Transferring a Windows 10 License to Another Computer

The cost of a licensed operating system for many people is quite high. Therefore, the question of how to transfer a Windows 10 license to another computer, after buying it or before selling (donating) to someone old, worries many users.

Fortunately, this is not at all difficult. All you have to do is remove the Windows 10 license on your old PC (laptop) and then activate it on your new device.

What you need to know before starting the migration is what type of license you have. Microsoft only allows you to transfer from one device to another. RETAIL version OS (retail).

OEMs from manufacturers and the corporate version of the operating system are not transferable. This should be borne in mind by each user.

How to check if your type is retail? Easily by entering the following command in the Command Prompt on the old PC:

Of course, with administrator rights and pressing the enter key on the keyboard.

To do this, select the “Command Prompt (Administrator)” tool after right-clicking on the “Start” button. Confirm the action on the request of the User Account Control (UAC) system component.

In the window that appears, after working out the command, all the necessary data will be displayed for you. A positive result. “RETAIL” is indicated in the Description field. This means that you can move on.

Transferring a Windows 10 License to Another Computer

Video: Transferring a Windows 10 License to Another Computer

Next, for a successful transfer, you will need to have 25 character license key your original Windows 10 on an old PC. It was supplied with the purchase of the OS or in the email that you received after purchasing it. There are also third-party tools, such as “Wise Windows Key Finder”, which help to find out the necessary data. Read more about it here.

The next step is deactivation. Do this with the following command:

on the command line with administrative rights. After pressing the Enter key, you will receive a message about the successful removal of the product key.

Now it’s worth clearing all the entries about it that are stored in the registry. To do this, using the same command line, give the command:

Transferring a Windows 10 License to Another Computer

and press enter. After working out the command, a window appears with a message about the successful removal of the key from the registry.

It is time to restart the old computer, and check the activation status of Windows 10 on it. Here, the information that you will receive after opening the “Options” in the “Update and Security” category and in the “Activation” section will help. Make sure the OS is no longer activated.

In the last step you should do Windows 10 license transfer to another computer. In the same “Activation” section on the new PC, click on the “Change Product Key” link and enter the 25-character key that you have. Connect to Microsoft servers and activate your copy of the OS. That’s all!

Note: Make sure that the new version of Windows is installed on the new PC as on the old computer. Licensing will be successful only if the versions match. Thank you for attention!