Transfer Data From One Xiaomi To Another

Transfer Data From One Xiaomi To Another

Having once tried a Xiaomi phone, users continue to strive not to change their favorite brand, but to purchase for themselves a more technically advanced model. In this regard, a problem often arises, how to transfer contacts, images (photos), messages, videos and music, as well as other information from the old Xiaomi (for example, Redmi) to the new one. It’s good that the developers took care of this and created the Mi Mover and Mi Drop applications. These two powerful tools for transferring files from Xiaomi to Xiaomi will simplify the task and save a lot of time for the user.

Transfer Data From One Xiaomi To Another

A bit about Mi Mover

Mi Mover was released in 2016. It is designed to simplify the transfer of any type of data from one smartphone to another. First of all, these are photos, SMS, information about installed applications, contacts and more. All that is required of the user is to establish a connection with the application using a second phone and scan the QR code.

Why is it better to use the Xiaomi Mi Mover app

Compared with other methods of transferring data to a new phone (for example, with the most common method of obtaining archived data from the "cloud"), the program has many advantages. The main one is significant time savings.

Transfer Data From One Xiaomi To Another

The application provides a high speed connection, which is up to 6 MB / s. The algorithm for moving files is understandable to any user. When you start this process, the new Xiaomi smartphone turns into a Wi-Fi access point. Thanks to this, the transfer of information occurs in the most efficient way.

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The second plus of the application is data security. Both devices are connected directly to one another, and user information in this case will not be visible to third-party cloud services, devices or applications.

Transfer Data From One Xiaomi To Another

How to Transfer Data to Xiaomi Phone Using Mi Mover

Step 1. You need to install the program on two devices: the old and the new Xiaomi phone.

Step 2. It is required to open the Mi Mover program on two devices at once.

Step 3. In the application that is running on the phone and from which you want to transfer data, click "I’m a sender" (I’m a sender). In the application on the receiving side, click “I’m a receiver”.

Step 4. A QR code appears on the display of the sending telephone. Scan it using the recipient.

Step 5. Now tick off the application and other information that you want to transfer to your new phone. After the selection is made, click Finish.

Step 6. Wait until the data transfer process is complete. This task will take time. It will depend on the amount of data transferred. At the end of the procedure, if there are no more files to transfer, click the “Finish” button.

And nothing more is required of you. Now the data is saved on the new Xiaomi smartphone.

The peculiarity of the program is that it does not require any complex actions, no wires. You can transfer data from one device to another without learning complex instructions, safely and very quickly.

Transfer Data From One Xiaomi To Another

New Mi Drop app

Xiaomi has another new tool for transferring files and user data. It is called Mi Drop. This is a newly created application that runs on the P2P protocol and does not require an Internet connection. This app is more powerful and efficient than Mi Mover.

Features of Mi Drop:

  • Support for all Android devices.
  • The ability to exchange files without using the Internet or cellular data, that is, you do not need to use traffic.
  • Ability to send and receive any type of file.
  • The data transfer speed is faster than over Bluetooth by about 200 times. The maximum value is 50 M / s.
  • You can transfer files from one phone to another with one touch.

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