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There are situations when, for example, you talk to the person you are talking to on the phone, he dictates some number, and there is nowhere to write down, because there is no pen or pencil at hand. Or a boor called your phone. If you record a telephone conversation with him, then in the future it can be brought to administrative or criminal liability. The whole question is. can I record a conversation on the phone? We will try to find an answer to it in this article.

OS Recording "Android"

How to record a telephone conversation? This question has been asked by many gadget users. Some, having searched the Internet for the necessary information and tried a couple of programs, considering them not providing quality, abandoned this question, others continued to search, and still others began to develop programs.

But is it really not known how to record a telephone conversation on a telephone? It is known. However, it should be borne in mind that some states prohibit recording telephone conversations at the legislative level, which is done by removing those drivers that provide this function. Therefore, if you are the “happy” owner of such a gadget, then you only have to install the drivers yourself, which will require root access.

Voice Recorder

Telephone Recording App

How to record a telephone conversation on the recorder? During a call, buttons are displayed below. Among them, you can try looking for the “Record” or “Voice Recorder” buttons. They may not be displayed explicitly, but the “” button may be present, and one of these keys may be present in the menu that opens. For some models, you need to open the menu with the button on the phone and select the corresponding entry there, while keeping in mind that the “Voice Recorder” record can be shortened.

Conversations are stored in the Call Recording directory located in the root directory. You can listen to the recording through the call log. Opposite the recorded call, images of the voice recorder coils should be displayed, by clicking on the icon of which you can listen to the recording.

Thus, we have figured out the easiest way to record a telephone conversation on "Android".

Recording on a Samsung Phone

Telephone Recording App

One of the most popular phones are Samsung models. Therefore, a reasonable question arises: "How to record a telephone conversation on a Samsung phone?"

Consider this feature on the example of the phone Samsung Galaxy S5.

The “Enable recording” function is disabled by default on this phone. You can go the simplest way by downloading the appropriate application, and record through it. At the same time, you need to be aware that using such an application, like any other, on the phone may be unsafe.

In addition, this recording can be done by activating a hidden function on the phone. To do this, you can use Xposed or the instruction below.

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It is necessary that the phone has factory firmware and you have root-rights.

Open the file manager.

Open the file /system/csc/feature.xml or, if not, then /system/csc/others.xml.

Add a line between FeatureSet and / FeatureSet in the place you like: CscFeature_VoiceCall_ConfigRecording>RecordingAllowed.

We close this file, saving changes.

Thus, we answered the question: “How to record a conversation on a Samsung phone?”

Call Recording app for "Android"

Telephone Recording App

This program allows you to record any incoming and outgoing calls, store them on your gadget or in the cloud "Google".

This program makes a request to the user at the end of the conversation about the need to save the record. In this case, you can determine the contacts, the recording of conversations with which will always be maintained.

Therefore, if you do not experience any side effects from using this application, then you can stop on it, and we will go looking further on how to record a conversation on the phone.

The application of the same name from another developer

Telephone Recording App

In the program settings, you can choose where the recording will be carried out. it can be a microphone, voice, line, etc. Choose the recording quality, as well as its format. The latter may be mp3 or wav.

This program allows you to save recordings not only to Google drive, but also to Dropbox cloud. In addition, a record is encrypted using a pin code to prevent wiretapping by third parties for which this record is not intended.

On each page of application settings there are hints. Each entry made may be accompanied by a text note.

Call Recorder App

When answering the question "How to record a conversation on the phone?" It is impossible not to mention this application. After installing it, in the settings you can choose the synchronization that can be carried out with the clouds, which were typical for the previous application under consideration. Here, the recording of conversations is automatic. The format for saving files is already one of three possible. Recording can be carried out only one of the voices of people talking on the phone, or both. Record can be password protected.

For each model, you need to try different options for saving files, recording one or two voices. With different formats, recording may be intermittent. To avoid this, you need to experiment with formats.

Call Recording app from lovekara

Telephone Recording App

We have already examined several ways to record a telephone conversation on a telephone. As can be seen from the review, the developers are not distinguished by a rich imagination of names, so orientation should be carried out by programmers.

CallX call / conversation recording

Telephone Recording App

By reviewing this program, we will end our discussion of ways to record a telephone conversation. This is due to the fact that there are many programs and it is impossible to consider them all within the framework of one article.

In this program, automatic recording can be activated and deactivated. You can play with the format and quality of the recording. Recording with unchanged settings is located in the CallRecords directory. You can save it in the cloud. Reviews about the program are mostly positive.


Thus, recording a telephone conversation can be carried out both by means of the telephone itself, and using third-party programs. The above applications can help the user in the initial definition of programs, which are much more described in the article, but other applications have similar functionality to the described ones and often the same names.

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