To Laptop Sony Vaio Vgn Fw56sr

Sony VGN-NR21SR laptop before disassembly:

To Laptop Sony Vaio Vgn Fw56sr

The first step in disassembling any laptop. remove the battery and disconnect the device, for this we translate the latches into position "open" and take out the battery. We unscrew all the screws from below, it is important to sign where which ones are and put them separately.

After removing the small panel from the bottom in the center, we pass along the edges and disconnect the latches of the laptop cover. It is better to perform the procedure with a plastic object. for example a sim card so as not to scratch the case.

Having removed the cover, we find the Sony VGN-NR21SR motherboard:

The figure shows:

    1. cooler
    2. RAM
    3. processor (under the copper plate of the cooling system)
    4. video chip (under the cooling system plate)
    5. wifi
    6. Optical Dvd Drive
    7. Hard drive

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Pulling up, disconnect the cooler contact, then 3 fan screws and you can remove it. Cleaning the Sony NR21SR laptop from dust can be done without changing the thermal grease, of course there will not be so high quality, and the cooling grill holes will be difficult to clean well, but quickly and without additional difficulties. Vobschem option for home disassembly by the owner. For quick express cleaning of your Sony laptop from dust, we blow through the copper cooling grate, you can clean it with cotton swabs moistened with vodka or alcohol, it is not recommended to use water, the cooler itself can also be cleaned with cotton buds and you’re done. can be assembled in reverse order. If it is necessary to make high-quality and replace the thermal grease, then go to the next step.

Video: To Laptop Sony Vaio Vgn Fw56sr

We unscrew 7 screws and take out the iron plate of the Sony NR21SR cooling system.

We lift the panel under the battery, but do not remove it, and carefully remove the cooling system, it may take a little effort, because Thermal grease slightly glues 2 surfaces. Also, it is important not to exert much effort, this can damage the motherboard.

Before replacing the thermal paste with a new one, it is necessary to remove the old layer, this operation is conveniently performed using cotton swabs moistened with alcohol, special. solvent or vodka. this procedure must be done on all chips where thermal grease was used, in some cases, thermal padding is used instead of thermal grease, which is a heat-conducting rubber, as a rule, these rubber bands are kept in good condition and do not need to be replaced. If holes or other serious defects form in the thermal pad, it must be replaced.

Next, remove the thermal grease from the cooling plate.

It should turn out a fat-free, smooth and even surface.

We turn off the screws and you can proceed to disassemble the cooling system of the laptop Sony VGN-NR21SR for cleaning from dust.

The image clearly shows how the dust clogged the cooling grill, you can remove it with a sharp object, blow it, vacuum it. It is convenient to clean the cooler of the Sony VGN-NR21SR laptop from dust with cotton swabs moistened with alcohol or vodka, water is undesirable, in order to avoid getting it into the rotating mechanism of the fan.

The final stage. replacement of thermal paste on the laptop processor with a new one. Apply thermal grease conveniently with a flat object. for example, a sim card from the phone. Thermal grease is applied to the surface of the chip, such as a processor, and the other surface (plate cooling system) is pressed on top. As a rule, a small layer is enough, but to verify this in practice, it is necessary to perform the operation several times. those. apply, press the plates, tighten the bolts, untwist and see if the imprint remains on another surface, and then repeat or increase the layer.