Touch Screen Replacement for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

If you do not know what is disassembly of the Samsung Galaxy Tab2 (P3100) then read this manual. it will help you. Dismantling a Samsung Galaxy Tab2 tablet It may be necessary if the tablet does not turn on and does not charge. Most likely the battery is faulty. In this case, you need to replace it or charge it manually.

Damage to the matrix or touchscreen of this tablet most likely does not threaten you, because they are protected by Gorilla Glass. Also inside this tablet are many components that are connected by loops, therefore glitch and junk Galaxy Tab2 maybe due to breaking contacts. So let’s get started.

Dismantling Samsung Galaxy Tab2

The back cover is attached to many latches. Their location is shown in the photo.

Touch Screen Replacement for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

It is best to use a special plastic tool, pick, or even a credit card to release the latches. Start the procedure from the side of the tablet’s power button and move along the arrows as in the photo.

Once the cap succumbed, further you can work without a tool. The power of human fingers is usually enough for tablet latches from Samsung.

We remove the back cover of our tablet, freeing last latches.

Touch Screen Replacement for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Video: Touch Screen Replacement for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Sort screws

Now left unscrew 16 screws using a small Phillips screwdriver. The cogs are circled in red in the photo.

Touch Screen Replacement for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

To remove battery , it must be disconnected from the board. Generally speaking, this is best done from the very beginning, because metal cogs like to fall directly onto the board and shoot the electronics.

Now remove the speakers, having carefully disconnected their loops beforehand also with a plastic spatula.

Next need disconnect loops camcorder, display, volume buttons, headphone jack, etc. In general, all loops visible from this angle are carefully disconnected from the main board.

Samu the board needs to be removed, releasing it from the grooves at the bottom of the tablet.

Touch Screen Replacement for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Connector Cleaning

Now you can replace the spare parts or clean the connectors with isopropyl alcohol, if oxide or browning is observed on them. To remove the headphone jack, unscrew the two screws with a Phillips screwdriver and remove the cable.

Now we see it myself headphone jack, camcorder and sensor board.

If needed, remove the side buttons volume control.

On this Samsung Galaxy Tab2 P3100 disassembly completed successfully. Assembling the tablet is done in reverse order with the same non-trembling do-it-yourself hands. If you have questions, ask in the comments on the forum and subscribe to blog updates at the top of the page. All photos are taken from the official English-speaking manual for disassembling the Galaxy Tab 2.

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