The Speaker Does Not Work On Samsung Phone

Sound does not work on the Samsung Galaxy phone. a problem that many smartphone users experience. It can appear for various reasons, for example, due to mechanical damage or a software malfunction. Consider why this can happen and how to fix the problem yourself.

The Speaker Does Not Work On Samsung Phone

Reasons for the malfunction

At the moment, several reasons have been identified due to which a malfunction appears in the form of a bad sound or its absence. Below we will study each item in detail and analyze the correction methods.

Hard to hear when talking on the phone

If you find interference at the time of a phone call, then perhaps the reason is related to mobile communications. Check for antennas at the top of the screen.

If the interlocutor is hard to hear, then check the volume level in the smartphone, increase the sound to maximum. In case of a software failure, you must restart your smartphone or reset it to the factory settings.

The third tip is to plug the headphones into the jack. If you hear a person clearly and without interference, then the problem lies in the dynamics of the phone.

Completely lost sound

In the event of a complete lack of sound, it will also help to check the volume level in the phone. Often users can accidentally disable this option. If everything is in order, then reboot the device.

The Speaker Does Not Work On Samsung Phone

If there is no sound only during incoming calls, then check the current mode. You probably set Do Not Disturb and did not change it back.

Make sure that your accessibility setting is disabled. Find this section in the parameters and in the “Hearing” tab, turn off the “Mute all sounds” function.

The Speaker Does Not Work On Samsung Phone

The last solution is to reset the parameters to standard. But, this option should be done as a last resort. Remember, if the water didn’t get into the speaker, maybe it’s broken.

The speaker in the phone can easily fail if:

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  • He is clogged.
  • Parts burned out or a short circuit occurred. In this case, users hear crackles.
  • There was a break in the speaker coil.

Missing sound on SMS

Can’t hear notifications when a new message arrives? Go to the notification settings and make sure that the melody is set on the SMS. A software failure may also occur, which requires a reboot of the device. Any system is not perfect, Android is no exception. Sometimes system errors may occur that affect the operation of other modules in the phone.

No sound on the headphones

If the sound is lost in the headphones, then carry out the standard checks described above. Make sure that the connection is not interrupted due to a poorly inserted connector, or that sound is turned on in the phone. It is recommended to check the operation with other headphones, if a sound appears, then the problem lies in the connected accessory. Turn on any video or music, and check for sound through other headphones.

Be sure to check if the Mute function is disabled in the accessibility settings.

How to fix the problem

If the sound is lost on the Samsung, then do not rush to contact the service center. You can solve the problem yourself, depending on the malfunction. Consider what smartphone users can do.

Problems in device software

Basically, the problem with good audibility or its complete absence is associated with a malfunction of one of the parts of the phone. Sometimes, the sound disappears due to software errors. For example, you did not reset the settings correctly to the factory settings, having no experience installing another firmware, accidentally downloaded virus software.

In this case, uninstall all applications and programs that were installed in the near future, and check the smartphone with antivirus. In some situations, a device flashing or a complete reset is required.

If you are not an experienced user, then it is not recommended to reflash the gadget yourself. If you are confident in your own abilities and knowledge, it is recommended to download firmware from the forum. Consider all points in the attached instructions.

Connector Issues

No sound on the phone? Check connector:

  1. Plug in your headphones, hold down the volume key, and disconnect the device from the jack.
  2. Insert the headphones several times in a row and disconnect again.
  3. Blow the nest well.
  4. Has water or other liquid penetrated? You will need to disassemble the phone and clean it.

Speaker problems

The next problem is a speaker breakdown. In most cases, it is necessary to contact a service center where specialists will carry out diagnostics and replace faulty parts.

The Speaker Does Not Work On Samsung Phone

You can check this module for performance if you activate the speakerphone during a call.

Board malfunction

Sometimes the volume control itself may break. The main reasons are the blockage under the key and the malfunction of the board itself. You will need to contact the service center. An inexperienced user can cause damage when disassembling the phone. It is recommended to contact specialists. Failure of the board can occur due to the fault of the user, for example, if liquid gets in, or fail due to system errors.


The next reason. the train broke. This problem occurs only in flip phones or in sliders. The disclosure of the mobile phone sets the train in motion. During operation of the device, this part may break with time.

The Speaker Does Not Work On Samsung Phone

In this case, you will also need an appeal to specialists, as the user risks additional damage if he decides to disassemble the device and replace the part. Breakdown of the loop leads to the complete absence of sounds from the phone.

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The Speaker Does Not Work On Samsung Phone

The Speaker Does Not Work On Samsung Phone

The Speaker Does Not Work On Samsung Phone

The Speaker Does Not Work On Samsung Phone

Good day to all. I have a Samsung Galaxy A7 2018. Suddenly, the sound disappeared on SMS, in applications and when making calls, he could only talk through the speaker. Games, videos, audio messages are all without sound. The sound only for incoming calls worked. I tried EVERYTHING, changed the settings, rebooted the phone, reset the settings to factory settings, etc. Nothing helped. In the headphones and when connecting the bluetooth headset, everything worked fine. Already going to take for diagnosis. After resetting to factory settings, the phone by itself stopped connecting to a bluetooth car, (since the settings had flown). I reconnected, drove the child to the garden, and it all worked about a miracle. I don’t know what exactly was, but my understanding is that there was some kind of failure and the smartphone began to see if a headset was connected to it (although nothing was connected and the bluetooth was disconnected), and after resetting to factory settings with subsequent reconfiguration of the bluetooth connection, the glitch disappeared. I hope my experience will help you avoid unnecessary expenses for repairs and diagnostics.

Samsung a30. After replacing the display, the sound on the earpiece disappeared. Everything else works. While using with headphones or speakerphone. What to do? Can this wizard break or reset?

Hello, yes, most likely it was damaged during the repair.

Samsung a7 2019 year got water worked then the sound disappeared in the headphones will work for a while appears and then again

Hello, bring the phone to a service center.

Hello. Missing sound in games. Wai settings at the maximum, YouTube with sound, namely in games there is a complete absence.

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