Than You Can Not Feed The Dog A Detailed Review

The owners, containing dogs “on soups and pasta”, do not even think that natural feeding is a complex of products that provides a full and varied diet. However, dogs are far from omnivorous, like many other animals a pet can eat almost everything, but not digest it. We will understand what you can not feed the dog and what could be the consequences of ignoring the ban.

Than You Can Not Feed The Dog A Detailed Review

Natural feeding, make up the diet

Taking into account the fact that an adult dog eats 1-2 times a day, it is most convenient to feed the pet porridge, to which you can add the necessary ingredients, supplements and vitamins. However, exceptionally soft food leads to tooth decay, the appearance of tartar, disruption of the normal process of digestion, therefore, the animal should be given the opportunity to gnaw moslaski or special treats (dried tendons). Traditionally, the diet plan is as follows:

  • Porridge, containing in ready form 40% of meat or offal, cereals and vegetables, 30% each.
  • 2 times a week, it is recommended to give an omelet or 1-2 boiled eggs.
  • 1-2 times a week, boiled lean fish without bones.
  • Young and large dogs need to eat boiled cartilage and jelly.
  • Depending on the pet’s preferences and financial possibilities, the dog should receive natural dairy products – every day, every other day.
  • Any fruits and vegetables that your pet prefers. Cabbage only boiled or stewed.
  • Cereals – buckwheat, rice, other cereals, which the dog loves, it is desirable to exclude semolina completely.

Than You Can Not Feed The Dog A Detailed Review

Naturally, the scheme is not universal and adapts to each pet individually. Many dogs love fish more than meat and will have to live with it. If there are several animals living in the house, a dog and a cat, for example, the same principle of preparation is taken as a basis, but separately vitamins or nutritional supplements are added to the bowl.

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Than it is forbidden to feed a dog – myths and grounded facts

Practicing veterinarians often face absurd situations – the dog is seriously ill due to an inadequate or “harmful” diet, and the doctor is to blame for poorly treated. Where gore-breeders get their knowledge is a mystery on which one should not waste time, a truly loving and caring owner is looking for a rationale for the allegations, which we will do.

Dog can not be fed pork – a myth!

Than You Can Not Feed The Dog A Detailed Review

And now a number of arguments that make one doubt:

  • Dogs should not be given raw meat, and during heat treatment, the parasite larvae and viruses die. Essentially, minced and boiled pork is safe.
  • Buying meat from "spontaneous" merchants is dangerous for humans, and the product does not necessarily have to eat, sometimes it is enough to hold pork in your hands.
  • Boiled diet pork contains less fat than rabbit meat – diet meat.
  • Many puppies and dogs with problematic joints are recommended to give pork ears gnaw or to consume jelly from boiled pig joints.

Draw conclusions – take the purchase and preparation of any meat responsibly, it is a guarantee of health not only for the dog, but for the whole family.

Dogs should not be given bones – true!

Than You Can Not Feed The Dog A Detailed Review

What is absolutely impossible to feed a dog:

  • Chicken bones, including "soft" broiler – even the chewed bone can not be digested. If the dog has sufficiently ground the bone, its undigested remnants will come out, scratching and irritating the intestinal walls. Swallowed bones remain in the stomach or intestines, which sooner or later will lead the dog to the operating table.
  • "Glass" bones, crumbling into fragments – are not digested, and being in the stomach, damage its walls, which leads to gastritis, pain, ulcers.
  • Neck, tails, spines – they put on teeth and get stuck, the dog is not able to get out of the “trap” on its own, it is possible strangulation with saliva or vomit.
  • Ribs – a split or cracked rib bone unravels the stomach from the inside, leading to bleeding, damage to internal organs, often death.
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Than You Can Not Feed The Dog A Detailed Review

All types of meat by-products containing bones or their fragments are suitable only for cooking broth. After digestion, be sure to remove the bones from the broth and only after that pour the porridge. The only exception to the rule is moslaki, the end of the joints, the round, hard bones covered with the articular membrane. Buying a dog moslaki, consider:

  • Moslak should not completely fit into the pet’s mouth.
  • There should be no cracks on the articular membrane.
  • Buy only fresh moslaki – no more than 24 hours should pass from the moment of slaughter.
  • Do not purchase offal from spontaneous traders, ask to submit documents on conducting a veterinary examination.

When a dog gnaws moslak, do not leave it unattended. A pet that is too stubborn can get stuck with chewing teeth, trying to free itself, the pet can damage or break the jaw.

Dogs absolutely can not potato – a myth!

Than You Can Not Feed The Dog A Detailed Review

Vegetables are useful to all animals, especially if the dog asks them and eagerly eats them. However, it is worth to follow some rules:

  • Even if the dog loves boiled potatoes, try to shine “delicacy” to a minimum.
  • A lot of boiled potatoes provoke diarrhea.
  • Suggest your dog to bite a raw potato or pour boiling water over it.
  • Potatoes contain a lot of starch, an excess of which leads to obesity.

Dog can not dairy products – a myth!

Breeders exclude from the diet dairy products are guided by the following arguments:

  • Contains a lot of fat.
  • Causes diarrhea.
  • May cause allergies.
  • Milk is puppy food.
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Than You Can Not Feed The Dog A Detailed Review

This is not just unreasonable, but also dangerous delusions. Of course, the dog should not be given only dairy products – it will lead to an excess of calcium, which is no less dangerous than its disadvantage.

When composing a dog’s diet, consider the following nuances:

The dog asks not to "dog" food – what to do?

Like people, dogs are prone to the state of "zhora", with vitamin deficiency, diabetes, mental disorders. Examine the composition of the product to which the animal is addicted and by means of exclusion, find out what the dog lacks.

Than You Can Not Feed The Dog A Detailed Review

  • Avocado – persin intoxication, diarrhea – lack of fatty acids, vitamin A.
  • Alcohol – intoxication, dependence, coma, death – lack of fast sugars.
  • Paper, cardboard – lack of fiber – cuts of gums and tongue.
  • Mushrooms – Be careful, the dog can get poisoned with mushrooms, as well as a person – lack of protein.
  • Dough, flour – causes bloating – lack of B vitamins, vitamin D.
  • Sweets and sugar substitutes – decrease in pancreatic activity, as a result of diabetes – lack of carbohydrates and fast sugars.
  • Low quality industrial feed – kidney disease, metabolic disorders – lack of fat, salt, calcium, sodium.
  • The nuts – A large number of detrimental effects on the functioning of nerve cells – lack of vitamins, fats.
  • A fish – constant eating fish leads to CNS disorder, convulsions – lack of phosphorus, calcium, magnesium.
  • Tobacco in fresh or dried form – intoxication, dependence – lack of nicotinic acid.
  • Caffeine products – A large number of detrimental effects on the heart and central nervous system – lack of taurine.

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