself and to install the application on the phone you just need to double-click on the desired xap file on your PC and wait for the installation program to load (this may take 30 seconds), it looks like this So:

According to tradition, click on the blue button and after a few seconds the window will refresh (the text will change on it), something like this:

Did you see such a window? So, everything is OK, the application is installed and you can search for it on your phone, if this appears

That application is not installed, there may be different reasons, for example, you have already installed 10 applications or the application you are installing requires more access than gives a hack from the program.

That’s all, according to tradition, I’m waiting for your comments, suggestions and comments under the article.

Agent Hacking Windows Phone and installing applications not from the market

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