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What can cause iOS 8.4 jailbreak users not to upgrade to iOS 9 after its release?

The list of innovations in the key iOS update is, as always, a long one, the question is whether Apple, with all the innovations of iOS 9, will be able to entice owners of jailbroken devices to the “bright side”. Let’s see what the hacked iPhone and iPad have at the moment:

1. Activator

Do whatever you like! So you can describe the functionality of this jailbreak tweak in one phrase. Activator is one of the oldest, installable, and popular extensions from Cydia. With it, you can perform familiar actions with more convenient gestures than is implemented in iOS. A large number of custom rules and triggers add the ability to fully automate routine actions. You can, for example, disable the unlock password when connected to a home WiFi network, enable or disable certain functions according to a schedule.

Imagine that you can take a thief with a front camera, send a picture to the cloud, report the location of the device and then turn it off with just one incoming command, which can be received via SMS, iMessage or Email. In five minutes in Activator, you can create your own energy-saving mode, which will in no way be inferior to the extolled option from iOS 9. All this is only a small fraction of the tweak capabilities.

2. FlipControlCenter / Polus

Any iOS user, starting with the seventh version, at least once dreamed of adding their switches to the control center. With a jailbreak it will not be difficult.

We heard a lot of rumors that the developers of new versions of the mobile system will add such an opportunity, but all this remains at the rumor level. On a hacked device, you can not only change the switches, but also add shortcuts to launch your applications, as well as add buttons with a whole set of actions or events.

3. KuaiDial

Since the advent of the first iPhone application, the phone has practically not changed in functional terms. The search and dialing of the desired subscriber still requires 5-6 clicks, and it is necessary to type on the qwerty-keyboard, which can be difficult on the go or in a hurry. Tweak KuaiDial, pleasing users with jailbreak for more than a year, is capable of finding the desired subscriber in 2-3 clicks on the numeric keypad.

You can start entering part of his number, first name, last name, organization, or any other field entered. As a bonus, you get vibration when the person you pick up the phone, the base of mobile operators with a region identifier and the caller’s operator, an expanded black list and display of any contact information during a call until his birthday. If you add a tweak to this Callbar, You will be able to answer calls without minimizing the active application.

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4. Asphaleia 2 / BioProtect

With the advent of Touch ID, the phone’s functionality and security should have grown significantly, but Apple very carefully adds functionality for the biometric sensor.

In the world of jailbreaking, it’s already been possible for a long time to prohibit any function of a device and open it when entering a password or after scanning a finger. Note that this is not about simply blocking programs or games, but about the ability to block everything from a specific photo of an album to the settings specified in the system.

5. iFile

Of course, not everyone needs full access to the iPhone or iPad file system, but if the gadget is used for work, then this feature is simply necessary. With this tweak, any file or folder is available, there is a full archiver, FTP client and much more. Add extensions Safari downloader or Chrome downloader for the ability to download any type of file, the apple gadget can completely replace the computer.

6. Slices

Not all game developers allow you to use several game profiles or saves, so that two or more players can independently go through the storyline campaign. The same applies to social network clients, in order to use multiple accounts you must always log in. However, in the world of jailbreaking there is a Slices tweak that easily and simply leaves several folders on the device with data saved for any game or program, the desired profile is selected with one click before launching the application.

These are just six main arguments in favor of jailbroken devices, and there is also complete customization of the interface, connecting a gamepad, changing the color temperature of the screen, Dark Mode, controlling gestures, transferring any files via Bluetooth or AirDrop, and much more.

So what will users with jailbreak get when switching to iOS 9?

1. Cursor control

There has been a tweak on iPhone and iPad with jailbreak for a long time SwipeSellection. For ease of use and stability, he is ready to argue with the Apple solution added in the new iOS.

2. Picture in Picture

And this trick can be cranked up on a jailbreak device. This idea has existed since iOS 6 and works on any device without restrictions, and not just on top-end tablet models. Just install the extension Videopane and watch videos or movies on top of any game or application.

3. True multitasking

Of course, there is no such elegant solution as in iOS 9 among tweaks from Cydia, but there are several worthy analogues. Yes, and the native function with the display of two programs at the same time also does not get to all devices.

There is a search in the settings, there is a return to the previous application, an energy-saving mode is again. The list goes on and on, it turns out that the difference can only be seen in small and subtle details. Of course, iOS 9 is stable, but a device with a jailbreak in the hands of a competent user looks better, although with a previous version of the operating system.

Write in the comments how you feel about jailbreaking, whether you will upgrade to iOS 9 or not, your favorite tweaks or just thoughts about what was said.

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