True And Myths About Whether Pork Is Good For A Dog.

Can a dog have pork? This question arises from many owners of furry pets. As for the rules, prohibitions regarding pastries with butter, custard, sweets, hamburgers – everything is clear. This is junk food, leading to weight gain, disease and poisoning of the body. Why can not pork dogs, it seems that this is a simple and natural product?

True And Myths About Whether Pork Is Good For A Dog.

Truth and Myths about Pork

1. It is considered: pork is poorly digested by animals. This is not true, pork is absorbed by the dog’s body better than duck, chicken and veal. It is inferior in digestibility only to ram meat.

3. Meat is poor in vitamins and microelements. Pork contains many vitamins of group B, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, copper and other substances that positively affect the body. Useful and offal, for example, the heart contains potassium, iodine. Pig’s liver is so rich in vitamin B 12 that it can quench the rate of vitamins for 14 days.

4. Inversion of intestines from pork. The main reason for this phenomenon is not meat, but a physical load on a full stomach. Therefore, for dogs at risk (for example, young shepherd dogs) it is better to organize the reception of food in small portions.

5. Increase cholesterol. This fact is true, but not only pork can increase blood cholesterol, but also other fatty varieties, fish, eggs.

What is the danger of pork meat

Can pork dogs? The ban on pork feed is still not in excess fat, not in poor digestion, but in other causes. Why can not pork dogs?

True And Myths About Whether Pork Is Good For A Dog.

Disease. These animals are subject to many diseases, some of which are easily transmitted to pets, for example, false rabies. In addition, the virus is very resistant and dies only when cooked for at least 15 minutes at a temperature of 70 degrees. It can be contained in the meat of the sick pig, and in individuals that have already recovered. Therefore, it is not necessary to give the meat pieces raw.

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A large concentration of parasites. Pets fed with raw meat are easily infected with worms, and when eating pork they can get trichinosis. Parasites are difficult to be treated and detected in an animal, because they develop inside the body, starting with the larva. Boiling of pork can not save from an infectious disease. The larva is fixed in capsules, which protects it from heat treatment. This disease is also dangerous for humans, so pork must be monitored before it enters the counter.

If you give pork, how?

It is worth paying attention to the safety of the four-legged friend and not reach fanaticism. Many veterinarians review their attitude to pork and prescribe its low consumption in diets and after diseases, for the rapid recovery of the animal.

Digestive System and Products

As already mentioned, pork is prohibited for feeding dogs due to its fat content. It is this product in a large volume that is difficult for the dog’s stomach to digest. Therefore, it accumulates in the cells of its liver, which leads to a pet’s obesity.

It is very difficult to get rid of him, because nature itself has created an animal so that its body does not perceive heavy food. Therefore, everything that is suitable for food for us, mostly does not suit our smaller brothers at all. For example, if the meat and clean from contagious bacteria and microorganisms, it does not mean that it does not harm the animal. By the way, one of the dangerous dog ailments – “distemper”, about which everyone has heard, arises from the use of pork for feeding.

Diseases and pork

This meat can also provoke such a serious illness in your pet:

  • Psevdobeshenstvo or Aujeszky’s disease – arises from the use of raw meat by the dog or in its contact with infected pigs. The end result is almost always lethal, because the signs of the disease, by the way, are very similar to those that occur with rabies (hence the name of the disease), take 1-2 days to be felt. So there is almost no time to determine the ailment;
  • Toksokaroz (nematodoses) – the disease is dangerous because the larvae of worms, getting into the body of an animal, spread to all organs of the dog, eating in the literal sense of his heart, liver, kidneys, brain, and so on;
  • Tenioz (tapeworm) – refers to a rare, but very dangerous ailments. It manifests itself in a dog with a loss of body weight, a suspension of its growth, and as a result – a different type of lesions of the central nervous system and, in the end, a lethal outcome. Malaise is easily recognized, but due to its rare appearance it usually goes unnoticed;
  • Trichinosis – the name comes from Trichinella worms, which are extremely tenacious, and therefore very comfortable always feel in raw and even processed meat. In the body of an animal, they develop well and live for several months and even years, bringing harm to its health.
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Good to know

Now we understand the reason for this categorical attitude of veterinarians to pork and its use for feeding dogs (about a separate menu of Caucasian Shepherd Dogs). Although, it must be confessed that occasionally it is still possible to do this. Since in winter animals, to maintain the temperature, usually accumulate fat, once in 7 days they can still be pampered with low-fat slices checked for the presence of any bacterial scum of such meat.

In another period, it is desirable to exclude it, but the heart and stomach of pigs for feeding your pet is very suitable. Recently, many dog ​​breeders are revising their categorical taboo on pork and recognize that with diets its lean types can be fed to a pet. After all, whatever one may say, this is a very valuable meal. Pig meat is rich in iron, zinc, amino acids, vitamins of group B.

Therefore, each owner should decide for himself how to act in this case, whether or not to feed his faithful friend with pork and in what quantity.

Pork Feed

True And Myths About Whether Pork Is Good For A Dog.

Manufacturing technology allows you to remove all the risks associated with parasites and diseases. In addition, the feed clearly tracks the fat content.

Recommendations from experienced breeders

Some dog owners and breeders with years of experience partially complement the pork dog diet. Below are a number of recommendations that can be adopted.

Swedish food "Bozita" with the addition of pork. Feedback on this feed is positive. Given that it is produced by Sweden, where the most stringent legislation on the maintenance of animals can be assumed, there is a strict control over the technology of manufacturers. Many breeders feed dogs with Swedish food for 5–7 years without revealing any deterioration in the health of their pets.

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To build muscle in young puppies and dogs, it is recommended to use food with lean pork pieces. It is useful to replenish the diet of pork in the winter, for pregnant bitches, for pets during lactation. But in the meat should not be layers with fat.

Scar – a great product for hunting dogs, which begin to learn the tricks of hunting. Pork lungs are a great choice to complement the menu. Offal inexpensive and saturate the dog’s body with nutrients and vitamins.

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