TV Turns On But Screen Black

You have encountered such a problem on the TV: the TV screen is black, but there is sound. Naturally, due to this malfunction, viewing programs is not possible. In this article we will tell you what to do with this problem. What caused the picture to disappear? Let’s look at the internal and external causes of the problem.

  • To understand what failed, the first: we look at the technique. If the equipment is completely new, this malfunction may appear due to the manufacturer’s marriage.
  • If the device serves you for several years, there is a possibility that the batteries or backlight are out of order.

From practice it follows that the technique itself most often has absolutely nothing to do with it: this malfunction is not always the result of equipment failure. Uninterrupted image reproduction depends not only on internal elements (boards, circuits, blocks), but also on external ones (antenna cable, distribution board, etc.)

TV Turns On But Screen Black

Do not worry if you just see a black screen when you turn on the TV.

There is a chance that the solution to the problem is very close:

  • Antenna cable (cord);
  • Switchboard;
  • Plug;
  • An external antenna located on the roof is the most vulnerable element in this problem.

Inspect these items, especially the plug. Basically, it is connected from the back to a special connector (socket).

First you need to remove it from the connector and insert it back. There is a possibility that due to poor contact, the signal supplied through the plug is weak. This may be one of the sources of image fading.

Next, you need to connect a second TV (of course, a working one) to the antenna wire in order to check the signal quality.

If, after connecting, a poor-quality signal began to arrive or there is simply no image, then most likely the problem is either in the external antenna or in the antenna cable.

If there is a problem in the external antenna, then it remains only to call the organization responsible for its maintenance.

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Video: TV Turns On But Screen Black

Why does the black screen appear on the TV and the sound is working

Try to find out if your TV does not have a mute function. This is inherent in newer models of LCD / LED TVs, such as:

  • Philips (Philips);
  • Toshiba (Toshiba);
  • Sony (Sony);
  • LG (AlGi);
  • Samsung (Samsung).

Certain TVs have the ability to turn off the image: this function allows you to listen to the sound of the TV or DVD player when the image on the screen is turned off. Be sure not to enable this feature.

But if we exclude all factors from the outside, then only the problem remains at the hardware level. Let’s look at what’s the matter.

A common cause of the malfunction of new TVs, because of which the image disappears when there is sound, is the failure of the lamps or LEDs on the screen backlight.

The easiest way to find out whether the problem is in the backlight or not is to take any light source (lamp, torch or even a flashlight on the phone) and bring the light source to the screen when the TV is on.

If you see that the image is there, but it is very poorly visible, then your lamp or LED strip has failed. Of course, there is a possibility that the color module, power supply, vertical and horizontal scanning unit, tuner or matrix are out of order.

If you are not an expert in this matter, it is rather difficult to replace or repair the listed parts, therefore, only a TV repair specialist should carry out this work.

Proper use of the TV is the key to its long-term service!

Often the equipment fails due to improper operation.

Unfair attitude to the appearance of minor malfunctions, mechanical impact, moisture penetration into the body. all this leads to wear of components, resulting in malfunctions.

One of the most vulnerable spots in modern TVs is the inverter. This part quite often fails. An inverter is an expensive part, so a specialist will most often recommend repairing it rather than changing it. This problem, which lost the image, is typical for TVs of LG and Samsung models.

Why is the image on the TV connected via HDMI missing?

Come on, let’s also superficially touch the HDMI connection of the computer to the TV. In rare cases, with this connection, the image can quite often disappear. The first thing to do is check the HDMI cable itself. Also check if hibernation is running on your computer.

Sound may also play, but there will never be a picture. Basically, everyone can cope with connecting via an HDMI cable, and this is not a serious problem if there is a whole and working HDMI wire. But this issue also has its pitfalls that the user may encounter.

So what to do. If you do not have an image when connecting, check the cable for creases, bends, breaks, if there is any damage, you need to replace the HDMI cable.

You also need to check the settings and make sure that the computer does not enter sleep mode. Another option is the failure of the connectors. In this case, it is necessary to refer the equipment for repair to specialists.

These are the main reasons why, when connected to an HDMI TV, the image does not appear.

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