Through Which Application Download Music To Android

The young Internet generation prefers to listen to VKontakte music from their phones (Android, iOS) and other mobile devices. Despite the fact that the playback quality of audio tracks laid out in VK is not the highest, many social network users prefer convenience and mobility. In this guide, I will share with you the best applications that will allow you to download music from VK, as well as tell you how to download your favorite tracks to your phone. After that, you can listen to music offline and in any music player.

Today, many copyright holders seek to squeeze a penny from a poor user of VKontakte, so the huge deposits of music and multimedia as a whole regularly go through harsh cleansing. Therefore, you need to hurry to download music from VK to your phone, save your favorite songs for local listening.

I put together a list of great tools. browser plug-ins and programs. for downloading music from VKontakte to Android. I believe that these tools will not only appeal to you for their convenience, but simply provide a good service. Separately, I described the most universal method of downloading files using the Chrome Developer Tools. that is, you don’t need a music download application, just install the Chrome browser.

Videoder for Android

Videoder is a convenient shell for downloading music and videos from popular social services, including VKontakte. The program is free and works not only in the desktop and mobile versions, but also through the website.

If we talk about a mobile application, then it works stably, unlike the browser extensions mentioned here.

First you need to download Videoder to your phone (you won’t find it on Google Play, use the link below). Upon entering the application, select the icon with VKontakte, log in through the shell and go to the playlist. Actually, you can download a song by the icon opposite the song name in the VK playlist. This can be not only an authorized user’s playlist, but almost any VKontakte composition.

Of course, such a way to get music is not ideal: it is unlikely that you will want to download the whole album or playlist. However, if we are talking about a few favorite tracks, then why not?

We listen to music through the VK application for Android

By installing the VK application on your phone, you have at your disposal an online audio player with a free music library.

Unfortunately, the VKontakte client makes it impossible for you to download your favorite music to your mobile phone, and you will need regular access to the Internet to listen to your playlists. Nevertheless, this is a very convenient program that you can use as a full player. In this case, you do not violate the right to use the social service VKontakte, broadcasting music without saving it to your phone.

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VKD is a convenient way to download music from VK to your phone

The VKD extension for Chrome comes to hand when it comes to working VK audio rocker. By installing the program, you get a convenient browser add-on.

To download music from a contact to your phone:

  1. Activate VKD in the list of browser extensions.
  2. In the application settings, you can specify a folder in advance for saving VK music, turn off information labels.
  3. Go to the playlist or hover over a single song.
  4. When you hover over a song, the bitrate and size of the resulting file are displayed next to its duration.
  5. You can download music by clicking on the download icon.
  6. Songs for download are distributed in a special playlist.

Attention! Sometimes VKD, like other extensions, does not work: a red dot is displayed near the download icon. This means that VKontakte has limited access to audio tracks, and instead of songs, a stub is loaded. In this case, we advise you to wait or use other applications from our review.

MusicSIG free application for downloading VK music from a browser

MusicSIG. another great app to download VK music through "Chromium". It can be advised as an alternative for downloading songs to your phone, if another downloader "shut off oxygen" VK owners, at the service level.

Browser extension does not differ from VKD in functions. Differences MusicSIG. only visual. In the user’s playlist, VKontakte MusicSIG displays a filter of songs by bit rate, allowing you to choose the quality of the composition before downloading from VK.

Unlike VKDownloader, the application downloads music files at the same time, and not in turn. In addition, MusicSIG offers options for saving a playlist in M3U or text format.

In general, the MusicSIG add-in has many other options not related to downloading music from VK. Among them. the ability to directly click on links, remove ads from "Contact", adding save links: not only to audio, but also to video, applications. From visual modifications. changing the name of items in the VK user menu, calendar, clock, and other beauties that change VKontakte functionality for the better.

The latest version of the MusicSIG application introduces support for the VK2.0 interface: this means that there will be no compatibility problems, and there is a chance of errors when saving audio tracks. is minimal.

Extension “Download music from Vkontakte (”

If you do not need additional add-ons for downloading audio from VK, this tiny program is ideal. It has only one setting: displaying the bitrate and size of the audio recording. The extension performs its functions flawlessly: hover over the track, click on the icon that appears. download the song to your phone or PC.

Audio tracks can be downloaded when you hover over almost any song VKontakte. By default, bitrate and size are displayed, but as it is said, this information can be hidden through the plugin parameters.

How to download music via VK in any browser. VKSaver program

If you use a browser other than Google Chrome, then obviously the extension will not be the most convenient option for downloading music from VK pages. We found a universal solution. this is the VKSaver program. With equal success, it downloads not only in Chrome, but also in Firefox, Opera, IE and Yandex Browser. The application for downloading music on Android has standard tools similar to browser extension programs.

For the VK-downloader to work, in turn, you need to download the program and install it on your PC (the VKSaver installer is available only for Windows). The desired “Download” button appears next to the music tracks. By clicking on it, you will be taken to the interface for downloading music tracks.

Through Which Application Download Music To Android

One trouble. to play you need to install a flash player on your phone (although all developers have long given up on it). Another drawback. After installation, the VKSaver add-in does not always work. However, there is a plugin. the VKSaver extension of the same name. You can also download music from VK using it.

The program “Music VK: Download VKontakte” for Android

If you are listening to music on your phone, say, running Android OS, it will be a convenient option to download an application that is designed to play VKontakte tracks.

Fortunately, such a program for downloading music for Android is, and not one. In particular, the “Music VK” program gives the user the opportunity not only to listen to their favorite songs on the social network, but also to save them for local listening on the phone. You can download the program on Google Play, the application is available only for Android. Of the features it should be noted:

  • the ability to download music to android from a contact by specifying the desired audio format
  • Convenient and quick search of the impressive VK music library
  • online and offline listening to VK audio tracks on the phone
  • nice design for the android version of the application.

So the program "VK music" It attracts to itself by the fact that it allows you to download music from VK for free through a convenient user interface and a number of useful options. over, "VK music" for Android not only allows you to download audio from VK, but also offers itself as a convenient and functional music player (be sure to read our review).