Than Play Doggy – Choose A Toy Together

Toys for puppies – this is not a luxury, but a necessity, because they will not only occupy a pet, but also help in training and development. They will become a target for the sharp teeth of the dog and will protect your shoe and leg of the chair from damage. We will help you figure out what kinds of toys are available, let’s name the best designs of well-known companies (Petstages, GiGwi, Trixie, Kong). Also, our master class and video tutorials will help to make toys for dogs with their own hands. That will save a lot of money, because dog toys – things are not durable.

What are some toys?

Than Play Doggy - Choose A Toy Together


Soft toys are faithful companions of both large and small breeds of dogs, as well as puppies. The soft trinket absorbs the smell of a pet and becomes native for him, so the dog can rush day and night with it, walk and even sleep. Such fun is especially useful for puppies who have recently been separated from their mother – they will warm them like a hot water bottle, so the puppy will sleep more calmly.

Along with the advantages, there is a significant lack of soft toys – they can be dangerous. Such an object is very easy to break, and the filler can easily be swallowed up by a pet. It threatens with digestive problems, so the dog must play under supervision.

Among soft ones, Trixie’s games are especially popular: a rat-heater, made of pieces of wool, a teddy bear and a duck, which pets do not let go of the mouth. GiGwi also specializes in soft ones: duck for large breeds of dogs with a squeaker, beaver’s skin with a squeaker, etc. GiGwi game objects are the least toxic, made of environmentally friendly materials, and squeaker makes soft fun even more attractive. The only advice is to choose games without small details, especially if the subject is a small dog or puppy.

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Than Play Doggy - Choose A Toy Together

From rubber

Rubber toys satisfy the need to chew, relieve pets of stress, improve the condition of the teeth and provide gum massage. Rubber games do not “live” longer than a month, but they are completely safe, since rubber is a natural material. Among the leading companies producing such items are Ferplast (“Chewing rubber ring”), Trixie (“Rubber bone for gum massage”), Petstages (“Rope for chewing”, “Ball with ropes”), GiGwi (“Rubber bone with rope”). "," Duck-squeaker "), etc.

Than Play Doggy - Choose A Toy Together


Developmental toys train the pet’s reaction, endurance, strengthen the body, in certain breeds the hunter’s instincts, speed and agility are trained. Among developing especially popular balls and plates, suitable for active breeds. And for small rocks suitable rollers or ropes, which develop the speed of reaction and grip. Developers are tweeters who train cunning and ingenuity. However, as soon as the pet understands how to pull out a squeaker, the subject will become uninteresting.

One of the “non-killer” fun of this type is the “Merry Egg”. The egg is made of hard and smooth plastic, so the dog can not grab it with his teeth. The egg constantly evades the pet in various directions, which causes excitement in the dog. Thus, the "Fun Egg" can spend hours pet until exhaustion. If particularly dexterous representatives cope with the "elusive", then the egg quickly becomes boring and uninteresting for them.

Than Play Doggy - Choose A Toy Together

Popular and rubber toy for dogs Chicken from Trixie, which is suitable for both small and large dogs. It is suitable for active games at home and on the street. With the help of "Chicken" pet easily learn the team "Aport".

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Interactive toys will make your pet think, most often he needs to do something to get a reward (goodies). Suitable toy Kong, filled with delicacy, which will have to get to work. It can be a bone or a pyramid, in the cavity of which you can put your favorite cookies. Such tasks train perseverance and intelligence.

The rope is also interactive, and you can do it both with your pet and the other dog. Tug of war trains attention, strength and perseverance. Such fun is made by GiGwi, Trixie and other firms.


Glowing objects are suitable for evening and early walking, because with the setting of the sun it is difficult for an animal to find and bring toys. Glowing will fix this problem, however, you should adjust the glow to avoid a very bright light that irritates the pet’s eye.

Among the luminous toys common ropes with reflective threads from GiGwi, inexpensive bones with reflective inserts, LED and phosphorus ducks and others.

Than Play Doggy - Choose A Toy Together

How to make a toy?

If you do not have the opportunity to purchase high-quality branded toys from GiGwi, Kong or other reliable manufacturers, we offer a master class "How to make toys for dogs with your own hands." This master class will make toys for dogs with their own hands, spending a minimum of time, effort and materials.


Tools and materials

To make a pet play for training grip "Kantik", you will need:

  • Fleece (preferably multi-colored) or leather;
  • Scissors;
  • Threads.

Step-by-step instruction

  1. We cut the fleece (or skin) into patches 15–25 cm long and 2–2.5 cm wide (if made too narrow, the dog will quickly gnaw through them).
  2. From the resulting bands weave a pigtail, as shown in the video below, leaving free ends.
  3. Secure the ends of the pigtails with strong threads.
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The next master class will help make a more complex version of the toy – a soft duck.

Tools and materials

To make a soft duck you will need:

  • Tissue scraps;
  • Stuffing (cotton fabric, foam rubber, cotton wool, etc.);
  • Pencil;
  • Needle;
  • Threads;
  • Scissors;
  • Marker;
  • Kinder surprise boxes or an old doll squeaker.

Step-by-step instruction

  1. Find it on the Internet or draw a simple pattern of a duck with a pencil on the edge of a yellow fabric.
    Cut 2 the resulting parts.
  2. From the seamy side, sew the parts with an “over the edge” or “secret” seam, leaving a hole for filling.
  3. Unscrew the workpiece, fill it with filler, insert a squeaker and sew a hole. In our master class, we recommend using cotton for filling, as it is less toxic than other materials, because sooner or later the animal will tear the toy.
  4. The last stage of the master class is to draw a muzzle with a marker (you can not sew small details so that your pet does not swallow them).

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