The Appetite Of The Four-Legged Friend And His Taste Preferences

The pet is a full-fledged member of the family, so you need to take care of, feed and monitor its health. Great importance to the health of the dog is nutrition. The article deals with the questions: how to feed a dog so that it gains weight, why it can refuse dry food, is cat food harmful to dogs?

How to feed a pet so that it gains weight?

It happens that pets gain insufficient weight. This may be due to illness, but not necessarily. Some dogs may simply lack a set of elements in the body, so you need to immediately find out the reason.

The main thing is to approach the process of feeding the dog carefully, so as not to cause even more harm to the pet’s body. To find out the reasons for thinness, it is best to contact a veterinarian, who in the clinical setting will be able to conduct an examination and prescribe treatment.

The Appetite Of The Four-Legged Friend And His Taste Preferences

However, there are cases when it is impossible to visit a veterinary clinic or there is no money for a full examination.

In order to have an idea that the dog is prevented from gaining weight, consider several reasons:

  1. If a bitch has newborn puppies, then she needs to rehabilitate after giving birth. To do this, it will be enough to keep track of her and you can give more food so that she can fill in the missing substances in the body.
  2. If the dog lives not alone in the house, but with other pets that are eating next to him, then there may be a conflict over food. It can manifest itself in the fact that other pets may not give an emaciated dog there, which quite logically leads to the depletion of the body. In order to avoid this, you need to feed the exhausted animal separately from other animals and monitor its condition.
    The Appetite Of The Four-Legged Friend And His Taste Preferences
  3. The dog can be sick, which manifests itself in diarrhea, vomiting, fever, it entails the rejection of food and water.
  4. If the animal has dramatically lost weight, then the cause may be worms. In this case, you need to give a pill for worms. The presence of parasites in the animal can lead to death.
  5. Many puppies of service breeds do not gain the weight of adult dogs, since they are characterized by complete body formation by 2-3 years. No need to try to fatten young dogs, as they are characterized by an active metabolism in the body.

If you want to fatten your pet, then you need to find out exactly: whether underweight is linked to malnutrition. For this you need to know the weight, which is standard for the breed. This can help the table dog handlers, where you can find such indicators at a minimum and the maximum weight of the dog. These figures vary by gender.

The Appetite Of The Four-Legged Friend And His Taste Preferences

Daily norms for 1 kg of weight for dogs, depending on the size, are the following:

  • For miniature – 110 kcal;
  • For small – 85 kcal;
  • For breeds of medium size – 70 kcal;
  • For large – 60 kcal;
  • For very large ones – 65 kcal.
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If you find out that your four-legged friend does not have enough calories that are contained in his diet, then you can gradually begin to increase the portions to fatten the pet. An increase in servings should occur gradually throughout the week, until the daily rate is reached.

In order for a pet to quickly gain weight, you need to adhere to the following tips to help you understand why he refuses to eat:

    1. A pet that eats regular feed should be gradually converted to feed intended for active and young dogs. Such feeds are extremely energy and high-calorie. To achieve the desired effect, you need to adhere to the regulations on the feed and periodically weigh the pet.
    2. Try to feed your pet instead of dry food with special canned food for dogs. If as a result of your pet will be gaining weight, then he just tired of dry food. In this case, you must purchase more expensive food or give natural food.
      The Appetite Of The Four-Legged Friend And His Taste Preferences
    3. In the diet of the dog should be either only dry food, or natural products, as mixing food can adversely affect its health.
    4. In order for a pet to gain weight quickly, it is necessary that foods with vitamins from group B, such as beef and liver, predominate in its diet.
    5. In the case of sudden weight loss, you can give an additional baby dry mix several times a week. But it is necessary to adhere to measures so as not to harm the health and not aggravate the situation.
    6. When dysbiosis animals do not digest food, so you should analyze the feces: are there undigested portions of food. As with this disease the dog will not gain weight, no matter how much you give it food. For the treatment of dysbiosis need to conduct a course of probiotics.
    7. If the pet eats natural products, but not feed, then you should add some vitamins to food. Complexes of vitamins can be selected independently, or by consulting with a veterinarian.
    8. Hyperactive animals will not be harmed by special supplements that enrich its body with substances that improve metabolism.
    9. Do not forget that there are dogs-malaezhki, which feed is very problematic. With such dogs, the principle of 10 minutes works – they put a bowl of food, offered it, waited 10 minutes, if not eaten – the bowl is removed before the next feeding. Usually such a hunger strike works, but here one must have confidence that the animal is healthy (video by GuberniaTV).

What if the dog refuses dry food?

Most often since childhood, the pet eats natural products, but when he matures, the owner tries to teach him to dry food. This is usually due to the fact that the four-legged friend does not have enough substances that are not in her diet, so there is a need for additional feed.

Sharp transition from natural food to dry food can cause food stress in an animal.

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If the dog ate dry food, but then ceased, then there may be two reasons: either the food is stale (or does not like the taste), or the animal has problems with the digestive system or health in general. If you always buy the same food that your pet eats with pleasure, then in case of refusal to eat it is better not to hesitate and immediately contact the veterinary clinic.

The Appetite Of The Four-Legged Friend And His Taste Preferences

What you need to do if the dog does not want to eat dry food?

  1. Sharp transition to dry food from natural is unacceptable, as this will adversely affect the health of the animal.
  2. If you want to teach a four-footed friend to dry food, then you need to start to add a little dry food to the usual food. This should be done throughout the week.
  3. At the beginning, dry food should be no more than 1/7 of the main food, then 2/7 and so on until full replacement of the natural food with dry food. Thus, you will help the pet’s digestive system to smoothly switch to a new type of feed.

If you want to teach your puppy to dry food, it is unacceptable to use it in its pure form. In puppies, the teeth are not yet strong, so do not give them excessive loads. Many believe that in order for the puppy to eat dry food, you can soften something. If you soak dry food, which is not necessary, even for puppies, then either just water or kefir, but not yogurt.

Remember that dry food is much more satisfying than regular food. Therefore, you should not pour a full bowl to a four-legged friend, because it will be too much for her, and you will think that she has some problems. In addition, it can lead to weight gain. Since dry food is enriched with vitamins and various beneficial additives, it is necessary to prevent oversaturation of the dog with them.

The Appetite Of The Four-Legged Friend And His Taste Preferences

A pet can quickly gain excess weight, if along with the porridge will constantly use pellets of dry food. Such obesity will be very difficult to cure.

The Appetite Of The Four-Legged Friend And His Taste Preferences

If the pet is used to dry food, then it should not be given small portions of meat or have a feast in the form of natural food. Such a meal can cause problems with the health of the animal.

Also, do not alternate feed, as this can adversely affect the digestive system. You need to worry about maintaining the water balance in the dog. To do this, it is enough to give her the necessary amount of water throughout the day, as there is no liquid in the feed.
If your pet does not want to eat dry food, even your favorite, then you should not give her something “more tasty”, but it is better to contact a veterinary clinic.

Lack of appetite in dogs can serve as the first signal of the occurrence of the disease. When choosing a dry food, you need to pay attention to its composition and the age of the pet, as the animal needs different vitamins in different periods of life.

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Is it possible to feed the dog with cat food?

It happens that the dog gives preference to feeds that are given to cats, and the cat, in turn, can choose a dog bowl. Most often this is due to the fact that the cat and dog eat in the same place and at the same time.

And if the dog eats only cat food, then if you give it constantly, it will lead to disastrous consequences. These consequences will be serious health problems, as dogs are contraindicated feed that is intended for cats.

Let us explain: why cat food is forbidden to be given to dogs. Although it may seem that the dog and the cat are very similar, and may even adopt the habits of each other, but they are completely different animals. Their main difference is that they have different organisms, and in particular the metabolism is different. The blood of dogs and cats has a different ratio of components, in particular glucose.

Feline bloodstream contains a greater amount of glucose, so cats eat often, but they get used to this diet a little. A dog, unlike a cat, can eat once a day.

The Appetite Of The Four-Legged Friend And His Taste Preferences

Another difference is that the cat’s body requires a higher content of taurine than in dogs. Therefore, in cat food there is an additive in the form of taurine. This amino acid helps cats digest fatty foods and prevents heart disease. If the cat does not get enough taurine in the feed, then he may have a disease such as cardiomyopathy, which is fatal.

The canine organism, unlike the feline, is able to form taurine itself in sufficient quantity. This occurs with methionine and cysteine, which are formed from animal protein. As a result, if the dog’s body receives taurine in the same amount as the cat, this will adversely affect its health.

In cat food to get taurine, manufacturers increase the percentage of protein in the feed. This helps the cat’s body to increase the acidity of the stomach, which in turn is necessary to get taurine and digest food.

The Appetite Of The Four-Legged Friend And His Taste Preferences

When using the same food dogs, they have an excess protein. Ears may be the first to suffer from this, otitis media may begin to develop. It also affects the skin and eyes, may cause a rash. It is often found that dogs of small breeds are allergic to protein, so cat food can badly affect their physical condition, which can even lead to death.

In conclusion, it is worth saying that if you have a dog and a cat in your house, they should be fed separately. That is, feed the dog away from the cat’s bowl, or even put a bowl of cat food on the window sill so that the cat can easily get there.

Video "What to feed the dog"

Video from the channel I and my tail is dedicated to the proper and healthy nutrition of dogs.

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