Transfer Photos From Comp To Iphone 7

Transfer Photos From Comp To Iphone 7

Several different ways.

iPhone and iPad are multimedia devices with which you can listen to music, watch movies, read books and perform a whole bunch of different tasks. But a user who recently bought an iPhone or iPad has a reasonable question. how can I drop all these files on the device? In this article, we will look at the process of downloading various types of multimedia (and not only) files to iPhone and iPad.

You can drop any file on the iPhone and iPad, without exception, but unfortunately, not everyone can open it. Let’s start with the simplest manipulations. we will learn how to dump movies, music, books and photos using iTunes.

How to transfer music from PC to iPhone and iPad using iTunes

Step 1. Open iTunes. If it is not installed, download the latest version from official site.

Step 2. Connect the iPhone or iPad to the computer using the USB cable.

Step 3. Add to iTunes the music that you want to download to your smartphone. To do this, click “File“→”Add file to library“To open a specific song or”File“→”Add folder to your library»To add a folder with music. iTunes supports Drag’n’Drop, which allows you to simply transfer individual songs and music folders to the program window for adding.

Transfer Photos From Comp To Iphone 7

Step 4. Wait until the music is detected in iTunes and select the icon with the image of your device on the panel.

Step 5. Go to the menuMusic»And select the songs you want to drop on your iPhone or iPad. You can also check the “The entire media library»In order to synchronize all the music on the device.

Transfer Photos From Comp To Iphone 7

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Step 6. Click “To apply“In the lower right corner of iTunes and wait for the end of synchronization.

To transfer movies to your iPhone or iPad, you must perform exactly the same operation as described above, but selecting in Step 5 not “Music“, a “Movies“. By the way, it’s after several such operations that users who did not like iTunes for their apparent complexity completely change their mind about this unique multimedia processor.

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How to Transfer Photos from a Computer to an iPhone or iPad Using iTunes

Step 1. Open iTunes. If the utility is not installed, download the latest version from Apple official website.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer using the USB cable.

Step 3. Select the device that appears on the top panel.

Step 4. Select the “A photo.

Step 5. Click on the checkmark next to “Sync photos from“.

Step 6. To the right of this inscription is a button with the inscription “Images“. Click on it and select “Choose folder

Transfer Photos From Comp To Iphone 7

Step 7. Specify the folder with photos that you want to see on your iPhone or iPad.

Transfer Photos From Comp To Iphone 7

Step 8. Click “To apply»In the lower right corner and wait for the end of synchronization.

How to Transfer Books from Computer to iPhone or iPad Using iTunes

Books are a little different. We have already described in detail three different applications for reading books on the iPhone and iPad, these are iBooks, Bookmate and Aychitalka. Click on the appropriate links to get detailed information about this process.

How to use iPhone or iPad as a flash drive

Step 1. Download and Install latest version of iFunBox.

Step 2. Open the program and connect the iPhone or iPad to the computer. In order for iFunBox to see your device, iTunes must be installed on the computer.

Transfer Photos From Comp To Iphone 7

Step 3. The device is determined in the program and you can drop absolutely any files on it using the iPhone or iPad as a USB flash drive.

Step 4. Drop the files you need to “transfer” to the “Shared storage“.

A very convenient solution that can help out at the most crucial moment. For example, there is no flash drive at hand, but you need to drop an important file with a “weight” of several gigabytes. Not by mail to send such. The iPhone or iPad, coupled with iFunBox, copes with this task perfectly. the files are not damaged and are thrown off safe and sound.

Users who jailbreak their devices are more fortunate. Thanks to the huge selection of tweaks from Cydia for working with the file system, they can unpack files using special managers, download files directly from Safari and much more. A striking example of such a tweak is the iFile file manager. You can find other useful tweaks for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with jailbreak installed by clicking on this link.

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