Track Parcel From China By Phone Number

This service will help you find out where your departure is now.

The new service allows you to find out more details.

Novaya Pochta is a leading service in the market of courier and transport services in Ukraine. One of the important and sought-after services is tracking cargo shipped by the New Mail carrier company. Track the parcel. means to find out about its location, status, date of dispatch, route, delivery option, cargo description, weight and other useful information.

Find and track

Each user "New Mail" at any time, he has the right to search for the place of stay of his cargo on the map of Ukraine. There are several ways to find out where your package is and when it will be delivered.

You can track a shipment using:

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  • invoice numbers from the computer;
  • SMS tracking;
  • applications on the phone.

In Ukraine

You can send the package from the office "New Mail" or through a courier. After you will be provided with the express invoice number, a receipt must be issued upon departure of the goods.

In order to be able to track the location of the shipment, the client needs to use the service on the official site

To do this, go to the website from a computer connected to the Internet and enter the invoice number in the window under the word "Track", then press enter or square in detail with the arrow.

The service will give you all the necessary information about the package: current location, estimated delivery date. This service is available to everyone, even unregistered users.

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If you don’t have a computer at hand, but you have a mobile phone, you can find the load via SMS tracking of parcels. To do this, send a message to the number 4404 from the phone, indicating the express invoice number in it. It is worth noting that the message is paid, according to your mobile operator:

  • Kyivstar, Vodafon. 1,06 UAH.;
  • Lifsel. 1,59 UAH.

Information about the parcel will come in the form of a message with all the necessary data about the parcel.

Where is the parcel?

How to track the load on the invoice?

How to find a package?

Track by sender / receiver surname

We recommend checking with the sender. If this is not possible, and the express invoice number is lost, do not worry! It is worth contacting the nearest office, where they will quickly restore the number. For renewal, an employee of the company will require a passport and phone number. Upon arrival of the transfer to the department, the person will be notified by text SMS message. Detailed information will be indicated there.

Track Parcel From China By Phone Number

Track by phone number

An identical situation, as with clause 6. Tracking by mobile number is not possible!


To the group of companies "New Mail" includes “New Post International”, it provides delivery services from abroad. from popular trading platforms in China (aliexpress, taobao), the United States (ebay), Germany (zalando, bidclash), Poland (allegro), and the Baltic countries. Tracking foreign shipments is distinguished by the presence of an international tracking number or an air waybill.

International tracking number. an alphanumeric code that includes 13 characters. The code is assigned in accordance with the requirements of the World Trade Union and contains encrypted data on the method of delivery, the sending country. Two letters located at the beginning of the code indicate the type of shipment (parcel, letter, express package, etc.). The last two letters are the designation of the country according to the international standard.

For example: US. United States; CN. China; UA. Ukraine.