Svchost Loads Memory Windows 7 Update

Problem: the computer suddenly started to freeze, slow down, programs do not respond and control buttons do not respond. What to do? It would be nice to find out the reason. But nothing works. And I would like to run an antivirus scan, but it doesn’t work. Even restarting the computer is problematic.

First of all, you need to try to disable applications one by one. Indeed, a low-power device can be completely overloaded, while running several heavy applications.

The second one. Often the cause of the problems is prolonged active surfing on the Internet. The system is littered with hundreds of megabytes of temporary files. The registry is at a loss. There are two options.
1. Run the cleaner and delete all unnecessary files, repair the registry and perform basic defragmentation.
2. Didn’t help? Then open System Restore and roll back to an earlier state. From one time, it is almost never possible to restore normal operation. Usually no more than three recoveries are sufficient.

And don’t forget to create rollback points. Does the computer fly? Go to Recovery and create a return point. Useful.

Rollback did not help. What’s next?

The next assumption is that an evil virus has entered the computer. If possible, start a scan. You need to be patient, drink some tea, take a nap. In such a relaxed state of the system, scanning will take a long time.

Another classic cause of system overload is the svchost.exe process.

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What is it and why does the computer interfere? The svchost.exe process is one of the auxiliary system services involved in many other tasks. The thing is useful, but sometimes it’s buggy. What could disrupt this process?
1. Physical damage to memory chips. A lot of dust has accumulated in the system unit. Service centers recommend vacuuming the inside of the computer at least once a year.
2. Errors when downloading automatic updates. For example, during the update process there were failures in the Internet connection or power outages. The facts are noted when the service packs themselves were originally delivered with bugs. This is even Microsoft experts themselves recognized.

In cases where the problems are caused by unsuitable updates, it is recommended to go to the official Microsoft website and download a proven and reliable package, then install it yourself.

Video: Svchost Loads Memory Windows 7 Update

Under the svchost.exe process process, viruses are often masked

It is very convenient for hackers to present a virus or trojan under the guise of the svchost.exe process. The system will throw out a notification about an unknown error and so far the user will be able to figure out the reasons. First you need to find out if the svchost.exe process is guilty? To do this, open the Windows Task Manager (AltCtrlDel) and go to the Processes tab.

Svchost Loads Memory Windows 7 Update

There will be at least four svchost.exe processes. Now see the degree of load for each process. If some process svchost.exe has a load close to 100%, this is the culprit. What’s next?
1. First, it is always recommended to restart the system. Most often, problems disappear.
2. If all is repeated, open the Task Manager again and terminate the overloaded svchost.exe process. To do this, open the context menu (right mouse button) and click End Process Tree. Restart the computer again.
3. Didn’t help? Now the surgical method. Open Windows Explorer. Find the Windows folder. Select the folder C: \ WINDOWS \ Prefetch. Delete this folder. Then again open the Task Manager and again complete the tree of the overloaded svchost.exe process Restart the computer.

Basically, if in fact the problem was a random malfunction of the svchost.exe process, everything should be fine. If problems continue, the cause should be sought in something else. Perhaps a viral infection actually occurred. Then you need to take a closer look at all the processes and try to identify a disguised virus.

Svchost Loads Memory Windows 7 Update

Symptoms of a virus disguised as svchost.exe

Normal svchost.exe processes go under the username:

Or something like that. Viruses hide under the ADMIN username or whatever you logged in to your Windows user account.

If a mishandled Cossack is found, complete its tree and thoroughly clean the system with antivirus. Do not be afraid if you accidentally disable the normal svchost.exe process. Smart Windows will simply restart automatically.

Be sure to install a decent antivirus package if you use the Internet. Especially if you like to explore new sites, experiment with programs and other entertainment with an eighteen plus sign. Download Dr. Healing Utility Web CureIt. Copy to a USB flash drive and store for a rainy day. This program does not require installation and is able to detect and neutralize viruses on already affected systems.

For the rainy day, stock up the Windows distribution and make timely backups of important documents.

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